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The first update arrived at 12 o'clock.

Wu Tian made a decision in his heart, and then instructed: "Xiaoling, keep an eye on the situation outside, notify me immediately if anything happens, do you understand?"

"Mn, don't worry Brother Tian." Little Xiaoling replied.

"Mm, while we're at it, let's take a look at those who survived ?" Wu Tian paused before continuing, "Forget it, let's not think about it too much. Xiaoling, help me watch over them. I need to cultivate for a bit so that no one can disturb me. "

"Yes, I have locked the door to this room. No one can come in." Xiaoling had already delved into Wu Tian's memories, so he understood what Wu Tian meant by "train".

"Yes." Wu Tian nodded at Xiaoling, and thought: Hurry and see how your body is doing. Previously, when I forcefully used the fourth seal, the injuries on your body probably won't be healed that easily.

As he said that, he started circulating according to the < Heaven Origin Mind Method >. But after circulating it once, Wu Tian was at a loss whether to laugh or cry.

What made Wu Tian laugh was that his body had completely recovered, and his shattered veins had reconnected, to the point that they were even thicker than before.

However, what made Wu Tian cry was that the strength of the fourth stage of the Heaven Origin Mind Method that he had previously cultivated and his ten or so years of cultivation had all disappeared without a trace.

Wu Tian thought for a while and understood the reason behind this situation. He forcefully used the fourth seal of the Vajrayana Palm Print, and completely used up all the energy in his body. At the same time, the tyrannical power of the Vajrayana Palm Print directly tore apart Wu Tian's veins.

What were tendons and veins? They were channels for the circulation of energy. Once the passageway was destroyed, how would the outside spiritual energy be absorbed? Because his dantian did not have the power to cultivate, it slowly shrunk and returned to its previous state of cultivation.

If his veins weren't as complete, Wu Tian's power would have been restored, but right now, he was powerless to do so.

However, what was fortunate was that Wu Tian's veins had already been repaired, and they were even thicker and tougher than before. As I said before, the meridians are the channels for the circulation of energy. The thicker the channels, the tougher they are.

This change was enough to make up for the loss of many years of cultivation. After all, cultivation was not an option anymore. However, one's meridians could not be expanded just by saying that one could. Thus, after considering the various reasons, Wu Tian's current situation was more advantageous than disadvantageous.

"Looks like I can only practice my mental cultivation method again." Seeing this situation, Wu Tian could only passively accept it. After all, this had already become a reality.

With that, Wu Tian sat up from the bed, sat cross-legged, and faced the sky with his five hearts, at the same time, thinking about the [Heaven Origin Mind Method] cultivation technique.

, who was at the side, saw Wu Tian slowly enter a strange state. Furthermore, some of the surrounding unknown energy was pulled into Wu Tian's body, becoming a part of his body, and even Xiaoling was able to feel that the strength of Wu Tian's body was quickly increasing. And what the biological energy could do, could allow itself to evolve.

But, according to the information from Xiaoling's database, there was only one way to level up a biological energy, and that was to train her own body to increase it. And she knew that the only way to level up a biological energy quickly was the body form she mentioned before.

However, what Wu Tian was doing right now was outside of her imagination. Wu Tian just sat there and did nothing, of course, in Xiaoling's eyes, Wu Tian was not doing anything at all.

However, just like that, the biological energy in Wu Tian's body started to increase its speed rapidly, its speed was even faster than the body transformation set that she knew about.

As a result, she found the cultivation method for the [Heaven Origin Mind Method] from Wu Tian's memories. With a single look, she did not understand what it said.

One must know that her database had recorded the most advanced science and technology. In today's universe, basically, there was nothing that she could not understand. However, Wu Tian's? Heaven Origin Mind Method? had done it.

At the same time, Wu Tian's consciousness, like a clap of thunder, instantly exploded within the Kandy Family, attracting the attention of everyone in the upper echelons of the family.

The Patriarch of the Kandy Family watched the door, and even personally came to the experimental base. However, he did not enter Wu Tian's ward, but instead went to the side of the nursing room.

At this moment, Irene was looking at the constantly changing numbers on the screen in a daze.

"My good daughter, how is it? How is this person's body? Is there any sign of rejection?" Just then, Karman arrived and shouted loudly the moment he entered the room.

Wu Tian's soberness was something that Karman was extremely concerned about, because he was the one who brought up the idea of having Wu Tian transplant primary Intelligent Chip s. It would be fine if he succeeded, but if he failed, then his influence in the clan representatives would plummet.

At that time, if Lao Li launched an attack, he would be in a very bad situation.

Although it wouldn't endanger his position as the head of the family, it would make the council member supporting him doubt his own ability and indirectly affect his decision. It could be said that it was more dangerous than Lao Li.

"Dad, why are you here?" Irene was woken up by Karman, he did not understand why he was here.

"How could I not come? I can't take it any longer. Quick, tell me, what's the situation with this guy? Is there any rejection? " Karman asked anxiously.

"Hehe, don't worry dad. I'm here personally. What can I do for you?" Irene continued to speak, "Not only is there nothing wrong with his body, it is even better than normal. Also, look, all the indicators in his body is increasing rapidly, and it won't be long before he returns to the level of a normal person."

"That's great." Hearing Irene's words, Karman heaved a sigh of relief, and said grudgingly: "This kid can really sleep, to think that he had actually slept for an entire month. I thought he would never wake up again."

As he said that, he looked at another screen, on this screen, he saw the entire city Wu Tian's image, which was taken from both the front, back, and left and right sides of the screen.

"Hmm? What is this kid doing? " Karman couldn't help but to be startled when he saw Wu Tian's strange movements, and asked.

"I don't know, but ever since he put on this posture, his body's index has been increasing rapidly, I'm also very curious." Irene replied.

"Who's that ?" Karman looked at the burly man who followed him here, and pointed to a person: "It's you. Go in and ask him, you must find out what he's doing!"

"Yes ?"

"Dad, what are you doing?" This person has only just woken up. Do you really want him to die inside? " Irene snappily interrupted their conversation.

"This ?" Karman, on the other hand, was stunned by Irene's words.

"Even if you want to ask, you have to wait until you are sure that there is nothing wrong with this person's body. If there is something wrong with this person due to a small matter, I am not responsible." Irene said.

Saying that, Irene looked at Wu Tian who was on the screen, and the scene of that kiss once again flashed past his mind. Instantly, his heart throbbed.

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