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Karman carefully read through all of Wu Tian's information once, and when he had received the information that Fiya had sent over, he had only roughly taken a glance.

When he saw the figure of 40%, he couldn't help but send a message to Irene. He wanted to personally see this abnormal being.

And the reason why he lost his composure, to explain it, had to be from thirty years ago. At that time, Karman had not even gotten married.

Back then, when their Kandy Family scouted the surrounding environment, on an uninhabited planet very far away from their Brook Star (the central planet of the Brook Universe Ally), they discovered a remnant that had been abandoned for a very long time.

The technology in the ruins was very advanced, many times more advanced than the technology they had at that time. Moreover, there were also a large number of deadly traps inside the ruins.

At that time, they had spent a great deal of effort to attack the entire relic and obtain most of the information inside. It was by relying on this precious information that the Kandy Family quickly rose to prominence in the short span of thirty years, becoming the strongest amongst the Four Great Clans of the Brook Universe Ally.

However, the most valuable part wasn't the information and technology, but a high-tech product that was known as the intelligent chip.

From the information they got from the relic, the intelligent chip could help humans deal with a lot of things, making a human's brain as powerful as a computer.

This meaning was too powerful. It was completely out of the era of intelligent robots, allowing people to have the powerful computing power of intelligent robots.

If this was developed and used in the army, it would create a large number of super-intelligent soldiers.

Once it was produced on a large scale, it could be used on a large scale by ordinary citizens. This way, it could allow the evolution of the human race in the universe to reach a higher level.

It was a pity that they could not find any information regarding the production of intelligent chip in the ruins, they only knew of its name.

At that time, the patriarch of the Kandy Family (at that time, it was not Karman but Karman's father) saw the value of this information and decided to invest a large amount of resources and manpower to research this chip, which would bring about great benefits for the clan in the future.

After fifteen years of research, he had finally broken through. Finally, the first generation of intelligent chip was successfully copied.

Thus, the clan began to conduct small scale intelligent chip transplants and carry out experiments. Unfortunately, after the transplant, those who received the transplant all experienced a very serious rejection.

The longest surviving among them would only be able to live for about a month. Some of them would even die bravely before they could even get down from the operating table.

However, Kandy Family did not give up just because of this, and instead invested more and more into it. After a period of time, when he felt that he had matured a bit, he began the transplant again. Just like that, it had taken them nearly ten years.

In these ten years, even though all the experiments ended in failure, but the countless sacrifices they had made allowed them to conclude a law.

That was, it was not that their research had failed. After twenty-five years of research, the first generation of intelligent chip had already reached an almost perfect level.

However, the main reason for the failure of the experiment was that the brains of the transplant recipients were not developed enough and could not bear the huge amount of information brought by the intelligent chip, thus leading to their death.

Knowing this, the first thing they thought of was whether they could lower the requirement of intelligent chip for brain development. However, based on the current technology, it was impossible.

Therefore, Kandy Family began to search all over for people whose brains had surpassed ordinary people to conduct experiments. Hence, the core members of the family were sent out to find a suitable candidate.

The purpose of sending the core members of the family was to keep it a secret, to not let the traitors of the three great families know about it.

However, was it really that easy to find a person with a brain that could develop beyond the human level? Take Irene for example, she had looked for the one hundred and twenty-six of them, along with Wu Tian and the one hundred twenty-seven other people.

Although it did not look like there were many of them, one must know that Irene found all of them only after searching through tens of thousands of galaxies.

Of course, the brains of the people she was looking for were all at least twenty percent developed. Everyone was a top scholar from their own star system or planet, with the exception of Wu Tian.

Over 10,000 galaxies, they've only just found 120 people with brain development levels of 20%, one can only imagine how rare these people are.

If you were to calculate it this way, it would be even more so for people with a brain development level of 30%. Even if he were to search tens of millions of galaxies, he would still not be able to find such a monster.

As for when one's brain was developed to 40%, to borrow Karman's words, they would be considered a freak, a freak that would cause others to be jealous.

"Dad, I have an idea, what do you think?" Irene said.

"Ideas? "This is a good thing. Tell me about it." Seeing Irene's serious expression, Karman was suddenly interested.

His daughter was extremely intelligent, and at the age of ten, she was able to join the research of intelligent chip as a special guest guide.

What kind of concept was this? Starting from the age of ten, he began instructing those old men who were close to a hundred to study. Their IQ was definitely beyond the imagination of a human.

Therefore, Karman felt that her thoughts were extremely valuable.

"This person's situation is so special, I think it's a pity to transplant the first generation of intelligent chip that we developed. My thoughts are like this, can you give him the first generation intelligent chip that we found? " Irene revealed his own thoughts. Of course, this idea was reproduced by Fiya from his original creation.

"How can this be? primary Intelligent Chip, we still have many areas that we haven't studied thoroughly, if we just give it to this person, if it fails then that's fine, but if it succeeds, then how will we continue our research in the future? " Karman's face changed, and he immediately denied it.

"Dad, are you crazy?" As long as we can control the person inside, wouldn't the A.I. Chip still be in our hands? If you want to continue studying, you just need to get him to cooperate, okay? " Irene continued: "If we fail, then we won't lose anything, but if we succeed, then our family would have one more super Intelligent Soldier, why wouldn't we do the same?"

Hearing Irene's words, Karman's eyes lit up, and said: "If that's the case, then this is a win-win method, even if we fail, we would only lose one experiment, but if it succeeds, then our family's benefits are too great."

"That's right, father. If we really succeed, wanting to use our Kandy Family to dominate the entire Brook Universe Ally wouldn't be impossible." Seeing that Karman was a little moved, Irene decided to add fuel to the fire. She knew that Karman was now more sensitive towards the matter of being the overlord.

"Alright, I'll go find those old fellows and tell them. You just wait here, I'll send someone to pick you all up immediately." With that said, Karman hung up.

Looking at the extremely excited Karman, Irene laughed, then looked at Wu Tian who was on the other side of the screen and muttered, "I really wonder, what kind of existence would he become if he were to succeed in the test! I'm really looking forward to it! "

Not long after, the people Karman sent over arrived. The 127 Health Storage s filled a whole transport ship, while Wu Tian's Health Storage occupied a single room.

Of course, the reason they brought the Health Storage with them was because the Health Storage had a type of gas that made people sleep peacefully. This was to prevent them from causing chaos.

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