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Guests came to the house, so I'm sorry for being late.

This warm dance of Xiaoling's lasted for a full five minutes. At the same time, Wu Tian suffered for an entire five minutes. These five minutes were more exhausting than dealing with the five Martial Ancestor Realm experts. Moreover, it was exhausting on both his body and mind.

"Xiaoling, do you know where we are?" Wu Tian calmed his emotions and asked.

"Here? This is the Brook Star, which is also the central planet of the Brook Universe Ally. " Xiaoling replied.

"Brook Star? Allies of the universe? "What is it?" Wu Tian frowned, he had only heard of the sun and the nine planets in the solar system. Furthermore, from his impression, he didn't think that there was one called Brook Star among the nine planets.

Also, what universe allies, he had never even heard of before.

"Brother Tian, Brook Universe Ally is a medium sized country in the universe that is under the jurisdiction of a thousand galaxies." Xiaoling replied.

"You mean, we're no longer on Earth?" Wu Tian was shocked upon hearing Xiaoling's words, and immediately asked.

"Yes, I just hacked into the central computer of the Brook Star. I found out that the Brother Tian was brought back from the Solar System with a distance of over a trillion light years from the Brook Star by a person called Irene, and that the woman called Irene was the woman who was just about to kiss the Brother Tian." Xiaoling replied.

"One trillion light years, this, how is this possible!" Wu Tian was shocked. At the same time, he was puzzled as to how he managed to reach such a far distance.

"Brother Tian, these are all facts. Moreover, I also know that they didn't come to find you to save you, but to use you as an experiment ?" Following that, Xiaoling told Wu Tian about the Kandy Family once. And the reason why Xiaoling only knew so much, was because she had hacked into the Kandy Family's information bank.

Even though Kandy Family's information base was protected by the most advanced protective measures in the universe, even a top hacker in the universe wouldn't be able to enter their family's information base.

However, for Xiaoling, it was too simple. Don't forget, she had the super intelligent core, and her calculation speed was way faster than that of a normal intelligent robot. If he wanted to hack into a system, it would be as easy as flipping his palm.

"Is there any difference between the other people who received the intelligent chip and you?" Wu Tian asked after hearing what Xiaoling had said.

"Of course there's a difference. Those products that they call the first generation intelligent chip are only replicas of me, and they only contain my outermost layer of technology. There are many core technologies that they do not have a grasp of, let alone the core super AI technology."

"Also, the materials and technology they produce are quite crude. They can only perform the simplest operations to help the host. There's no way to compare them with me." Xiaoling said proudly.

"Then I wonder, where did you come from?" Wu Tian asked in confusion.

"Well, according to the time in Brother Tian's mind, I should be a product of a billion years ago. The person who created the biggest universe empire in the universe back then, Las Empire. "

"However, I don't know what happened afterwards, but Las Empire disappeared from the historical stage, and I was left in that laboratory at that time. In the end, I was discovered by the Kandy Family thirty years ago, and I was brought back for research." Xiaoling replied.

"Then is that Las Empire's technology much more advanced than today's technology?" Wu Tian asked.

"Yes, the level of technology today is very low. It could even be said that it couldn't even reach the lowest planet back then. It can even be said that even if they were allowed to develop for another thousand years, they would still not be able to reach Las Empire's level. " Xiaoling said without a trace of politeness.

Hearing that, Wu Tian was a little depressed. If the level of technology here was considered low, then what was the level of technology on Earth?

However, he knew that what Xiaoling had said was all true. After all, at that time, Las Empire was able to create a high levelled intelligent chip like Xiaoling, but his Kandy Family was only able to copy it easily.

"Then did your database record any of the scientific and technological knowledge regarding Las Empire?" Wu Tian asked.

"Of course, I was developed then as an advanced intelligent chip, maybe the person who developed it knew that Las Empire was about to disappear, so they stored all of the technology into my database." Xiaoling replied.

"Really?" Wu Tian was shocked. A technology that was more advanced than the current technology by a thousand years, this was a formless fortune. With these technologies, wanting to dominate the universe wouldn't be difficult.

But now, all of these technologies were in his hands, this matter was able to let Wu Tian not be shocked, nor be excited. At the same time, when he heard that Xiaoling had such advanced technology, he had a sudden thought that he was going to rely on his technology to develop Earth.

To Wu Tian, although Earth was a place that made him sad, it was also his homeland. In the past, when he was away, he had a heartfelt longing for his home.

When he left China, his family could no longer satisfy his yearning for home. Now that he had left Earth, China could no longer satisfy his yearning.

Now, he had an irreconcilable attachment to the Earth. He had never thought that there would come a day when he would care so much about the planet he lived on.

"Of course, if Brother Tian wants to see, I can send it into Brother Tian's brain right now, but the amount of information is too much, even if Brother Tian's brain is fully developed, I'm afraid that it will still not be able to receive all of it." Xiaoling replied.

"No rush, no hurry. Let's talk about this later." Wu Tian thought for a while and said: "Moreover, I am currently under house arrest and am alone. "Even if you know so many advanced ones now, you won't be able to use them. On the contrary, it would bring you a lot of trouble."

Wu Tian understood the principle that having a treasure was a crime. Back on Earth, Wu Tian's experiences had allowed him to understand this sentence even more clearly.

He knew that the moment he learnt a lot of advanced knowledge from Xiaoling, and if he accidentally revealed it somewhere, he would be in an even more dangerous situation than before.

Thus, what he needed to do now was to pretend that he didn't know anything, and the best way was not to learn. That way, even if he wanted to display it, it would be impossible.

Afterwards, when he had built up his own power and gained the ability to protect himself, he would take it out and study to increase his own strength. This was the way of the king.

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