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Yes, He is My Beloved/C19 Understanding the Truth
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C19 Understanding the Truth

"Uncle, I've come today to listen to everyone's reactions. Once I figure out the problem, I'll think of a way to solve it. This is my purpose …" Gu Yuwei said.

"There are a lot of problems. I've reacted in the past, but the problem has not been solved. The people in your group don't even know how to talk," another woman said with a sigh.

"Auntie, please believe me – I don't know how you reacted to this problem before, but today, I've come to the village to hear everyone's reaction to the real situation. Then, I'll think of a way to solve this problem …" Gu Yuwei said in a sincere tone.

"Everyone, stop doubting. The fact that Secretary Gu came down shows her sincerity. Everyone think, after so many years, which leader would be willing to come to the village and sit down with us and have a heart-to-heart talk? Even if we went to look for them, they would do everything in their power to avoid us. How many places have we been to? County, Group, Group, even Beijing. We have all gone there, but our problem has yet to be resolved! However, I believe Secretary Gu today because Secretary Gu came down to investigate the situation and listen to the public … Secretary Gu, please sit down and listen to our conversation, "Uncle Quanshui said again.

Gu Yuwei was moved in her heart. It was better to obey than to be respectful.

"Secretary Gu, you said that you came to hear our reactions? Alright, then I'll be frank and open today …" The uncle who was sitting on the ground looked at Gu Yuwei and said, "Does your leader really not know that this mine is under the control of the evil people?" Don't you know that the compensation they promised us hasn't been redeemed at all? Don't you know that Ma Sanqiang, a second-rate person, has a bunch of thugs in the mine and is here just to deal with us townspeople? Don't you know that our farmland has been illegally taken over by mining? We've asked and asked many departments to answer these questions, but why doesn't your leader act as if he doesn't know and never come forward to face us? How do you explain that? "

As soon as she said that, everyone in the room turned to look at Gu Yuwei.

It was Gu Yuwei's first time hearing about this! She reckoned that Gu Leeqing didn't know either, right? Otherwise, why had he never heard her talk about it before? Furthermore, as Gu Leeqing's secretary for so long, she had never received such a letter! Were their requests perfectly concealed?

"Uncle, to be honest, I only found out about these questions when I arrived here today. I'm guessing Secretary Gu doesn't know either … When you went to request for a response, which department did you go to?" Gu Yuwei asked as calmly as she could.

"I'm going to look for the Chunjiang Secretary of the guild, but I can't find him! "I can only go to the office. Every time, the person who receives us at the office is the same person. That Director Liu or whatever, he would just give us a perfunctory answer. Every time he accepted our materials and sent us away, there would be no more to say!" As his eldest uncle spoke, he grew excited.

Looking at these simple villagers, Gu Yuwei felt as if she was sitting on pins and needles!

She quickly realized that the Director Liu that the townspeople were talking about was Deputy Director from the office! The head of the office was Qiao Mingchang. Having not moved his position for so many years, he had long been filled with resentment. One could imagine how he treated his work. Every time he had Liu Yun come out to deal with it, he would act like nothing had happened? That must be it!

Gu Yuwei bit her lips and pondered for a moment before saying, "Uncle, please pass these materials to me. I'll take a good look at them and give you an answer."

"Yes, Er Mao, go and get those materials and give them to Secretary Gu." Uncle Quanshui added on, "People in our village are going to request it, so we'll split the costs and pay for each one of them. However, this journey is even longer than the Great Wall, so how can we afford to spend so much time on our legs …"

"Uncle, please tell me everything that happened today from the beginning. Just how did it happen?" Gu Yuwei turned to Uncle Quanshui and said.

"Sigh..." Uncle Quanshui sighed and said, "That's a long story..."

He lit a cigarette and smoked painfully, his weathered face as hard as a statue's.

Gu Yuwei took out the mini-recorder and pressed the record button, while Little Xia used a pen to record.

Uncle Quanshui took a deep breath and exhaled the thick smoke. Finally, he started to talk.

"This is the second time that we have organized a group of villagers to intentionally steal mining soil!" Uncle Quanshui finally opened his mouth and said, "But, we never thought that the Genjin Brotherhood would lose their lives because of this!"

There were tears in Uncle's eyes, and a pained expression on his resolute face.

Uncle said that these mountains were barren before. The villagers took twenty years to plant the trees, and seeing that the trees were ready, Ma Sanqiang led the villagers to mine! After the trees were cut down, not only did the villagers not get a single subsidy, even the surrounding farmland was taken over by the mines. The mines randomly dug up the kaolin, causing a great deal of damage to the surrounding ecological environment.

As Uncle Quanshui said this, he started crying!

Gu Yuwei's heart became heavier and heavier when she heard him talking about all this in one breath. This was a fight with the villagers!

The miners were unscrupulous, while the villagers were unarmed. As the two sides faced off against each other, how could the villagers be a match for the mine owner?

Just when Gu Yuwei thought Uncle Quanshui had finished his sentence, he opened his mouth again after drinking a mouthful of water. What he said this time made Gu Yuwei's heart skip a beat!

Gu Yuwei listened without interrupting him.

Uncle Quanshui's mouth was dry. He took a sip of cold water from the enamel cup, wiped his mouth, and continued, "Secretary Gu, how much do you know about Ma Kou Kaolin mine?"

This sentence stunned Gu Yuwei.

She really didn't understand.

Without an investigation, she had no say in the matter. She only wanted to solve the problem, but she did not do her homework. It was really a bit unreasonable.

"Uncle, what I know is not the same as what you said!" Gu Yuwei said, "What we know are mostly written reports. You are the person in question and the person directly involved. What you are talking about is the truth! I came here today to hear the truth! "

Hearing Gu Yuwei's words, Uncle Quanshui sighed and said, "You guys have always been blinded by the truth! However, there were also leaders who knew the truth, but pretended that they didn't know. There were also leaders who had a vested interest in this mine. Tell me, who do you think we citizens should seek redress from? There's no justice in this world that can take back our justice! "

Gu Yuwei didn't know what Uncle Quanshui was going to say next, but looking at his serious expression, Gu Yuwei's heart tightened.

Back then, when we explored the mine, we discovered that the reserves were very rich. It was said that it could be mined for more than fifty years, and every year, it could be mined for at least five hundred thousand tons of high quality kaolin. There are also mid-grade minerals and tailings. Currently, high-quality kaolin can be sold for more than 1000 pieces per ton! It could even be sold for four to five hundred pieces of medium quality ore per ton. Reportedly, it could be sold for two to three hundred pieces of ore per ton! Secretary Gu, you can calculate. Just like that, the annual profit from this mine is hundreds of millions! So Ma Sanqiang, this unfilial son, is showing off his power and power, working with outsiders to take over our mine, joining forces with those bandits to bully us, the townspeople! "

"Secretary Gu, have you ever heard of the term 'Mining Tyrant'?" Uncle Quanshui suddenly looked at Gu Yuwei and asked.

Gu Yuwei was shocked! He had read about this term online and had read about it before. However, could it be that the Makou Kaolin Mine was also under the control of a mine? She looked at Uncle Quanshui in surprise.

"Ai, it seems that you really do not know about it!" Uncle Quanshui said, "The Maokou Kaolin Mine have been occupied by the mine! "This is not Ma Sanqiang, he's just a vicious dog hired by others because he's familiar with this place. The real boss behind the scenes is an even bigger figure!"

At this point, Uncle Quanshui deliberately stopped. He lit up another cigarette and took a deep breath.

Who would be the bigger one?

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