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Sorry, the Gourd family needed electrical circuits to be repaired, so the electricity had been cut at 8 am. They didn't call until now, so it was late. The second and third update arrived immediately.

There was no way around it. Our popularity couldn't compare with that of a God, so we needed time to accumulate.

"Do you think we're three-year-olds? Do you believe that yourself? " Shangguan Jinghong's face was filled with disbelief.

"Then how will you be willing to believe it?" Wu Hao also knew that even he could not believe these words, but since the truth was like this, what could he do? Even if he wanted to call out Wu Tian now, there was nothing he could do.

"Unless you want us to search your Wu Residence. If we can't find you, then we'll believe you." Shangguan Jinghong said.

"Search my home?" Wu Hao was startled, and said: "Humph, don't even think about it."

How could Wu Hao allow them to search his home. Once they did, it would mean that his Wu Family had compromised.

Moreover, if they were to search and find out about the secrets of their Wu Family, then this would be a huge loss to them.

Therefore, no matter what the reason was, Wu Hao would never allow them to behave so atrociously in the Wu Family. This was his bottom line.

"If you don't let us search you, that means you have something in your heart." Xuanyuan Fengqing was completely in agreement with Shangguan Jinghong's thoughts.

Searching the Wu Residence, not only would it cause his Wu Family and prestige to disappear, it might also result in him being able to find information on the Wu Family 'Heaven Origin Mind Method'.

One had to know that although the Heaven Origin Mind Method couldn't be considered a top cultivation method, it wasn't even as high as the Xuanyuan family's "Xuanyuan Heart Method".

However, the Heaven Origin Mind Method had functions that could not be compared with other techniques. That is, when one was cultivating the Heaven Origin Mind Method, he would be in a state of Thoughtless, Thoughtless, Thoughtless and Perception.

This strange state was the cultivation state that every cultivator yearned for even in their dreams. In this state, cultivators could throw away all distractions and when they cultivated, their results were double the results. It had the effect of promoting any cultivation technique.

If he were to use the? Heaven Origin Mind Method? to supplement his clan's cultivation technique, then his cultivation speed would increase by a large margin. Moreover, it would also be able to protect his mind and reduce the danger of his cultivation going berserk; this was not a small temptation.

It was also why Shangguan Jinghong had pretended to like Wu Tian marrying into the Wu Family. Don't forget, there's not only the [Heaven Origin Mind Method] in the Wu Family, there's also the [Vajrayana Palm Print].

The value of the? Vajrayana Palm Print? was not the least bit inferior to the? Heaven Origin Mind Method?, and the power of the? Vajrayana Palm Print? was rather terrifying. With Wu Hao's middle level Innate Level cultivation, an expert of the same level would not be able to defeat him.

This was also the most fundamental reason why the other great clans did not act against them before, when their Wu Family was relatively weak, to snatch away their secret scriptures.

"If you want to search our Wu Family, then step over my corpse." Hearing Wu Tian's words, many people immediately appeared in the rear hall and outside of the hall. It could be said that this was the full power of the Wu Family.

Although these people could not keep all of them here, they had to come out and fight for the honor of the family.

"Alright, Wu Hao, we will trust you this once, let's go." Seeing how determined Wu Hao was, Xuanyuan Fengqing knew that it was impossible to search the Wu Residence.

Of course, he wasn't afraid of the people from the Wu Estate, but of Li Hanshan.

If Li Hanshan and Wu Hao were to join hands at this time, then even if they could all fight to the death, the losses to their Shangguan Family would be enormous.

At the same time, this was also the territory of Wu Family, so they had a great advantage here with a large number of people. If they really fought, it was unknown who would win.

"Let's go as well." Shangguan Jinghong naturally knew that this was not the time to make a move, so he angrily glared at Wu Hao. It was just that this glance signified that the relationship between the two families was not there.

Seeing the two families leave the Wu Estate, Li Hanshan hurriedly asked, "Brother-in-law, hurry up and call out Tian'er and ask her what happened." This matter was too sudden, I did not even have the slightest bit of preparation for it. "

"Big brother, what I've told you just now is all true. Tian'er really hasn't come back yet, and I'm also worried." Wu Hao said innocently.

"If that's the case, then things are not going well. Hurry up and send someone to look for her. You must find Tian'er before Xuanyuan and Shangguan Family do, otherwise Tian'er will be in danger. " Li Hanshan quickly instructed his people to return to the clan and send people.

At the same time, Wu Hao also rushed to gather people to search for the exit. Of course, not only them, the Xuanyuan family and Shangguan Family had also sent out their men. However, they didn't send their men out to help find him, but to capture him.

Although Wu Tian had killed their relatives, obtaining Wu Tian was the same as obtaining all the secrets of the Wu Family.

At the same time, Wu Tian who had killed someone did not go back to his home after exiting the Shangguan Family. Instead, he left China and went to Japan.

After thinking about it, he believed that after the Xuanyuan family and Shangguan Family found out about Xuanyuan Yi and Shangguan Wan'er's deaths, they would definitely search for him everywhere. However, he felt that even if they wanted to, they could only do so within the country. He did not expect that Wu Tian had already gone abroad.

Besides, he didn't use his own identity on the plane, and even if they thought of fleeing abroad, they didn't know where he was. Besides, they didn't think he would choose to be so close to China.

The world was so big and there were so many countries. Even if they could find him in the end, it would probably be over ten years later.

With these dozen years of time as a cushion, his cultivation would definitely reach a certain level, at the very least, Innate Level. At that time, it would not be a problem for Wu Tian to return to the Wu Family.

Of course, after he escaped, he also thought that he might implicate his family.

However, he believed that with his father's strength, and with Uncle's help, his Wu Family would definitely be alright. Thus, he left as if it was as expected.

Originally, Wu Tian thought that this idea was flawless, but the mistake was that he had underestimated the strength of the Xuanyuan family.

Not long after Wu Tian fled, with the help of the nation, the Xuanyuan family found Wu Tian's figure in the surveillance videos at all the major airports. Thus, they indirectly found out where Wu Tian was really going to go to.

It had only been three months, but Wu Tian had already experienced more than ten sieges.

But fortunately, these people were not that strong, and the highest among them was only slightly stronger than him. With the Vajrayana Palm Print's third seal, the External Lion Seal, he was completely capable of killing them.

At the same time, he understood that this place was no longer safe, so he immediately prepared to leave Japan and travel further away to the United States.

However, things didn't go that smoothly. Just as the heavens were preparing to leave Japan for the United States and had even entered the airport, they were once again surrounded.

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