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Brothers, don't be stingy, just hurry up and collect it.

Kandy Family was located in the direct east of the conquest of the entire Brook Star, occupying tens of thousands of hectares of land.

The laboratory used for the study of intelligent chip and many secret research institutes were built within the clan. There were countless sentry posts and a large number of army guards. It had to be known that these were the lifeline of the entire clan and could not be taken lightly.

It was night, and the Kandy Family was completely silent. The unknown moon reflected the light of an unknown star, and it looked like the moonlight, allowing the Brook Star's night light to not be too dark.

Just at this moment, four figures appeared within the Kandy Family, moving toward the experiment lab from east, south, west and north. Their speed was so fast that under the dim moonlight, one could only make out a slight black line.

However, the light and dark sentry posts that were set up seemed to be filled with countless pairs of eyes observing the surroundings. However, it was useless at that moment. The four black lines were able to enter the laboratory through the surveillance of the sentry posts and layers of defense.

If one were to observe carefully, he would discover that the path taken by these four people was the same as that of his brother's outpost and a large amount of soldiers. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for them to enter this place so easily.

After the four of them entered the safety zone of the laboratory, they gathered together and whispered to each other for a while. They seemed to be making arrangements, and then the four of them separated again, sneaking into the laboratory from different directions.

Even though it was already late in the night, and according to the time on Earth, it was already around two in the morning. By then, most people had already entered into their dreams.

However, Wu Tian had a habit, which was to cultivate the Heaven Origin Mind Method in place of sleep. This would not only allow him to quickly increase his cultivation, but also allow him to have a better rest than sleeping.

Because the main purpose of cultivation was to use the various meridians, all the organs in the body were in a deep hibernating state, and at the same time, there was also internal energy flowing out to nourish the organs in the body. Thus, the effect after training was much better than sleeping.

"Brother Tian, Brother Tian, wake up." Just as Wu Tian was immersed in the excitement of his rapid cultivation, Xiaoling's somewhat impatient voice sounded out from his mind.

Through sharing Wu Tian's memories, Xiaoling knew that while Wu Tian was cultivating, it was the most taboo for him to be disturbed by others from the outside world. Hence, he chose to use another method to call for Wu Tian from within Wu Tian's body. This would not only prevent Wu Tian from cultivating, but also serve the purpose of waking him up.

Hearing Xiaoling's somewhat anxious voice, Wu Tian slowly woke up from the last great cycle, and then asked puzzledly: "Xiaoling, what's wrong?"

"Just now, in the Brother Tian, four people snuck into this laboratory. From the way they entered, we can infer that their target is the nursing ward where Brother Tian is." Xiaoling replied.

"The nursing ward I'm in? Are you trying to say that their target is me? " Wu Tian asked.

"Yes, from the looks of their bodies, they should be a group of assassins, and they are a group of assassins with extremely powerful strength. I am worried about the safety of the Brother Tian, and do not know if I should inform the people outside, and let them protect the safety of the Brother Tian?" Xiaoling asked.

"What are they doing?" Wu Tian did not answer the other party's question, but asked him about the current situation of the people taking care of him.

After going through Xiaoling, Wu Tian had basically completely understood his current situation. Right next door, there were a lot of people monitoring him twenty-four hours a day.

"They have all fallen asleep, and only Irene was still observing the information on the Brother Tian." Through the laboratory's information system, it was very easy for Xiaoling to access the observation room.

"Oh, I didn't expect her to be so concerned about herself." Wu Tian knew who Irene was, and he was precisely the beauty who brought him here from Earth and stole his first kiss.

"Oh right, Xiaoling, can you turn off the monitor over there?" Wu Tian asked.

"Of course you can, but Brother Tian, what do you want to do?" As a super intelligent chip, it was easy for Xiaoling to deal with these low-level electronic technology. However, she didn't understand what Wu Tian was trying to do.

"Hehe, I just want to test it out. I want to see the difference between our ancient martial arts and the martial arts here." After Wu Tian finished speaking, he muttered to himself: "After a week of cultivation, my power has already recovered to ten percent. Relying on the fourth seal of the? Vajrayana Palm Print?, I probably won't be at a disadvantage even if I were to fight against a middle master level expert."

As the saying goes, if one doesn't die from a great tribulation, there will be afterlife. These words were true. The last time Wu Tian almost died, it was fortunate that he was saved by Irene. Although his power was completely lost, the tenacity of his veins had completely surpassed that of his previous strength.

Right now, although his power had not recovered by much, he was still able to unleash the fourth seal of the Vajrayana Palm Print. It could be said that not only did his overall strength not decrease, it had instead increased by a lot.

The only pity was that his power was insufficient, otherwise, he would have been able to display the full power of the fourth seal.

"Then what should I do?" Xiaoling finally understood what Wu Tian meant and asked.

"There's no need to do anything. As long as when these people enter the sickroom and cut off the monitor in nursing room, I will take care of the rest. Oh right, close the door to the nursing room s room, and don't let that woman out. " Wu Tian had been holding back these few days, he had wanted to find someone to fight with, but unfortunately, he did not have the chance.

Now, no matter what their purpose for coming here is, I have to fight with him. Although Wu Tian didn't have the confidence to kill all of them, with his family's passed down movement techniques, it was still easy for him to stay alive under their hands.

As an ancient martial family, although Wu Family could only make people think of the two ultimate arts, the Heaven Origin Mind Method and the Heaven Origin Mind Method, it did not mean that their Wu Family was limited to these two sets of martial arts.

For example, there were some movement techniques, fist techniques and sword techniques that corresponded to each other. It was just that under the power of those two absolute arts, they had lost all of their radiance. However, that didn't mean they didn't have one.

"Alright, this matter cannot be difficult for me. However, Brother Tian, these people's strength are not low, and their bodies are even stronger than 800. They are more than 20 times stronger than the Brother Tian, are you sure that you're alright?" Xiaoling was still a little worried.

"Don't worry, although I may not be able to kill all of them, it won't be that easy for them to kill me." Wu Tian said confidently.

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