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It was a dark night, in the northwest corner of the mountain, a newly built building was dark in the dark, this was the newly built high-grade office building of the New Universe Real Estate Company, as it had just been built and hadn't been rented yet, so in the dark only the ground floor and second floor had lights, the rest were all in darkness.

In the quiet, empty hall, the emptiness gave off a strange feeling. In front of the screen wall in the front of the hall, two lifeless security guards sat at the reception desk, staring blankly at the door in front of them. It was dark outside the gate, and one could vaguely see a circular fake rock mountain fountain outside the building.

Behind them, on the white wall, the words "New Universe Building" were printed in gold and gold. Behind the wall was an empty lobby and empty shops. To the east, two hands supported an elevator up to the second floor. The entire second and third floors were empty shops. Some were already in the process of being renovated, but only in the daytime.

The north elevator door opened on its own with a swoosh, and two security guards in blue uniforms came out, both with flashlights and walkie-talkies hanging from their waists. One was around 30 years old, with a small mustache and a moderate build. Another young man in his twenties was tall and thin.

"How is it? Ah Long, how do you feel about the third day of patrolling? " asked the man with the mustache.

"Brother Lin, it's nothing!" However, when I was on the sixteenth floor, I had the feeling that someone was watching me from behind, but every time I looked back, I couldn't see anyone. It was strange, it had been like this for three days already, on the sixteenth floor! "Could it be that …" Aaron said.

"Hahaha!" Brother Lin laughed out loud. "It's like this, young man. You will be suspicious after just getting on the night shift, and after a few days you will get used to it. At that time, you will turn black and white, and others will think that you have seen a ghost!" Who the hell would think that they are the same kind! "

The two chatted as they walked 20 meters across the smooth floor of the lobby. They came to the white wall which was like a screen. They turned the white wall and went to the reception desk. They greeted the two security guards who were sitting in front of the counter.

"Hey!" "Ah Cheng, Ah Ming, sit here and don't you see anything shocking!" Brother Lin placed the flashlight on the stage and said with a smile.

"Not even a fucking shadow, but I'm afraid we'll be busy when those companies move in a few months from now!" The fat and fat security guard sitting on the stage laughed. He was about 40 years old, had a round, pouting face with a pair of tiny pig eyes, and looked serious. His blue security uniform had the word "Security Zhang Cheng" written on it. The other was around thirty years old and had a moderate build. He had a pair of big black eyes, but for some reason, his eyes emitted a hint of melancholy. The badge on his corset said "Security Sima Ming.

"Busy your head!" How brainless! If you want to rent a place here, this boss must be a retard or has been tricked by Master Feng Shui! " Brother Lin put down his flashlight and stood on the stage. He impatiently went to the water dispenser beside the counter, picked up a paper cup, pressed the water heater switch, and poured black coffee.

"However, I've heard that the Chief Executive Office has suggested setting up some toy industrial port in the Great Misty Mountain. At that time, there might be a lot of bosses who will come here to open factories! "When the time comes, our boss will send him a message that I'm unsure of!" Aaron said.

"Hahaha!" Are you so fucking stupid or are you just thinking on your ass and opening a toy port! Hong Kong has such high manpower that only an extremely stupid person would open a factory here! As far as I'm concerned, just open a super prostitute central port will do! Then I will go to the nightclub to do POWERMEN, do rich women can make a lot of money! I will definitely make things difficult for you then! " "Brother Lin picked up the coffee cup impatiently and drank it." "Security, go to hell with this low-level work!"

"Hahaha!" The other three security guards were all amused by this Lin brother who was speaking nonsense.

"B-B-B" At this moment, the walkie-talkie hanging from Lin Ge's waist started to shout out with a red light.

"It's that old bastard again! "Damn it!" Brother Lin picked up the walkie-talkie and turned the switch. "Rustle, rustle," the voice of an old man came from inside. "Uncle Chen is calling Lin Dashan. Uncle Chen is calling Lin Dashan!"

"Roger that!" What's the matter! " Lin Ge pressed the switch and spoke loudly into the walkie-talkie. Then he put the walkie-talkie to his ear.

"Please go to the underground parking lot with Longzi to check on it immediately. For some reason, my closed-circuit television has turned into a snowflake. I can't see the underground parking lot, so quickly go down and have a look!"

"I got it, I'll go down immediately!"

"Oh right, and find my black cat called Zhou Xing. I don't know where that black cat went, but I can't find it!"

"OK!" "No problem!" Lin brother put the walkie-talkie back on his waist and immediately signaled for Dragon One to leave. The two of them picked up the flashlights and quickly walked towards the elevator corridor.

"Is this Uncle Chen too allergic!?" CCTV sometimes deification is not surprising! " Zhang Cheng said.

"Bro, it's better to be careful. There are a lot of cars down there. If there really is a theft, we'll be fired!" Sima Ming said.

