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C5 His Call

When she got home in the evening, Gu Yuwei locked herself in her room. The endless darkness was accompanied by the pain and loneliness, making her feel as if she had been abandoned by the world. She felt at a loss and helpless.

In the darkness, she lay on the bed with her eyes wide open. The scenes of Wang Cheng and Zhao Muchen kept appearing in her mind.

Especially the night when she and Zhao Muchen first met alone. He hugged her and they danced together …

He was so tall and strong, she was so small and delicate, and she stood with him, so contrasting.

He put his arm around her waist, and she put her hands on his shoulders. Then she began to move slowly with the music.

She followed his rhythm, turning slowly.

Actually, it's not like dancing, it's more like. He was strolling around the room.

All of a sudden, he used his strength to lift her petite body from behind, causing her to be suspended in midair … She couldn't help but wrap her arms around his neck, pressing her body even tighter against his …

He lowered her gently so that her bare feet rested on his.

Her little feet were so soft that they itched when she stepped on them …

He moved slowly, and she moved with him, so that their pace was exactly the same.

"Little girl …" He shouted softly into her ear, then cupped her face and said, "Don't be afraid, King Zhao said he won't hurt you, he won't …"

She looked at him incredulously, her eyes full of suspicion. Really?

"It's true!" He looked at her and nodded. "Go back to your room! "Have a good night's sleep..."

"King Zhao …" She caught his gaze and looked at him incredulously.

"Go back, I don't want to disappoint my little girl …" "Go ahead..."

He looked at her so longingly.

That kind of gaze had been etched clearly into her mind up till now. Every time she thought about it, there was an indescribable feeling.

Her cell phone rang while she was daydreaming.

Without turning on the light, she pressed the answer button to her ear.

"Hello, how are you …" She habitually said, "... "Excuse me …"

There was a silence.

She frowned, thinking that she had called the wrong number, but just as she was about to hang up …

A familiar yet foreign voice could be heard, "Girl..."

Ah!" Her heart instantly trembled!

It was him! How could it be him?

In an instant, she couldn't help but burst into tears …

"Girl... "Where are you?" he asked.

"Home …" She replied weakly, but her voice was filled with tears.

"What's wrong, girl?" He recognized the strangeness in her voice. "What's wrong?"

"No... "Nothing much..." She covered her mouth, but couldn't keep the sobs out of her voice.

"Did you come over to Chang City in the afternoon?"


"I was in a meeting this afternoon. The day after tomorrow, at the Green Coral Resort, there will be a meeting of the group leaders at all levels, and you will come with Gu Leeqing — I want to see you too, lass, "he said.

"But this meeting doesn't include secretaries," Gu Yuwei said.

"She'll bring you here." Zhao Muchen said with a smile.

"This …" Gu Yuwei was momentarily embarrassed, her heart thumping wildly.

"silly girl," Zhao Muchen knew what she was thinking about and said while smiling, "Did you have business with Chang City today?"

"Hmm... attending a classmate's wedding..." Gu Yuwei said.

"That's a good thing! You should be happy, why does your voice sound like you're crying? " Zhao Muchen asked in confusion.

"No …" Gu Yuwei replied weakly. How could she tell him that she thought of Wang Cheng? This was the eternal pain in her heart!

"Be happy, girl, and don't always be so wronged by yourself," he said with concern. "Come by me the day after tomorrow, I'll take you out and have fun."

"Going out to relax?" Gu Yuwei thought incredulously, between the two of them, can they go out and relax?

"Is this okay?" she asked weakly, unable to believe it.

"Haha, of course. "We're not going far. Let's find a quiet and good place to chat. What do you think?" He smiled.

Gu Yuwei's fearful expression when she was in his arms reminded him of that night. This little girl had caused him to feel endless pity for her.

For the other women, they couldn't wait to get their hands on him. Why did it seem so timid and fearful to her? She was indeed an untainted little girl.

She did not answer.

She didn't know what sort of place he was going to find a quiet place to chat, but what kind of place was this? Was it his room again?

The last two times they had met, she had been filled with apprehension, but it had been difficult for her to suppress her emotions.

Of course she knew his desire for her.

The ultimate goal of a man who was so attached to a woman was to obtain her. Such noble and pure love existed only in fairy tales.

Furthermore, Zhao Muchen was a leader with a lot of power. It wasn't difficult for him to get a woman.

It was strange to think that she would have to face him alone again, and she was both nervous and expectant at the same time.

Her intuition told her that Zhao Muchen liked her. But this liking, with a very clear purpose, is to want her, to want to possess her.

Although she knew that he had such a clear goal, she did not hate him! It was not as if he was a thousand miles away! On the contrary, she had a strange expectation of him, and even a liking for him.

Yes, she had a natural favorable impression of this tall, handsome, and refined man.

He was also a very good man, apart from his power jacket.

And he gave her a sense of security. Especially when she was in his arms. That feeling of steadiness made her feel so beautiful …

His extremely magnetic voice, his curved eyes when laughing, the slightly upturned mouth, and his large nose were all so unforgettable to her …

And his crazy predatory kiss, each time overwhelming her, lost in his surging passion. She kissed him twice. Unknowingly, her heart had been stolen away by him …

"Little girl …" His voice rang out again, "Why aren't you speaking?" "Don't you want to?"

"No-no--" she whispered.

She wanted to see him, and there was a strong desire in her heart for his embrace, for the feeling he gave her.

"Heh heh... silly girl..." He laughed. "It's getting late, go to sleep. When you wake up, you'll be in a good mood!"

"Yes," she nodded.

She didn't like herself to be always so sad, but when she thought of Wang Cheng, she felt as if her soul had been pulled out of her body, causing her heart to ache unconsciously.

It was as if Wang Cheng was waiting for her in that distant heaven.

She even thought of leaving with Wang Cheng. That way, she wouldn't have to suffer so much!

"Girl -- I have a phone call in, that's all. "Be happier, smile and say good night to King Zhao!" "No," he said.

Although they were separated by time, she still pursed her lips and forced a smile, "King Zhao, good night!"

"Heh heh – good night, girl!" He hung up the phone.

In the darkness, she held her cell phone, unable to calm down for a long time.

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