Yes, He is My Beloved/C4 Long-awaited Sweetness
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Yes, He is My Beloved/C4 Long-awaited Sweetness
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C4 Long-awaited Sweetness

She pursed her lips and nodded, but tears flowed down her cheeks.

"What's wrong …" "My little girl …" He lifted her chin and looked at her lovingly. "Who bullied you?"

She shook her head, but her eyes were misty with tears.

"Little fool, then why are you crying?" He scratched her nose and smiled.

She didn't dare to say it, nor could she explain why she was crying … He just felt sore in his heart and had an urge to cry.

"Do you really miss King Zhao?" he asked, looking into her eyes.

She nodded again.

"Little girl …" He held her more tightly, his breathing becoming ragged.

Without any hesitation or suspense, he lowered his head and forcefully kissed her lips …

Oh... A soft mutter came from her throat. She wanted to refuse, but her body had already softly sunk into his embrace …

Instinctively, she closed her eyes and welcomed his fiery kiss …

His tongue went straight into her mouth almost tyrannically.

He sucked her tongue, her lips. He could feel the sweetness in her mouth. This feeling was too beautiful, too intoxicating … It had been a very long time since he had such a feeling!

A long-missed sweetness.

"Little girl …" He caressed her face and shouted in heartache, "Do you know why you would think of King Zhao? Because King Zhao is also thinking about you... "I really want to …"

She looked at him incredulously. Really?

"Really! King Zhao has been thinking about you these past few days … "Is that strange?" he said, holding her earlobe.

"Hmm …" She nodded.

"Hehe, little fool …" He would laugh heartily and suck her lips again.

"I thought. "You will never think of that little girl again …" she gasped, her chest heaving.

"No, I can't forget my little girl …" He lowered his head and rubbed the high bridge of his nose against her small nose. "What about you?"

She closed her eyes, afraid to answer.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, "Boss …"

It was Zhao Muchen's secretary, Zhong.

Zhao Muchen still ignored him … Keep kissing her.

At this moment, the phone in Gu Yuwei's bag rang …

Gu Yuwei's body froze, obviously stiff …

"Answer it, pick up the phone …" he said, releasing his grip on her.

She hesitated for a moment, then picked up her cell phone and opened it. It was Gu Leeqing's.

Just as she was about to answer, the phone hung up.

Then, he heard someone knocking on the door again.

Gu Yuwei looked at Zhao Muchen in fear, only to see him stroking his hair with both hands before smiling and saying: "Go, go open the door …"

Gu Yuwei calmed herself down, tidied up her clothes, stood up and walked to the door.

Just when her steps moved past the tea table, Zhao Muchen stood up, grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms again.

"Girl, when you have time, come to Chang City. Remember to call King Zhao. I'll give you this number …" He pressed a piece of paper into her hand, then kissed her again.

She pressed herself against his chest, feeling his fast heartbeat, his rapid breathing.

"Hmm …" She nodded.

Then he put the note in his bag.

"Go on …" "Open the door …"

He let go of his hands and sat back down on the sofa. He picked up the cup of tea and slowly sipped on it.

Gu Yuwei opened the door and saw Gu Leeqing standing there. Next to her was Zhao Muchen's secretary, Zhong.

The moment Gu Leeqing saw her, she smiled and walked in naturally. "Yuwei, have you finished making the tea?"

"Um... "Alright..." Gu Yuwei replied, but she didn't dare to look at her, much less Zhong, who was standing beside her.

Her face was hot and her heart was pounding.

Gu Leeqing immediately dashed into the room, turned around and smiled at Zhong, closing the door behind her.

"Secretary Zhao, I need to return to Chunjiang. The meeting gave us a lot of shock and inspiration, and when I go back, I will definitely learn from Fu He to completely improve the hygienic condition of Chunjiang …" Gu Leeqing walked in and said to Zhao Muchen.

"Alright …" Zhao Muchen nodded and said, "This is not a small problem, you must pay attention to it. This is the main purpose of this meeting today... Go ahead, when the time comes, the Group will organize inspection teams to go to different regions, and I believe that Chunjiang can set a good example for other regions … "

After he finished speaking, his gaze once again stopped at Gu Yuwei.

"Alright, then we'll take our leave first..." Gu Leeqing said with a smile.

Zhao Muchen nodded.

Tonight, he would also return to the Chang City, and at night, there was still an important meeting there that he was the host of.

If that wasn't the case, he would have stayed here for the night.

That night at the Chunjiang, how wonderful! Thinking about it now, Zhao Muchen could feel his heart beating faster.

He felt that he had truly fallen for Gu Yuwei! It made him feel suddenly young and full of passion.

Even after they got into the car, Gu Yuwei still hadn't come out from the earlier scene.

Returning to the Chunjiang, Gu Yuwei's work and life returned to its original trajectory.

One day, Gu Leeqing called her to her and said, "Yuwei, I recommended you to the higher-ups so that you could go up the stairs. Under normal circumstances, this should not be a problem. You've gone to train at the grassroots level, and have been by my side for quite some time now. Taking advantage of your youth and seizing the opportunity, your future development potential is great! "

"Thank you elder sister!" Gu Yuwei said calmly.

In fact, she had never thought that she would be leaving Gu Leeqing so soon to take responsibility for herself.

She had never expected to be a leader. She had even suspected that she did not have the ability to be one at all. She felt that she knew almost nothing and had never run any relationships.

In the dead of night, she would think of Zhao Muchen.

"Girl, when you're free, call King Zhao at Chang City. This number is for you … "Remember, a person..."

Zhao Muchen's words would always inadvertently ring in her ears.

On the weekend, she happened to be going to Chang City, to attend a university student's wedding.

After the lively wedding, she found the slip of paper in the far corner of the bag. It said the number she had never called.

After hesitating for a moment, she dialed.

However, the other party's message was that the number you dialed could not be reached for the time being …

Unable to connect … She was suddenly extremely disappointed.

Maybe he rarely used this number? Perhaps he had given her the cell phone number, which she barely knew how to use, on the spur of the moment?

His cell phone was usually in the hands of his secretary. The number he gave her must have been personally used by him, and was only known to a few of the most reliable people.

But why couldn't he get through?

With a deep sense of loss, Gu Yuwei blankly arrived at the train station and took the train back to Long River.

This was the first time she had called him, she thought, and the last.

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