"Ah Ming, what time is it?" Zhang Cheng lowered his head and found that his watch was in a daze.

"Big brother, you've been on duty for two weeks already. Can't you see it?" Sima Ming pointed to the big clock hanging on the wall to his left. It was the middle of the night, two in the morning.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I was too careless and forgot about it!" Zhang Cheng patted his head. In his heart, he was blaming himself for being such a big shrimp!

He looked at his watch again and stopped at twelve o'clock. I already pulled the clockwork last night, why did it stop automatically? This is already the tenth time! "

"Is that true?" Sima Ming picked up Zhang Cheng's watch and looked at it. Could it be that there's something wrong with the chain system inside? "

"I've been to the watchmaker's shop three times, and the master said my watch was all right. It is strange that it always stops automatically at twelve o'clock! " Zhang Cheng said. There was another sentence that he did not say, which was that the watch stopped automatically every time it was on the night shift, which made him feel strangely strange. Ever since he had started working here two weeks ago, he had often felt an inexplicable panic, especially when he went to the toilet in the west corner. Every time he went there, he had the feeling that someone was staring at him from behind, but every time he turned around, he could not see anything. Could it be that Brother Lin said he suffered from neurologic decline?

"Sha sha sha!" The walkie-talkie on their table flashed again. From the sound of the electric current, the security chief of the office on the second floor, Uncle Chen, called out, "Uncle Chen, call Ah Cheng!"

Zhang Cheng picked up the walkie-talkie and pressed it, saying weakly, "Roger that, Uncle Chen!"

"How is it? Is everything in the lobby normal? "

"Normal!" "Uncle Chen!"

"Very good! By the way, watch out for my Zhou Xing, and help me catch him as soon as you see him! It's gone tonight! He's been acting weird these days. He's always running around at night and shouting at the empty elevator, but I can't see him tonight! "When you go to the washroom, help me find it at the locker room. This is an important task for you tonight, do you understand?"

"Roger that! Understood! We will pay attention! " After Zhang Cheng finished speaking, he turned the sound switch back on the walkie-talkie.

Sima Ming smiled, "In Uncle Chen's heart, Zhou Xing is more important than any kind of mission. Humans are truly inferior to cats!"

"This is called having nothing to do after eating your fill!" This old thing is really troublesome! Bringing his treasure here and peeing was annoying! "But it seems like I didn't hear Zhou Xing's call tonight. I used to hear him bawling every night, but he turned into a priestess cat today, didn't he?"

"Ah Cheng, it's quite strange. A few nights ago, I saw Zhou Xing screaming at the empty toy store on the second floor. He was shouting at the empty air as if he was seeing something. Then, he went along the corridor and chased after the elevator as if he was chasing something that couldn't be seen!" Sima Ming said. " It's really strange! "

"Could it be that Zhou Xing is in heat? All those cats that were in heat were calling out, it was so noisy that it could kill people! "

"That's possible! However, Brother Cheng, I heard that the black cat has a special spirituality that allows it to see things that others cannot! " Sima Ming said.

"Enough, enough, brother, let's not talk anymore. If you keep talking, I won't dare to go to work anymore! " Zhang Cheng couldn't help but shout.

"Sooner or later, when he's not around, I'll turn his Zhou Xing into a red-hot old cat and use it as a night spot. A young old cat and dog can strengthen the sun!" Zhang Cheng said proudly.

"This is bad!" "My stomach hurts!" Zhang Cheng stood up and said to Sima Ming, "Amin, you stay here and watch. I'm going to PP." Then he rushed towards the toilet.

Suddenly, Sima Ming was the only one left at the entrance of the main hall. He sat there dumbly like a wooden chicken, the white light shining on his face causing his face to turn deathly pale. Suddenly he felt a strange sensation, as if someone were standing in the doorway, watching him, and he couldn't help but look towards the door.

He could see that the gate had been pulled down, and he could see through the webs that it was dark and empty. There was no one there. However, the mountain water fountain outside the gate seemed to emit a strange aura in the dark night. Under the red road lamps outside, a dark red color appeared, as if it was made of human blood.

As he looked at the scenery outside the iron gate, for some reason, Sima Ming suddenly felt as if the scenery outside the gate suddenly became blurred in his eyes. He couldn't help but feel dizzy, as he involuntarily leaned against the table and fell asleep.

In a daze, he seemed to see a lot of paper money slowly falling like snow in the darkness, paper carts flying past in his eyes in the darkness. And then the sights are gone...

In his daze, he saw an old woman holding a black umbrella walking in the darkness and turning her head towards Sima Ming. Her face became very confused, as if she were Sima Ming's mother, or Sima Ming's primary school teacher. She took the umbrella and ran to Sima Ming's side, waving it and saying in a loud voice, "Ah Ming, it's going to rain heavily, it's going to rain heavily, I want to find an umbrella, I want to find an umbrella!"

