Yes, He is My Beloved/C11 Fire Promoting
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Yes, He is My Beloved/C11 Fire Promoting
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C11 Fire Promoting

In the afternoon of the second day, the meeting ended as scheduled. Gu Yuwei followed Gu Leeqing back to the Chunjiang.

The unforgettable pain from last night had caused her body to still be unable to recover.

She had not expected that the first time between a man and a woman would be so painful!

However, Zhao Muchen occupied the deepest part of her mind in this heart-wrenching memory.

Even if it hurt, she was willing to do it.

Time passed very quickly. A week later, the group's personnel minister, Zhou Wenn, called Gu Leeqing. Tomorrow, he would go to Chunjiang to announce the appointment of the members of Chunjiang.

The next morning at nine o'clock, the group Long River Deputy Secretarywei and the personnel minister, Zhou Wenn, came to Chunjiang together.

Zhou Wenn began to read out the appointment documents: "After research by the company's Longhuang Standing Committee, we have decided to appoint Comrade Gu Yuwei as the group's Standing Committee on Chunjiang, Deputy Secretary; We have appointed Comrade Wu Jun as the group's Personnel Minister on Chunjiang Standing Committee; Comrade Wan Minggui has been transferred to Longjiang as the vice minister of personnel and secretary of organ …"

Gu Yuwei's heart almost jumped out of her chest when she heard this!

How is that possible? All of this was too sudden and unexpected!

Her face immediately turned red, and she didn't know where to look … She turned her head and looked at Gu Leeqing. Gu Leeqing was also looking at her with a face full of shock …

Everyone's eyes were focused on her …

This kind of rapid promotion caused all of the Chunjiang cadres to be confused.

Gu Yuwei was usually lukewarm. She was very modest and very low-key. She had never been in the spotlight before, nor had she ever heard of any special backers … Why is he so powerful at such a crucial moment? He was truly a dark horse of Chunjiang!

Although Gu Leeqing was shocked in her heart, she understood after a short moment.

She had originally recommended for Gu Yuwei to be appointed as a vice in Long Jiang's group. After training for a few years, someone from the higher-ups would definitely arrange it …

She didn't expect that the higher ups would suppress her to such an extent. From the looks of it, Gu Yuwei would surpass her in just a few years...

When he returned to the office, Gu Yuwei was still immersed in her dreams.

From the secretary to the group Chunjiang standing committee, the group Chunjiang, Deputy Secretary, had a very big span of time. Many people would need a very long time to cross it, and there were some people, some that could not even compare to a single person.

Gu Yuwei felt that she really needed to adapt to this sudden change in role.

The secretaries were all doing trivial things, pouring water from their bags, writing materials, and more importantly, taking care of the daily affairs of the group's Chunjiang secretaries …

However, the group Chunjiang, Deputy Secretary, had to be on her own. There were many things that required her to make decisions for herself. Gu Yuwei had never done this before, and it was also the biggest test for her.

According to the division of labor, Gu Yuwei's job was to assist the group Chunjiang secretary, Gu Leeqing, in charge of group Chunjiang daily work, in charge of group Chunjiang affairs, in charge of attracting foreign investment, in charge of small and medium-sized enterprises, and so on.

Gu Yuwei thought over the issue of hiring carefully. She wanted to take a group of people out to try out her own abilities.

She didn't want to be a vase of Female Leader.

After thinking about it for a while, she thought about Lee Jiaojiao's extremely rich boyfriend: Liu Dayu.

This rich man had invested in Chunjiang, killing many birds with one stone!

Thinking of this, Gu Yuwei took the initiative to call Lee Jiaojiao.

When Lee Jiaojiao received the call, she seemed to still be in bed. Gu Yuwei immediately recognized her lazy tone.

"What time are you still not up?" Gu Yuwei asked directly.

She and Lee Jiaojiao had always been able to get straight to the point and had never been afraid of each other.

"Eldest Miss, are you trying to rush me? I just fell asleep …" It seemed to be in a dream.

Just fallen asleep? Gu Yuwei subconsciously looked at the wall. It was already 9: 30!

"Hey, which hemisphere are you in?" Gu Yuwei smiled and asked, "What time is it, do you know?"

"Ai, don't mock me, I'm so tired!" Lee Jiaojiao seemed to roll over and then continued sleepwalking, "I was really woken up by you the moment I fell asleep. I was out all night last night, and I just got back at 6 in the morning. Just as I laid down and fell asleep, the phone rang … "I'll tell you, it's your phone call. If it were anyone else, I would have already started scolding you!"

Heh! He had really given her face! Gu Yuwei laughed in her heart.

"I'm sorry, I've disturbed your daydreams!" Gu Yuwei laughed and said, "But since we have already disturbed them, we might as well disturb them a little longer! I have something important to tell you -- "

"Business?" Lee Jiaojiao sat up straight as soon as she heard that, and most of her sleepiness was gone as well.

"This weekend, when I went back to Long River, I wanted to invite Miss Ma to a gathering. Specifically, the day after tomorrow, I'll make an appointment with a busy person like you. Can your super rich person have the honor of getting to know you?" Gu Yuwei said.

"Ha... What's wrong with you? Why do you sound like a leader now? " Lee Jiaojiao said with a smile.

"You think so?" Gu Yuwei asked subconsciously. It sounded like she hadn't changed her way of speaking. How come she sounded different?

Lee Jiaojiao had been taking leave to accompany Liu Dayu in Shandong Province, so she didn't know that Gu Yuwei had soared overnight!

"Of course!" Lee Jiaojiao smiled and said, "But I'm still in Shandong, you said you'll see me the day after tomorrow, so I'll fly back tomorrow. Liu Dayu might not be free, and he has a lot of things to deal with at home recently, so he'll probably need a few days to return to Longjiang!"

"Oh, forget it. Don't come back on purpose. Come back when you're done …" Gu Yuwei said.

"That won't do. You're looking for me. I have to go back. I'm not someone who values women over friends!" Lee Jiaojiao smiled and said, "Compared to Liu Dayu, your position is much higher! Just you wait, the day after tomorrow I will definitely appear before you. "

When Gu Yuwei heard this, she was extremely happy!

Lee Jiaojiao was a generous person. She had always kept her word.

On Saturday, Lee Jiaojiao offered to take a taxi to the resort along the Long River.

Unexpectedly, before she could go downstairs, she received a call from Lee Jiaojiao, saying that she had arrived at Gu Yuwei's house.

He really came and went like the wind!

After they went downstairs, Gu Yuwei saw the red Bmw sportscar parked downstairs. Lee Jiaojiao was sitting in the car with a Large Dark Glasses.

When Lee Jiaojiao saw her, she didn't say a word. Instead, she just stared at her.

Through her sunglasses, Gu Yuwei couldn't see Lee Jiaojiao's eyes clearly and didn't know what expression she had.

"Let's go," Gu Yuwei said.

"Gu... Secretary..." Lee Jiaojiao deliberately dragged her voice very long, "Aren't you being too ungrateful?"

What did he say? Gu Yuwei looked at Lee Jiaojiao with a puzzled expression.

The tone of Lee Jiaojiao's "Secretary Gu", which sounded weird, was rather ear-piercing to Gu Yuwei.

She and Lee Jiaojiao had always called each other by their first names. Why did he suddenly call her that?

"You're still hiding such a big thing like your promotion from me?" Do you think I'm some kind of loyal girl? " Lee Jiaojiao took off her sunglasses, pretending to be angry as she asked.

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