Yes, He is My Beloved/C7 Get out of the Mud and Keep It Clean
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Yes, He is My Beloved/C7 Get out of the Mud and Keep It Clean
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C7 Get out of the Mud and Keep It Clean

Gu Yuwei mocked herself in her heart, forcing herself to come back to the present as she listened attentively to Zhao Muchen's speech.

However, her thoughts were always floating, and her soul always out of her body, to the point that she almost didn't hear what Zhao Muchen had said at the scene!

After almost two hours of speech, Zhao Muchen's humorous words had attracted bursts of applause and laughter from the audience. Gu Yuwei also clapped and laughed along with Zhao Muchen. However, what remained in her mind was still the image of King Zhao alone with her!

After Zhao Muchen finished, everyone split up into groups to discuss.

Gu Yuwei had no right to participate in the discussion. She took out her notebook and started recording. An afternoon passed just like that.

After dinner, Gu Yuwei followed Gu Leeqing out for a walk.

When he first went out, he met a lot of leaders. They walked in groups of twos and threes, laughing and talking.

Green corals were everywhere, birds chirping and flowers fragrant, the breeze was cool, it was like a paradise on earth.

Walking in such a place, his mood was especially relaxed and comfortable.

At the beginning, Gu Leeqing and the other leaders were walking together, casually chatting as they walked.

After walking for a while, Gu Leeqing brought Gu Yuwei to a quiet flower path. It was in a completely different direction from the others.

This was a cobblestone path through the forest, and the camphor trees on both sides of the path were slender and graceful. There were all types of flowers and plants planted on both sides of the path.

To the west, the setting sun shone with a brilliant orange glow. It fell through the branches of the trees to land on the ground, speckling the ground. It was a completely different situation.

Gu Yuwei didn't know where Gu Leeqing was going. Where did this lead to? Why didn't anyone else come this way?

Gu Yuwei wanted to ask but didn't dare to.

To walk, that is to walk as one pleases, the quiet and uninhabited path is more artistic.

After a long walk, Gu Leeqing turned to Lili and smiled. "Yuwei, how did you feel about Secretary Zhao's class today?"

Gu Yuwei was stunned by Gu Leeqing's sudden question.

Because she wasn't listening at all. She was imagining things.

Looking at her expression, Gu Leeqing knew that she must have been distracted and that her mind was elsewhere.

"It's great -- it's wonderful --" Gu Yuwei responded.

"Secretary Zhao is the leader of our Jiang Oil Group, a top student at Hua Qing University. After graduation, he went straight to the Jiang Oil Group Department to work, and everyone who comes into contact with him was attracted by his charisma and talent. Not only is he an artistic speaker, he also writes well. However, he has never written in public... "Gu Leeqing smiled." If anyone has the opportunity to see him write, it must be an extraordinary relationship!

Gu Yuwei nodded. She had heard of this before.

Zhao Muchen had a sense of economy, and since he came, he developed a few large industrial projects using Jiang Oil Group, which gave a huge boost to the economy and construction of Jiang Oil Group.

"Yuwei, have you ever seen Secretary Zhao write before?" Gu Leeqing suddenly asked.

"No, no," Gu Yuwei said immediately.

Gu Leeqing had just said that if anyone had seen him write, it must have been an extraordinary relationship.

Naturally, Gu Yuwei had not reached this extraordinary stage yet.

"Hur hur, there will be opportunities in the future!" Gu Leeqing laughed. "We'll see him in a while."

Gu Yuwei looked at Gu Leeqing in disbelief. This road led to Zhao Muchen's residence?

"This is a rare opportunity, I have to report to Secretary Zhao in private. Secretary Zhao also wants to see you …" Gu Leeqing looked at her and said, "Yuwei, you have to take the initiative in the future. Secretary Zhao is the leader …"

Gu Leeqing stopped midsentence. She believed that Gu Yuwei would understand the meaning behind her words.

Gu Yuwei was indeed a simple girl. She didn't have a complicated way of looking at things, nor did she have a simple way of life, nor did she have a simple way of thinking.

This was also the reason why Zhao Muchen liked Gu Yuwei.

From the point of view of being a secretary, Gu Yuwei was actually not very competent.

However, Gu Leeqing liked people like Gu Yuwei. No scheming, no treachery, no bridge crossing the river, and even more so, no disloyalty.

Gu Yuwei was a bit unblemished.

Hearing Gu Leeqing's words, Gu Yuwei was stunned once again.

Actually, she preferred to see Zhao Muchen alone rather than having Gu Leeqing take him every time.

She didn't like the feeling.

Although her "fate" with Zhao Muchen came from Gu Leeqing's "connection", once this relationship was established, it would be up to the person concerned to develop it.

Gu Yuwei thought Zhao Muchen would send her a message or call and ask her to wait for him somewhere.

But he still hadn't contacted her.

Logically speaking, she should have been more active. Was it a special honor to be able to receive the favor of such an outstanding man?

This was probably something many women dreamed of in Jiang Oil Group, right?

But sometimes she felt she shouldn't.

What was this? Attachment of nobility? Find a backer?

Lee Jiaojiao's words to her rang in his ears once more: Yuwei, you have to learn to use your resources well and find a backer …

However, she relied on him from the bottom of her heart. It was an emotional need that had nothing to do with his power.

She had never thought of finding him as her backer, never thought of using him to ascend to the next rank!

He turned the corner and saw a hill. At the foot of the hill was a single European villa with a very striking white exterior, especially in the green sea. There was a large pool outside the house, and it was very beautiful.

On the side of the house was a winding path leading up to the top of the hill.

Could it be that King Zhao lives here?

Gu Yuwei suddenly realized that this extremely luxurious villa was meant for the highest authority to live in.

As expected, the moment the two of them walked near the mansion, Zhao Muchen walked out from inside with a smile.

His clothes were casual: a light blue cotton casual suit, a pair of black canvas shoes.

"Good morning, Secretary Zhao!" Gu Leeqing immediately went up to greet Zhao Muchen.

"Hello, Leeqing!" Zhao Muchen said happily, "The air in the mountain is just to feed people. Coming here, I feel extremely relaxed. You beauties have become more beautiful since you came here!"

"Yes, the environment here is really great! "Since you're here, you don't want to leave..." Gu Leeqing said immediately. Then she bent over and deliberately pushed Gu Yuwei in front of Zhao Muchen.

"Zhao — the secretary —" Gu Yuwei looked up at him and called weakly, her heart starting to beat faster.

Now, it seemed that whenever she saw him, her heart would beat faster.

Gu Yuwei felt that she was too useless! Why can't he control his emotions well?

"Yuwei, hello!" Zhao Muchen looked at Gu Yuwei and smiled. She felt that the little girl before her had become even more beautiful.

In this natural green oxygen bar, the women's skin was especially moist, making them look like they were full of water. Moreover, she was a natural born beauty, and was as pure and tender as a lotus flower that had just emerged from the water.

He reached out his hand naturally to stroke Gu Yuwei's straight, soft hair, to show his affection for her.

He immediately thought of Gu Leeqing at his side, and extended his hand to shake hands with Gu Yuwei.

However, Gu Yuwei could not react at all. She stood there, frozen in place!

Gu Leeqing touched her and only then did she react. She reached out her hand to grab Zhao Muchen's big hand …

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