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Brothers, when you come over, just put it away, thank you.

Wu Tian laid on the bed. Although he did not see the two of them, he could clearly feel that they were attacking him from different directions.

Moreover, the strength of these two people was much stronger than the strength of the two people he had taken care of.

Wu Tian knew that with his current cultivation level, dealing with the two of them would be easy, so he did not pretend to be asleep. Of course, even if he were to continue acting, the other party wouldn't believe him either.

With that, Wu Tian steeled his heart, and the inner Qi in his body started to circulate crazily. Both of his hands fiercely patted the bed, and at the same time, both of his feet lightly tapped as he shot towards an assassin like a cannonball.

The hitman who was attacked by Wu Tian saw that's attack was sharp, but at the moment, he didn't have any place to borrow strength from in mid air, so he could only clench his teeth and prepare to fight Wu Tian head on.

But, was's? Vajrayana Palm Print? something an ordinary person could fight against? Very quickly, Wu Tian finished forming the hand seal in the air, and the inner Qi in his body started to circulate according to the direction of the Lion Seal.

"Tiger, be careful ?" When the leader of the assassins saw the movements in Wu Tian's hands, he suddenly had a bad premonition.

One had to know that their killers were on the verge of death, and were exceptionally sensitive to danger. It was because of this ability that allowed them to survive until now.

But at this moment, the leader of the assassins felt a strong sense of danger from Wu Tian. Moreover, he had never felt this sense of danger before, and he couldn't help but think of the feeling of death.

"Boom ?"

Even though the opponent had sensed the terrifying power of Wu Tian's attack and had warned his partner. However, what was a pity was that Wu Tian's palm had already clashed with that assassin's palm.

As for the result, there was naturally no doubt that the tiger's thick and strong arm looked like paper in front of Wu Tian. Wu Tian's palm was like a watermelon as it cut through everything. Everywhere it passed, blood and flesh flew everywhere, and his bones were broken.

In the end, Wu Tian's palm landed on the other party's chest, and like the first person, it directly tore apart the heart, as well as the muscles and bones around the heart.

Like a kite with its string cut, he was sent flying by Wu Tian. He then crashed into the wall, and after a bounce, he fell to the ground without any movement. After suffering such a terrifying blow, even Superman was dead.

From then on, out of the four assassins that came together, three of them had been killed by Wu Tian with lightning speed, and two of them died and one was paralyzed, leaving behind only the last assassin. The assassins didn't expect such a result.

"It's not appropriate to fight anymore. Let's go." The assassin knew that he was not a match for this supreme expert.

Although his heart did not feel good seeing his comrade being so cruelly killed by Wu Tian, as an assassin, his feelings had already been strangled. In their eyes, only the target, and how to let him live, was all.

And, as a qualified assassin, he had to be calm no matter what. Now, it was clear that the opponent's strength was beyond his imagination, and he had even killed off his three companions as soon as they had started fighting.

He also knew that he did not have the strength to kill him, and staying here was just waiting to die. Thus, he chose to escape without hesitation.

"Want to run?" Do I agree? " When Wu Tian saw that the other party took the chance to kill his comrade, wanting to escape, he stomped his feet fiercely, causing a ball of Qi to fly out. Immediately afterwards, Wu Tian's body instantly went against the laws of nature, changing directions in the air and shooting towards the remaining assassin.

And what Wu Tian had just used was an extremely hard to train light body cultivation technique from the ancient martial families, Broken Moon.

Broken Moon was a martial art which used the extremely powerful strength of the legs to trample on the air beneath the feet, and used the air's reaction force to change one's direction in a situation where one was unable to borrow strength in the air.

In terms of level, although this Broken Moon was not some sort of high level cultivation technique, the difficulty of cultivating it was in no way inferior to that of an exceptional inner force cultivation method.

And the reason why Wu Tian was so infatuated with Broken Moon was because of the martial arts television on Earth. Watching the televisions flying in the sky like gods, made him yearn for them.

It could be said that his Broken Moon had already reached the point where he could walk in the air. After ten or so years of continuous practice, at the age of sixteen, he finally finished cultivating his Broken Moon.

Of course, the premise was that the Genuine Qi was strong enough. Judging from the number of Genuine Qi Wu Tian had, being able to change the direction of his movement in the air was already pretty good.

When the assassin saw this, he was so shocked that he forgot to open the door. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

One had to know, he had calculated this as well. If Wu Tian killed the tiger, then in a situation where he was powerless to continue, Wu Tian would descend from the sky and strike him down.

He could use this time to open the door and leave the lab. Once he left the lab, with the cover of darkness, no one would be able to stop him.

Don't forget, he's a killer, a profession that lives in the dark. Others might be afraid of the darkness because it would reduce their vision, but for killers, it was the thing that they liked the most, the thing that made them feel safe the most.

However, who would have thought that his opponent's strength was too powerful. Before he landed, he even changed directions without any point of support and chased after him. He simply did not dare to believe that it was true.

However, when he reacted, he saw a huge palm appear in front of his eyes, then he felt pain in the hall, then the world shook, then he felt nothing.

Wu Tian, who had released his last attack, was also lying on the ground exhausted. After the last strike, the cultivation level that he had just recovered was completely drained. He didn't have any strength left in his body.

"Xiaoling, are there any cleaning robots around here?" Wu Tian climbed up from the ground with much difficulty and returned to his bed. He then casually tapped on the Death Acupuncture Point of the Assassin called Shadow, who rolled his eyes and died.

"Yes, there is." Xiaoling replied.

"Find a few cleaning robots to clean up the place. However, make them lighter later on. Don't disturb me, I need to train a bit." I think the Genuine Qi that were wasted tonight won't have the strength to continue fighting for a short period of time. " Wu Tian felt his empty body, and said somewhat helplessly.

"What about the bodies?" Xiaoling asked.

"Just throw it outside the laboratory. Right, don't forget to erase the memories of those cleaning robots. I don't want to make any mistakes at the last moment." Wu Tian said cautiously.

"Understood, Brother Tian." Xiaoling answered, and very quickly, Xiaoling found three cleaning robots, and not long later, all the blood in the room was swept clean.

Xiaoling saw that the place was more or less cleaned, and then removed the control on the nursing room door and the monitor.

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