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Sorry, it was a bit late today. Sorry. However, I can't blame the gourd for this. I placed this chapter on a new function that has been updated automatically. Who would've thought that it wouldn't have been updated when I came back?

Forget it, I won't need it anymore in the future.

Karman thought about it and felt that Irene's words were reasonable, so he nodded his head and said: "Since that's the case, we will ask about it after we've confirmed that this person has no problems. However, Irene, you must ensure the safety of this person, nothing bad must happen to him, if not, the consequences will be dire. "

"Don't worry dad, with me here, nothing will happen to him. As for you, dad, don't bother with the things here. Just settle the family matters properly. " Irene said.

"Well, in that case, I'll leave the things here to you. Everything is more convenient, so you don't have to inform me if necessary." Karman said.

Karman's words were very obvious. As long as it was necessary for Irene to do so, he could skip over Karman and directly use an extreme method to deal with him.

This power could be said to be great, even representatives of families would not have this power, they would have to consult Karman, the Patriarch, for everything. At the same time, it could also be seen how much Karman valued Wu Tian.

And with Karman's words, Irene was equivalent to having a gold medal in life, so even if he were to kill everyone in the hospital, he would not be blamed. Of course, this was only an analogy. Furthermore, there was no need for Irene to do this.

"With dad's words, I have more confidence." Irene was also very excited. After all, who wouldn't be excited if they could get attention from others?

"Alright, then I'll be going." After Karman finished speaking, he immediately left the nursing room.

With Irene's personal supervising, Karman could definitely relax a hundred and twenty percent. Putting aside the fact that he was his own daughter, he probably wouldn't be able to find another person with her knowledge in the entire Brook Universe Ally.

If even she was unable to solve the problem, then no one could solve the entire Brook Universe Ally and there was no use for him to stay here. Thus, he simply left.

In another ward in the laboratory, the bed which had been full of people was now empty. One had to know that in the beginning, five thousand people were living in ten oversized wards.

However, right now, not even one extremely large C side had been filled up, and there were still many empty beds left.

Just then, Irene walked into the nursing room ward, where three nurses were recording everyone's indicators.

"Doctor Irene." When the three of them saw Irene, they all stopped what they were doing and respectfully called out to him.

"What's the situation here? Is there any new exclusion? " Irene walked to the front of the screen, his eyes swept across the data on it and asked.

"Not at the moment, but there are a few people whose mental activity is a bit too high. I'm afraid they won't be able to handle it." A nurse said worriedly.

"Well, send these few people with abnormal conditions to the special ward to be observed by others." Now, there were only 90 plus people left. Every single one of them was related to the clan's interests, so they had to be careful. "Also, if something similar happens, you don't need to ask me to be transferred to the special ward right away. Do you understand?" Irene decisively gave the order.

"Yes, Doctor Irene." With that, she picked up the phone on the stage and announced Irene's orders. Very quickly, the five people in the ward changed and were carried out.

Seeing that the work here was proceeding in an orderly manner, Irene did not stay any longer and headed out the door.

At night, in a villa in the Kandy Family, Lao Li sat on the sofa.

Looking at Lao Li's face, it was hard to tell that he was worried at all. On the contrary, he seemed very calm. However, his domineering aura made everyone feel a wave of pressure.

"Mark, has the news been confirmed?" Laurie asked.

The young man called Mark was handsome and well-dressed, he looked extremely capable and decisive with a notebook in his hand. Hearing Lao Li's question, he replied: "Yes father, the one who received the primary Intelligent Chip s was more or less awake, and the body indicators were all normal, there were no problems. Furthermore, this afternoon, the Patriarch personally went to the laboratory to visit that person. "

"I never thought that Karman this time would actually make the bet. If this goes on, it will not be a good omen." With just a glance, one could tell that one of the members who did not support Karman at the last meeting was Karman.

"Moka, what do you think about this matter?" Laurie asked.

Hearing Lao Li's voice, Moka replied, "I feel that this person cannot be left alive. Once he bears the burden of the primary Intelligent Chip, Karman's prestige would completely surpass yours. This is very bad for your plan. Therefore, if you want to obtain the position of Patriarch, you must get rid of this person. "

"Get rid of him?" Laurie asked.

"I don't agree with Moka's thoughts. I feel that, if that person is really able to survive in one piece, then no matter what, he will be in the interest of the clan. Therefore, I personally believe that it would be better to take him in for my own use if I can get rid of him. " The man at the side retorted.

"Rhys, if the instructions entered into the new film before the transplant are loyal to the family, that means the family head is finally there. Was it possible to pull him over? Unless you can hack into the family's network and change the order, otherwise, that's impossible. " Moka retorted.

"Moka, I won't argue with you. In my eyes, if I don't go back and decide whether Karman or Lao Li is the Clan Leader, I only value my own interests. If I suffer losses in order to fight for the clan head's position, then I will not be allowed to appear. " Rhys said firmly.

"Rhys, you ?"

"Alright, Moka. Representative Li is right. No matter who the head of the family was, they would seek benefits for each member of the council and earn a living for the family. Furthermore, this person who received the primary Intelligent Chip is the most valuable out of the one hundred remaining. Even if I were to kill him off, I wouldn't be able to bear it. "

Lao Li's words changed as he said coldly, "But, I think you all know that Karman has already noticed all the things that you have done in the past few years. Moreover, he is starting to take away your rights now.

"But ?"

When Lao Li saw that Rhys still had more to say, he quickly interrupted, "But, don't forget how Link and Marty died. Do you really think that Karman will care about the feelings of his compatriots? It's simply a joke. "

Hearing the names Link and Marty, Rhys' expression changed, and his body stiffened.

Seeing Rhys's change, Lao Li smiled and said: "Right now, the only way to survive is to push Karman down and let me go up. Only under my protection can you guys keep your lives."

"And now, it's the fastest. The best way is to kill the person who accepts the primary Intelligent Chip, reduce Karman's prestige to the lowest, and then find an opportunity to overthrow him." Moka continued.

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