Yes, He is My Beloved/C10 Her First Time
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Yes, He is My Beloved/C10 Her First Time
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C10 Her First Time

"Girl, life is like climbing a mountain. You have to work hard to climb the peaks of mountains in order to see the different scenery of this world. Mountaineering is a challenging process, challenging yourself and challenging nature. Many mountaineering enthusiasts, in order to reach the highest peak in the world -- Everest, put life and death on the line! What they wanted was a passionate experience from the moment they ascended the peak of Everest! "Because this is the symbol of victory over the self, the symbol of victory over nature..." Zhao Muchen said emotionally.

"Losing your life in order to reach the top is not worth it," Gu Yuwei thought. After all, life only happened once to everyone. People should treasure their own life the most.

"Little girl, this is actually a kind of spirit, a kind of pursuit …" He put his arm around her shoulders, looked into the distance, and said, "Look, if we don't climb this mountain peak, we won't be able to see the scenery on the other side. "All one's life is actually going up, and in the process of going up --"

She looked at him, confused. What did he want to say?

"Little girl, once you enter the corporation, you will have to constantly climb, constantly defeat yourself, and constantly experience the different lives on various mountains …" Zhao Muchen looked at her and said.

"I — did not think —" said Gu Yuwei weakly.

She had never thought of what position she could take, and she felt that she was not made for it.

As a leader, she didn't know anything about technology.

"Then think about it from now on..." Zhao Muchen laughed, "There has been a huge change in Chunjiang and personnel due to the incident with Jiang San. Have you thought about your own position?"

"Never thought —" she said simply.

"silly girl..." Zhao Muchen caressed her hair and smiled, "Some people have already started to work. In order to achieve their goals, you didn't even think about it? You are truly an otherworldly person! "

"I just don't think I have the ability …" Gu Yuwei said with a lack of confidence.

"No one is born with the ability, their ability is stimulated during the training of the day after tomorrow..." Zhao Muchen laughed, "You have to be confident in yourself!"

Gu Yuwei was speechless. She really didn't have much confidence.

"You are a person with potential, I believe in my judgement..." Zhao Muchen said, "As long as you have a platform, you can go experience it. You won't be any worse than Gu Leeqing..."

"I don't dare to compare with Secretary Gu. She's one of the few women in the group..." Gu Yuwei immediately said.

Hehe, she did it step by step! You too! " Zhao Muchen encouraged her.

Gu Yuwei didn't dare to think too much about it. She had never thought of being Gu Leeqing's secretary, and the rest was even more unthinkable.

The group was complicated, how could she, a simple person, set foot in it?

As the sky gradually darkened, the mountain's chilliness increased.

Gu Yuwei felt a little cold in her skirt.

Zhao Muchen couldn't help but take off his jacket and put it on her shoulders when he saw her shoulders shrinking.

His short-sleeved shirt had become a windbreaker when it was draped over her body! With such a large outfit fluttering in the wind, it looked quite comical.

On the other hand, he was wearing only a singlet that revealed his sturdy pectoral muscles.

"King Zhao, aren't you cold?" She wanted to give him back his clothes so he wouldn't catch cold and the wind would be strong on the mountain.

"I'm not cold. It's more comfortable this way!" As Zhao Muchen said this, he stretched his arms and helped her put her clothes back on.

Such small movements actually made Gu Yuwei feel extremely warm in her heart.

"Let's go back!" She was afraid of the dark, and even more afraid of the dark of the mountains.

"Alright, don't be afraid, I'm here..." Zhao Muchen held her by the waist and walked down the mountain.

When they were near the mansion, Zhao Muchen stopped and looked at Gu Yuwei with a burning gaze.

"Little girl, stay here tonight …"

Gu Yuwei's heart was pounding as she walked down the mountain.

She had rejected him on that night at Chunjiang and had even gone back and forth hurriedly the second time they had been at Fuhe River. They did not have much time to spend together and it was impossible to tell what had happened.

But could she refuse him again tonight, in the face of such a beautiful and romantic night?

Her heart was beating so fast that even under the streetlight, her cheeks were still flushed. She was as beautiful as a fairy.

She lowered her head, not daring to answer …

"Little girl …" He took her hand, and pushed open the small wooden door of the villa, about to go inside.

"King Zhao …" She stood where she was and didn't dare to go inside. There was a deep uneasiness in her heart, a sense of unpredictability in the future, making her unable to take this step forward …

Zhao Muchen turned around and looked at her.

Her expression was so conflicted and uneasy. Her lips were tightly pursed, the hand he was holding in his palm seemed to be trembling slightly.

She still didn't want to, and he felt a wave of disappointment, a deep disappointment.

The first time he was rejected, he could understand. They had not known each other at that time, and she had not accepted him in her heart.

After a few contacts, he could feel that the girl had already accepted him in her heart. Why was she still unwilling to stay with him?

"Little girl, what's wrong?" He looked at her with some displeasure.

The feeling of being rejected was not good, and no one had ever dared to reject him again and again.

"King Zhao, I-I-I …" she stammered, not knowing what to say.

"Little girl, I love you …" He held her in his arms again, and the impulse in his heart made him kiss her on the lips …

As her body fell into his arms, he quickly embraced her and quickly entered the villa!

Gu Yuwei only felt as if she was a gust of wind being held by him, as if she was instantly transported to the inside of the room!

Earlier, when they were outside, there was a faint trace of worry in his heart. After entering the room, his mood immediately relaxed, and the two of them once again forgot their feelings and kissed …

The hesitation in Gu Yuweini's heart had long since vanished into nothingness due to his passion. She only wanted to enjoy this intoxicating kiss with him …

"Oh... "King Zhao …" She wrapped her arms around his neck, attuning to his flexible, soft tongue.

He said nothing, just held her, held her close, kissed her madly, ran his tongue through her mouth, raged, poured out all his passion and love.

She felt as if she was about to be devoured by him. She felt like she was about to be completely devoured by him. Such a bone-piercing kiss made her unable to resist and unable to stand firmly …

His strong hands held her tightly. After a crazy sucking sound, he held her in his arms and put her on the bed …

When he held her in his arms, trembling with pain, he saw the red rose blooming on the white sheets.

Oh, my girl! You are the best gift God has ever given me!

He held her tight, and for the rest of his life he didn't want to let go.

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