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I forgot to mention it yesterday, but the power is still off today. Tomorrow, it should be fine.

As for the update, it might even come tomorrow.

If the gourd hasn't been updated by nine o'clock tomorrow, everyone can wait until tonight to take a look.

Fiya saw that Irene was interested in his own attention, and became interested: "What is there to be afraid of, as long as you control the person inside, and inject an order that is loyal to the clan into the primary Intelligent Chip. In that case, the primary Intelligent Chip will still be in the hands of the clan. "

"In the future, if you want to continue studying, you can connect to it through electronic equipment and at the same time, create a super warrior. I think that other than benefits, it's also a matter of benefits. The representatives will definitely agree to it. "

"Fiya, I find it strange, how did you think of such a thing? "We've just found this person and you've already thought of a complete set of plans. Could it be that your program has been upgraded?" Irene's expression turned cold as he asked.

"No, Doctor Irene, don't misunderstand, I was the one who thought of this. My program was originally designed to help the doctor calculate his gains and losses. The idea was only to maximize the benefits to the doctor's family. If this extremely good experimental object was transplanted with another intelligent chip, it would truly be a waste. " Fiya was shocked by Irene and hurriedly explained.

Amongst the universe allies that were flooded with AI robots, AI robots even developed emotions. Notice that it's emotions, not emotions. Of course, the most taboo thing was not this, but the upgrade of the AI robot's program.

The meaning behind the program upgrade was that the robot possessed intelligence beyond human beings. If something like that happened, it would be very scary. Even all the electronic equipment would listen to the robot's commands.

However, among the allies of the universe, the national systems and even the daily life of the country have the images of intelligent robots. The moment an intelligent level up robot appears, the entire universe will be thrown into chaos.

Therefore, this situation was not allowed to happen. At the same time, in order to prevent such a disaster from happening, all the empires of the universe came to a consensus that once they discovered the upgraded AI robots, they would destroy them at all costs before they cause any damage, just in case.

"Hur hur, I was just joking. You look nervous." Irene smiled when he saw Fiya's expression: "However, the method you're talking about is rather interesting. After we return to the clan, I would like my father to bring it up."

"Doctor Irene, you scared me just now." Seeing Irene's frozen face, Fiya heaved a sigh of relief.

"Hehe, that's enough. We've been out for a year and the ship is running out of energy. We need to return home as soon as possible." With that said, Irene walked towards the driver's seat.

Soon, they arrived at the center of the spaceship. The cockpit was filled with all sorts of strange and novel instruments.

Irene walked to the front of the round bridge, suddenly a blue light swept over his head, followed by a synthetic voice from all directions: "Identity confirmed, Captain Irene."

"Fiya, accept the control of the spaceship, prepare to jump in space." Irene said as he walked toward a Health Storage that was specially prepared for him.

"Yes, Doctor Irene." After a while, Fiya replied, "Dr. Irene, the control over the flying ship has been successfully accepted. Do you want to proceed with the spatial jump immediately?"

"Yes." After he finished speaking, Irene had already entered the Health Storage, and at the same time, the cabin door closed, while Irene also fell into a deep sleep.

Space Jump was a fast flying method invented against the space of the universe. Its speed was extremely fast and in a blink of an eye, it covered tens of thousands of light years of distance.

However, what followed was an abnormally terrifying pressure that ordinary people could not withstand. Thus, he had to enter a specially developed Health Storage in order to avoid death.

These Health Storage were specially developed to support the space-warping technology, the pressure inside would automatically adjust, and the range of the pressure would be within the range of what a person could endure.

As for Fiya, she was a robot so she did not need to enter the Health Storage s.

After Irene entered the Health Storage, the synthesized mechanical voice once again rang: "Space Jump started, Countdown started, 10, 9, 8 ? 3, 2, 1, 0, jump in space, start. "

With the disappearance of the synthetic voice, the UFO outside the solar system suddenly disappeared in a flash, as if it had never appeared before ?

10 trillion light years away from the solar system, on a planet, there was a Universe Base, on it were many universe ships, of course, not all of them were UFOs.

