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Yes, He is My Beloved/C17 Bottomless
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C17 Bottomless

Tang Ming sat beside Ma Sanqiang. Looking at Ma Sanqiang's arrogant attitude, he really wanted to go up and slap him!

"Wan Pai, don't be angry. Let me tell you, we are protecting ourselves. This is what you call self-defense. Do I have to warmly welcome them when they come to steal my ore? As for what happened afterwards, at most, it was due to excessive defense! "You don't know what these troublesome people are like …"

"Enough!" Tang Ming stood up and scolded, "Ma Sanqiang, stop bullshitting. Regarding the nature of this matter, you know clearly about the dispute between the mine and the townspeople. Think about it carefully, think it through properly before saying anything!"

After Tang Ming said this, he gestured to the ten thousand navy soldiers and the two of them walked out of the interrogation room.

Ma Sanqiang smiled contemptuously as he watched them leave. Then he took out his cigarette and continued to light it.

Tang Ming and the Navy returned to the office feeling a bit depressed.

"Director Tang, did you notice anything in this case?" Wandai asked, handing Tang Ming a cigarette.

The two of them lit up their cigarettes and took a long drag. They looked at each other and didn't say anything.

At this moment, Tang Ming's cell phone rang. It was Gu Yuwei.

Gu Yuwei had asked Tang Ming to go to Chunjiang Group, saying that Secretary Gu was looking for him.

Tang Ming stood up, glanced at Wan navy and said, "Hurry up and clarify the problem, let the other teams try to finish examining all the villagers and the few yellow fur people tonight."

"Yes sir!" The Navy said very straightforwardly.

Time waits for no one! Tang Ming and the Navy both felt that this case was tricky.

In Gu Leeqing's office, Gu Yuwei and Yuh Shaofeng were sitting together. There were also five people sitting beside Gu Leeqing. They were the accident investigation team sent by the Longjiang Bureau.

"Director Tang, you came at the right time," Gu Leeqing looked at him and then looked at Gu Yuwei. After a pause, she said, "Director Long Jiang is very concerned about this matter and has already formed a joint team to deal with it personally. You guys should report the details to the leaders!"

Gu Yuwei was Deputy Secretary. When she went to the scene, she should have summarized the report.

Gu Yuwei thought about it for a moment before giving a rather detailed account of the current situation.

As Gu Yuwei was speaking, she noticed that the few leaders of the Longjiang Bureau were expressionless.

Yuh Shaofeng followed up with Gu Yuwei's words: "The scene was quite chaotic, Secretary Gu even wrote down a written contract for the townspeople to stabilize the situation. The stance of the townspeople is to not give a satisfactory answer and not give up. "

Tang Ming looked at them and continued, "After we were stabilized by Secretary Gu, we brought back all the members that participated in the gang fight. They are currently under assault and interrogation. The details are still under further investigation."

The Longjiang Land Bureau's vice captain, Ji Sun, said, "Everyone, thank you for your hard work. No one wishes for such a thing to happen, but, since it has happened, we have to properly deal with it …" Today, when we received the news, we immediately began to research and deploy, and then immediately rushed over. I never thought that the leaders of Chunjiang would have such a strong ability to deal with things that suddenly happened, and stabilized the situation so quickly.

"Next, we will severely punish the murderer and not let him off the hook. We will compensate and pacify the buried dead and settle this matter as soon as possible!" "The head of the bureau said that we should not affect the mining because of this incident. The damage caused by that will be very great!"

After Ji Sun finished speaking, Wu Weiguo continued, "An armed fight in the mine is not a glorious thing. Furthermore, a murder case has occurred, so please do your best to settle the matter peacefully. If such a thing were to happen, no one would benefit from it. "Thus, I should handle this matter as soon as possible so as to prevent any future problems, strengthen the management, and prevent the worst..."

Although Gu Yuwei didn't really understand what the corporation meant, she could tell that these people had come to tell them that they had to deal with this matter as soon as possible and to severely punish those villagers who stole from them.

If they didn't figure out the truth of the matter, would the villagers be able to stop after hastily taking care of it? Was the matter of the dead so easy to solve?

It was so painful talking while standing up!

"It's not that simple..." Tang Ming said, "The problem has just begun to be unearthed, and we haven't figured out the essence of it yet. How can the villagers be satisfied if we only deal with the assailant?"

"Hehe …" Wang Yanzhou smiled and said, "To be honest, sometimes we really can't do what these villagers want us to do …" Most of the time, their request was to cause trouble for no reason. It was a bottomless pit, and their desire could not be filled! This matter was not only to investigate the culprit behind the beating, but also to investigate the responsibility of stealing the spoils of war! According to the regulations, anyone who stole more than 50,000 gold could be sentenced to prison! If these villagers didn't show them some of their abilities, they wouldn't be able to restrain themselves … It's easy for conflicts to arise in the mines, and this is not the only place where we do this. In the future, let the local police strengthen their management so as to prevent such accidents from happening! "

After looking at Wang Yanzhou and Ji Sun, Tang Ming instantly understood the reason for Ma Sanqiang's arrogance!

There must be a big hand manipulating it from behind, right?

Gu Yuwei and Yuh Shaofeng looked at each other, unable to believe what they had just said.

Such a big matter had really ended like this. The villagers would definitely not agree to it!

Furthermore, Gu Yuwei's written contract for the villagers was equivalent to having a military decree!

How could those villagers let her off when the case was concluded in such a perfunctory manner? If she said it, then she really would be farting! How would she face these commoners in the future? Gu Yuwei could faintly feel herself falling into a bottomless whirlpool …

"Just as the leaders have said, punish the assailant and give the deceased an explanation so that the case can be settled as soon as possible!" Gu Leeqing looked at Tang Ming and Gu Yuwei and said without a doubt.

"Sure, I'll head back first if there's nothing else …" Tang Ming threw down those words, turned around and walked out.

Gu Yuwei looked at Tang Ming's back and felt a deep sense of sadness and helplessness.

Yuh Shaofeng also left.

Gu Yuwei was still sitting in front of Gu Leeqing. She had something she wanted to say to Gu Leeqing. If she didn't say it, her heart would be in pain!

However, facing these leaders of the Longjiang Bureau, she couldn't say it out loud.

Gu Leeqing personally greeted the few leaders, made them some tea, and then chatted about the mine.

The few old men in the group also had no intention of leaving. It looks like they're going to stay and supervise this case?

Finally, Gu Leeqing looked at Gu Yuwei and said, "Secretary Gu, let's invite the few leaders for dinner tonight. For this matter, the leaders have worked hard today! "Oh right, let's have Director Tang and Assistant Yu go together —" Gu Leeqing said.

Gu Yuwei's lips quivered. She really wanted to say, "I'm not going!" However, she still knew that he wasn't going to slap her in the face. In front of these few elders, of course she couldn't refuse Gu Leeqing's order.

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