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After killing Shangguan Wan'er and Xuanyuan Yi, Wu Tian's heart gradually cooled down. At this time, he also realized the seriousness of the situation.

No matter what reason Wu Tian had used to kill two people in one go, the Xuanyuan family and Shangguan Family would never let this matter go.

"What do we do, what do we do ?" Looking at the two corpses lying on the ground, Wu Tian panicked.

However, he did not regret it. If he was allowed to choose again, he would do it again. He would not allow betrayal.

"No, I can't stay here any longer." Wu Tian's body staggered as he ran out. He was fairly familiar with Shangguan Family, so he found a wall and immediately flipped it over.

Even though he'd already reached the level of a God Grandmaster, he was still a youth below the age of nineteen.

Thus, after doing such a thing, the first thing he thought of was escaping.

Not long after Wu Tian left, Shangguan Jinghong arrived in front of Shangguan Wan'er's room. Seeing that the door was not closed, he walked in.

"Wan'er, Tian, what are you doing ?" Suddenly, Shangguan Jinghong sniffed and exclaimed: The stench of blood.

Suddenly, Shangguan Jinghong's face changed as he ran into Shangguan Wan'er's bedroom. He saw two naked corpses, and one of them was his beloved daughter.

"Wan'er, Wan'er ?" Shangguan Jinghong walked forward and carried Shangguan Wan'er in his arms. While he was at it, he pulled over the bed sheet and placed it on Shangguan Wan'er's body. His face revealed a painful expression.

Although Shangguan Jinghong sacrificing his daughter's beauty for the sake of the two secret scriptures of the Wu Family, he could not watch his own daughter die a horrible death.

"Wu Tian, I will make you die a horrible death." Shangguan Jinghong roared.

Actually, when Shangguan Jinghong came in and saw Xuanyuan Yi and Shangguan Wan'er forcing their bodies, that broken bed, and the messy room, he could guess what had happened.

However, seeing his beloved daughter die so miserably, made him unable to care about anything else, and hurriedly found some clothes for Shangguan Wan'er and Xuanyuan Yi to wear. He then organized the scene. His goal was obvious, and was to blame all of the reasons to Wu Tian.

Very quickly, the Xuanyuan family's Patriarch and Xuanyuan Fengqing received the news of their three sons' miserable deaths. For a moment, they were incomparably furious. Without further ado, he immediately brought over a dozen clan experts to the Wu Family to ask for people.

At the same time, Shangguan Jinghong also did not show any sign of weakness, and similarly brought over ten clan experts to the Wu Family.

Inside the Wu Family Hall, the Patriarchs of the three great families, Wu Family, and Xuanyuan family, were gathered together. However, the faces of the Xuanyuan family's patriarch and the Shangguan Family's patriarch were not good.

After the Xuanyuan family's Patriarch entered the hall, he went straight to the point and asked, "Wu Hao, where exactly is your son? It would be best if you handed him over to me. I want to take revenge for my son."

"Patriarch Xuanyuan, I think there must be some kind of misunderstanding. I understand my son, and I believe he won't kill the innocent." Wu Hao had also heard about Wu Tian killing people, but he believed that Wu Tian would definitely not kill people out of jealousy like the two families had said.

Even if Shangguan Wan'er really liked others, with Wu Tian's personality, he would definitely take the initiative to leave. He wouldn't kill people just because of this matter.

"Wu Family Master, are you helping your son escape punishment? Let me tell you, the person who killed my daughter used your Wu Family's "Vajrayana Palm Print", and today, only Wu Tian has ever been to my home in your Wu Family. Shangguan Jinghong asked.

"Then how are you so sure that the person who used the Vajrayana Palm Print is my family's Tian'er? You also said that the martial arts technique used to kill your daughter was the [Vajrayana Palm Print]. The people from the Secret Sect must know it too, so why don't you ask the people from the Secret Sect in the Western Regions? " At this time, a beautiful middle-aged woman walked out from the back hall.

At first glance, she looked a little similar to Wu Tian. Needless to say, she was Wu Tian's mother, Li Xueruo.

Li Xueruo did not seem to feel the pressure that came from where the Xuanyuan family and Shangguan Family were trained, as she walked over to Wu Hao's side with graceful steps.

"Madam, why did you come out?" Seeing Li Xueruo walk over, Wu Hao hurriedly walked forward to welcome her.

"How can I not come out? Someone is framing our son. Naturally, I will come out to uphold justice for him. Husband, you don't have to be afraid of them having more people. "I have already sent someone to call my big brother over, and he will definitely uphold justice for our Tian'er." Li Xue Rou slowly said.

Li Xue Rou's name contained a word 'Li'. Looking at her attitude and confidence when she spoke, she didn't even need to guess to know that she was a member of the Li Clan, and the Big Brother she spoke of was the Li Clan's Patriarch, Li Hanshan.

"Who's framing my nephew?" At this moment, a bellow came from outside.

He then saw a man striding over with big steps. Behind him were about a dozen experts. They ignored all the experts and directly walked in front of Li Xueruo and said, "Sister, brother-in-law, don't be afraid, big brother is here."

"Li Hanshan, what can you do when you come?" Your nephew killed my son and the daughter of the Shangguan Family Head, and there's evidence and evidence, do you still want to protect him? " Xuanyuan Fengqing was completely fearless against Li Hanshan.

Based on their strength, the two of them were roughly on par with each other. Neither could do anything to the other. And their Xuanyuan family clan was a little stronger than the Li family. Right now, they were in an alliance with Shangguan Family, they wouldn't be afraid even if the Li family and Wu Family were combined together.

Besides, the world didn't know that they, the four great clans, were fair and just. It was simply too unreasonable of Wu Tian to kill their people.

If Li Hanshan wanted to openly protect him, he would have to think twice before doing anything. Even if the other two families agreed, the other small clans probably wouldn't agree.

"You said that my nephew killed people, and that you have witness and material evidence? Then let me ask you, where is the witness and material evidence?" Li Hanshan asked.

"This ?" Xuanyuan Fengqing turned around and glanced at Shangguan Jinghong, but the latter shook his head to show that he did not have the so-called witness.

"Looks like you guys don't have any witnesses. Then, what makes you think that my nephew was the one who killed this person?" Li Hanshan smiled. If there was no one to testify, then everything would be easy.

"So what if it hasn't been certified. My daughter and Xuanyuan Yi both died under the Vajrayana Palm Print of their Wu Family. How could they possibly lie?" Shangguan Jinghong said.

"It's not only Wu Family that knows the [Vajrayana Palm Print]. Why don't you guys go and ask the secret sects of the Western Regions? "Maybe he'll ask for something." Using the Vajrayana Palm Print to explain things would be even more untenable.

"Li Hanshan, I know you want to protect your nephew, but no matter what we say, or what you say, it's all just speculation. Call Wu Tian out, I want to confront him face to face. " Shangguan Jinghong said.

"Alright, I'm afraid you won't make it." With that, Li Hanshan turned and said to Wu Hao: "Brother-in-law, call out Tian'er. With me here, they don't dare to do anything to Tian'er."

"Big brother, it's not that I don't want to call him that, but Tian'er hasn't returned since she left home." After hearing the news, I went back to look for him, but I didn't even know where he was. " What Wu Hao said was the truth. After such a thing happened, he was more anxious than anyone else.

After all, there was such a large group of people protecting him at home. Outside, he was alone. Facing the wrath of the two great families, his situation was even more dangerous.

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