Within the Universe Base, countless figures could be seen moving between the large spaceships, maintaining and maintaining the spaceships flying in the universe. At the same time, there were more than a dozen ships in the sky on patrol.

At this moment, the air above the Universe Base wiggled, and in an instant, a UFO appeared above the Universe Base.

However, the entire base was not in chaos because of the appearance of this UFO. As usual, everyone was still doing what they needed to do.

And from inside the ship, the Health Storage that was holding Irene opened, Irene walked out, yawned, and stretched as if he had just woken up.

"Fiya, where are you?" Irene asked.

"We're at base number 3 of Kandy. Do you want to land?" Fiya asked.

"Base three?" Why not just jump to Base 1 or 2? " Irene asked in confusion.

"It's because of this, Dr. Irene. Most of the people who went out to search for test subjects have returned, so bases number 1 and 2 are now full. I can only choose base number 3 for now." Fiya replied.

"If that's the case, then let's land!" Irene nodded, and asked: "Right, did you report to the clan about the man inside?"

"Not yet. Should I report this immediately?" Fiya asked.

"Yes, report it immediately." Irene said.

"Alright." Ferlin responded and then continued, "The information has already been reported."

"En, very good. Oh right, record the happiness of the people we found this time. We want to see how many of them will survive." Irene instructed.

"Yes." "Yes," Ferlin replied, and sent out a command. Very quickly, everyone's information, including Wu Tian's, was recorded into Fiya's A.I. Chip.

"Doctor Irene, the Patriarch wants to talk to you?" Just then, Ferlin received a communication request. This person was the patriarch of Kandy Family, Karman.

"Get through." Hearing Fiya's words, Irene immediately said.

"Yes." Once he said that, the big screen in front of Irene flashed, and a man appeared. This man was extremely handsome, had the same color as Irene, with bright and spirited eyes, and a masculine yet kind smile on his face.

If one looked carefully, they would see that Irene and this man looked somewhat similar.

"Lin, I never thought that you would actually find a big loophole this time, not bad. I want to see where about 40 percent of the people who develop their brains are. " Karman went straight to the point and wanted to see someone that would even shock him.

As the Patriarch, he was well aware of Wu Tian's value, so when he received the news, before he could carefully examine the information that Fiya had given him, he immediately contacted him.

"Dad, can't you just call me Lin? "I'm not a child anymore. It's embarrassing to keep calling me that." Irene said helplessly.

"You are very old, but in my eyes, you are only a little girl. Don't talk rubbish to me. Hurry up and let me see that 'Superman'."

Karman said excitedly: "Tsk tsk, the brain development rate has reached forty percent, this is simply abnormal, my brain only developed around twenty percent. This person needs to be used properly. Who knows, we might have to rely on him to dominate our Kandy Family. "

"All you think about is dominating the Brook Universe Ally, I think you're about to go crazy. Oh right, are big brother and big sister back already? "How was the harvest?" Irene said snappily.

"They've already returned. As for the rewards, naturally they're not as generous as you." However, the amount is a bit higher than yours. However, the person you found has almost 40% of the brain development people, which is enough to make up for the deficiency. "

Karman said anxiously: "Aiya, why am I getting farther and farther away? Quickly, quickly let me see that pervert you found, I can't wait any longer."

"I'll show you, I'll show you ?" With that, Wu Tian's figure appeared on the screen beside him, and all sorts of numbers and numbers appeared on the side of the screen.

Kandy Family was one of the Four Great Families of the Brook Universe Ally, and at the same time, it was the strongest clan.

Having a thirty percent share of the military and economic power of the Brook Universe Ally was the same as having the power of the governments of the Allies.

Which is to say, the total power that the other three great families within the Brook Universe Ally can only hold is forty percent of the military and economic power of the Brook Universe Ally. Therefore, no one can compete with the Kandy Family.

Even the governments of the Brook and universe could only fight against it for a moment, without the strength to eliminate it.

And this person called Karman, as the Patriarch of the Kandy Family, his position was definitely on par with the highest leader in the conquest of Brook Universe Ally.

Therefore, even though he appeared to be so humorous, but deep down, he was a ruthless person. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to sit in his current position in perfect condition.

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