Yes, He is My Beloved/C3 See Him Again
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Yes, He is My Beloved/C3 See Him Again
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C3 See Him Again

On Monday, Gu Yuwei returned to Chunjiang to work. The sound of life and work continued.

Gu Yuwei felt that the relationship between her and Zhao Muchen might end like this forever.

In the future, he would become an even bigger figure. Perhaps he would be able to transfer the control of his Jiang Oil Group to the highest level group, and the difference between them would be like the sky and the earth! There would never be any interaction between them again!

However, she would still subconsciously think of him and remember that "King Zhao" that made her heart beat quickly.

That night, she gave him a nice name: King Zhao.

In her eyes, he was a domineering king. He was so domineering, yet he did not lose the grace and grace of a mature man.

He embraced her and danced to the music. She could feel how excited he had been, how short of breath he had been, how much he had longed for her!

If she hadn't rejected him that night, what would have happened?

She didn't dare think about it.

Such a thing, once happened, would not be a comedy for her, because she was a person who could not extricate herself if she fell in love.

On Wednesday morning, Gu Yuwei followed Gu Leeqing to a rural suburb of Fuhe, where the group held a live meeting.

She carried her bag and followed behind Gu Leeqing.

After everyone stood still, Gu Yuwei spotted the tall figure among the crowd.

It was him! It really was him!

Gu Yuwei's feelings were indescribable the moment she saw him. There was excitement, surprise, and even a little fantasy that he could see her …

All she saw was his tall profile.

All the leaders of different levels of Jiang Oil Group had arrived, so it was obvious that the group was very interested in this event.

Zhao Muchen was the highest leader of the group.

He had his hands behind his back, standing beside a huge stove, surrounded by a group of people. Like a moon surrounded by stars, he was the center of this aura field.

The people around him were talking to him.

Zhao Muchen occasionally nodded and occasionally said a few words. His hands were always behind his back and his expression was always kind and kind.

At last, when the report was done, Zhao Muchen started to speak with his megaphone.

His deep voice came through the loudspeaker.

He said: "We have been trying to find the best solution for the innocuous disposal of country waste..."

When Zhao Muchen finished, everyone applauded warmly and then went on a tour along the village road.

After the visit, everyone returned to the Fuhe Hotel and held a wrap-up meeting.

Gu Yuwei and the other secretaries sat down to rest together. During the Leader's meeting, the secretaries would stay outside to rest.

Gu Yuwei leaned back against the sofa and closed her eyes to rest.

Unknowingly, Zhao Muchen's figure appeared in her mind once again …

At this moment, he was the center of attention. He must be making some important speech!

At the scene, she could see him, but he didn't see her at all, or perhaps he didn't even think about her … That night, then it would be over …

How can such a big figure be related to a little secretary like you? She laughed at herself.

But why was it that she couldn't help but think of him in her heart?

She shook her head, forcing herself not to think about it.

After about an hour, Gu Leeqing heard some noise coming from outside the door and walked out of the meeting room with a smile on her face. Gu Yuwei immediately went up to greet her and followed behind her.

"I'll report to Secretary Zhao later. Wait for me in my room …" Gu Leeqing said softly.

Gu Yuwei nodded, but her heart was thumping hard!

Was she going to face him alone again? She actually had a strong sense of anticipation! However, there was also an indescribable fear!

Gu Yuwei sat in her room, waiting. Her hand gripped her mobile phone tightly, and she couldn't help but feel nervous.

Thinking of that night when she had danced with him, and that kiss when they parted, a strange feeling welled up in her heart once again …

All sorts of thoughts were swirling in her mind …

Just as she was feeling so uneasy, her cell phone rang.

A message came in. It was from Gu Leeqing: Come to Secretary Zhao's room quickly...

It was just a few simple words, but Gu Yuwei felt as if her whole body had been electrocuted. Blood rushed to her brain in an instant, and her face instantly turned hot!

She opened the door and looked around the alley. After making sure that there was no one around, she quickly walked towards Zhao Muchen's room.

She had just raised her hand to knock on the door when the door opened and Gu Leeqing appeared.

"Yuwei, it's great that you're here. Go and make a cup of tea for Secretary Zhao, I'm going to pick up a call …" Gu Leeqing winked at her.

Gu Yuwei replied softly, "Alright …"

When she walked in, Gu Leeqing took her cell phone and walked out of the room. As she walked out, she closed the door behind her.

Gu Yuwei's heart skipped a beat when she heard the sound of the door being locked! His body seemed to be shaking!

Stepping on the soft carpet, she almost soundlessly arrived in front of Zhao Muchen.

Zhao Muchen was the only person in the room. He was drinking tea with a cup of tea. When he saw her walk in, a bright smile immediately appeared on his face.

"Yuwei, come, sit …" Zhao Muchen said with a smile and patted the spot beside him.

Gu Yuwei hesitated for a moment before walking over and sitting beside him. However, she didn't dare to get too close to him …

"Let me make you some tea …" Gu Yuwei's heart was beating wildly.

How could there be such a feeling? Even she herself could not understand it!

Zhao Muchen looked at her with a smile and said, "Little girl, how was your job these days? Is it going to be hard? "

Hearing him say "little girl" again, her heart was filled with a strange feeling …

"It's pretty good..." She lowered her head, afraid to look at him.

"Hehe …" He stretched out his hand and caressed her hair lovingly, "If you have any difficulties or thoughts, you can tell me. Don't forget, I'm your 'King Zhao' …"

Gu Yuwei raised her head and gathered up her courage to look at him. However, she was unable to say a single word.

"Little girl, what's wrong?" He asked as he looked at her.

"It's nothing..." The tip of her nose was actually a little sore, and she felt like crying.

"Heh …" "What a foolish child …" He put down the cup and took her naturally in his arms.

"King Zhao …" Lying on his chest, listening to his powerful heartbeat, she finally couldn't help but call out to him.

"Um... "Little girl …" He hugged her tightly, pressing his chin against her hair, "Do you want to think about King Zhao?"

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