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Sorry, because my sister-in-law had a baby, my mother went to take care of her. There was no one at home to cook, so I had to go to my brother's for dinner and forget about the update. Thus, just as he thought of it, an update came running in. Please forgive me.

Slowly the room quieted down, Wu Tian still sat cross-legged on the bed. However, he did not continue cultivating, but closed his eyes and meditated instead, picking out the best movement technique he could think of and running it through his mind.

When he was more or less familiar with his movement technique, he started to plan in his mind about how he could easily kill all four of them.

He did not dare to underestimate those people. If by any chance their strength surpassed his own expectations, wouldn't he be forcefully using the fifth seal? Forcefully using the fourth seal would have killed him. If so, using the fifth seal would have been too easy a death wish.

Very quickly, the four human figures outside skillfully destroyed all the monitors, and then gathered in front of Wu Tian's door. Then, all four of them squatted down. One of them took out an instrument and placed it on the door.

"Brother Tian, they are here." Xiaoling said somewhat excitedly.

"I didn't expect them to be so slow. I was already worried." Wu Tian said unhappily, then laid on the bed, pretending to sleep.

As for the outside, they could only see rainbow-colored light continuously spinning on top of the device. Not long later, there was a "ding" and the door was opened.

The person placed the device in his pocket, and with a gesture, the four of them entered the room. After which, the door closed behind them.

After the four of them entered the room, they didn't rush to act. Instead, they took out an oddly shaped device from their clothes. Shortly after, a red star flashed, and the monitor in the observation room immediately stopped working.

"Brother Tian, the interference device in their hands disturbed the surveillance in this room. At that time, it would save me the trouble." Xiaoling said when he saw their movements.

"Well, you keep an eye on this monitor. If there's a problem with the other person's jammer, you have to take it over immediately. I don't want anyone to see my situation. Also, don't forget to close the door to nursing room. The moment there is a problem with the monitor, that woman will definitely notice it. Wu Tian thought.

The two were connected by spirit, so they could communicate through brain waves.

"Mn, don't worry Brother Tian. Just to be safe, I have already taken over. Furthermore, I have long since closed the door to the nursing room, so I do not need to worry about others discovering your secret. " Xiaoling said.

"Alright." With that, Wu Tian did not speak anymore, his focus locking onto the Qi of the four people.

For ancient martial artists like them, locking on to their auras was a compulsory practice, because what they saw weren't real at times, but the auras would never deceive them.

As for the four killers, after sensing Wu Tian's long breath and breathing, they knew that Wu Tian was in a deep sleep.

The leader's eyes flashed with a cold light, he looked at the killer beside him, and the other party immediately understood what he meant. He then quickly walked forward and struck Wu Tian on the head with his palm.

The assassin believed that a person who had just undergone the intelligent chip transplant operation would definitely not have a good body. Moreover, even an ordinary person would not be able to withstand this palm strike, let alone a person who had yet to recover from a serious illness.

Before the palm had landed, Wu Tian could already feel the powerful wind. However, at this moment, his originally worried heart had relaxed.

He could feel that the opponent's strength was only that of a Mid Rank Master, and with his current strength, he could easily kill him.

However, Wu Tian did not display it, nor did he strike back in a hurry. Instead, he was waiting for the best opportunity, a chance to kill.

Feeling the opponent's palm getting closer and closer, Wu Tian secretly made a seal with his hand under the bedding, and all of the power in his body was mobilized.

Just as the opponent's palm was about to hit his own head, Wu Tian suddenly opened his eyes. An incomparably huge palm was directly sent out, its speed so fast that the assassin was unable to react at all.

But when he reacted, Wu Tian's palm had already heavily imprinted onto his opponent's chest. The killer's heart, muscles, and bones were all instantly torn apart by the terrifying power.

His hand also forever stopped a centimeter away from Wu Tian's Inscription Hall. A distance of one centimeter was not that far. It was only ten millimeters away.

But in the eyes of this assassin, this was an insurmountable chasm, and he would never have the chance to cross this chasm again.

"Puff ?"

He spat out a mouthful of blood, but because his face was covered by a mask, he did not spurt onto Wu Tian's face.

"Black Hawk, hurry up, we don't have much time, we need to leave immediately." The assassins behind them didn't even notice that their comrades had died before them.

From their perspective, it just so happened that the killer called Black Hawk had blocked Wu Tian's right hand, while Wu Tian was still lying quietly on the bed, looking like he did not have any movements.

Wu Tian had used his inner strength and did not send his opponent flying. His goal was to confuse them and then make use of this opportunity to kill one of them.

Although the opponent's strength was only around that of a Medial Grade Grandmaster, he still found it a little difficult to face the remaining three people at the same time.

This was because his power was severely lacking. Although that palm just now had a pretty good effect, it had consumed nearly a third of his power. In other words, he could only unleash two more palm strikes with his current power.

If he faced three people at the same time, even if he killed two of them, his own power would disappear completely. Therefore, he planned to first use the acupuncture point method to kill one person, and then put his inner force into the other two people to kill them. Only by doing this would he have a chance of winning.

"Something's wrong. Shadow, you go take a look. You must be careful." Even a fool would find out that something was amiss at this moment. Hence, the leader of the group sent someone else to take a look.

Of course, the reason he sent out his Umbra was not to kill Wu Tian, but to investigate what exactly happened.

"Yes." Another assassin walked over. However, his movements were relatively slow. However, he soon arrived beside the black hawk.

"Black Hawk, Shadow, how are you going to reply ?" Before he could finish his sentence, Shadow's voice suddenly stopped. Immediately, the entire ward fell silent.

The silence from before was very ordinary. However, the silence now was so quiet that it was almost terrifying. One could only hear the sound of their hearts beating.

When the remaining two people saw this change, a trace of fear appeared in their hearts. Humans, when faced with unknown dangers, would naturally feel fear, even if it was an assassin who had been through the 'killing field' for a long time.

However, he was an assassin after all, so he had received professional training. As a result, they quickly adapted to the pressure in their hearts, looked each other in the eye, and charged towards Wu Tian at the same time.

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