"What?" Sima Ming asked in a loud voice. Afterwards, the old woman whose face looked as if she had never seen him before suddenly disappeared, leaving only the black umbrella that automatically flew towards the darkness in the distance … Then it was all gone again.

In a daze, Sima Ming suddenly found himself running home alone on the dark road. Under the dark night, besides the quiet woods on both sides of the road, there was no one else on the road, nor was there a car.

Suddenly, he heard a series of eerie shouts coming from the front, "Ah Ming, Ah Ming, come over here!" "Oh god!" Following the eerie call, there seemed to be a faint white figure waving at him from the fog ahead.

God, it was his elder brother Sima Long's voice. He suddenly remembered that his elder brother Sima Long died on this road three years ago. Died in a van accident.

"Big brother!" Before Sima Ming could finish speaking, with a swoosh, the white figure in the fog in front suddenly disappeared, leaving nothing behind! At the same time, there was a sudden swoosh. On his right, a white figure suddenly ran past him at high speed. The white figure dashed past him, coming to the front of him and running towards the fog …

Oh god, it's big brother Sima Long's figure! That was the back that he recognized the moment he saw her.

"Wait! Brother! "I'm Ah Ming!" As Sima Ming shouted, he also quickly ran up and chased after his big brother … …

"Ming, be careful!" "Ming, be careful!" Sima Long, who died three years ago, said as he ran. Strangely, he kept running without looking back.

"Wait for me, brother, what are you talking about!?" I don't understand. Can you stop for a while? " Sima Ming ran with all his might while shouting, but he discovered that no matter how he ran, he was still three to four meters away from Sima Long. He was unable to catch up, and was unable to see his elder brother's face clearly.

"Sima Ming, you have to be careful. The evil Spiritual Energy is extremely terrifying. You will encounter a bloody disaster within three months. You have to be careful …"

"What bloody disaster!" "Wait for me!" Sima Ming ran as fast as he could while he was getting wet from his older brother's words.

"You have to be careful, you have to be careful, little brother …" The big brother who died in a car accident three years ago suddenly ran faster and faster, leaving Sima Ming behind. Sima Ming used all his strength to run crazily, but the distance between him and Sima Ming became bigger and bigger. Forty meters … Finally, his dead brother ran further and further away from him, turning into a small white dot in the fog of the road, and finally disappearing into the white fog of the road.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of a huge river bursting through a dike behind him. He couldn't help but turn his head to look, oh my god, it was a big puddle of human blood splashing with huge white snowflakes. It came straight at him along the road like a flood …

"No!" Sima Ming shouted in a weird voice as he wanted to run, but strangely, his legs felt like they were going to go limp, he couldn't move. "No!" Sima Ming wanted to run, but strangely, his legs felt like they were going to go limp, so he couldn't run.

"Ah!" Sima Ming screamed as he opened his eyes, standing straight up from his seat. Oh my god, he was standing upright on the desk in front of the reception desk, it turned out that he had just had a nightmare. He realized that his whole body was drenched in cold sweat.

"Peng!" Before Sima Ming could even stand up, a hand suddenly patted his shoulder, scaring him to the point that Sima Ming let out a scream. He jumped up and quickly turned around to take a look! The person that entered his vision was Zhang Cheng, who had a stupefied expression.

Only then did Sima Ming become calm.

"Ah Ming, what happened!?" Zhang Cheng asked. He had just gone to the toilet when he heard Sima Ming's scream. He thought something had happened and ran over to take a look.

"—!" Sima Ming panted heavily, waving his hand to show that he had yet to recover his senses. At the same time, an expression appeared on his face in front of Zhang Cheng.

When Zhang Chengyi saw Sima Ming's face, he immediately screamed and pointed his finger at him, saying in a frightened tone, "A Ming, A Ming, you …" Why is your face so green, there's... "Also … My God, go to the washroom and wash your face!"

Heavens, he actually saw that Sima Ming's face turned green and white. On his deathly pale forehead, there were a few barely discernible lines with the word 'bloody' appearing and disappearing. It was extremely strange! For some reason, a cold, inexplicable fear had overwhelmed him at the sight of this incredible sight.

"Help me look …" "Let's take a look!" With that, Sima Ming hastily ran in the direction of the restroom …

"Ding!" Following the sound of the elevator reaching the ground floor, the elevator's door opened automatically with a "pounce". Lin and Long had already arrived at the underground parking lot with their flashlights. The two of them lazily walked out of the elevator while singing a lecherous chicken song.

What greeted them was an underground parking lot the size of half a football field. Since the new Universe Building was not completely open yet, the security booth was still empty, but the big doors to the parking lot had already been closed. The parking lot was only one-third lit. Under the dim light, dozens of cars were parked neatly in the east parking area of the half-football field.

"It's such a big parking lot and there are only 20 or so cars parked here. What a waste!" They walked through the empty parking lot and reached more than 20 cars on the east side.

It was as silent as a cemetery. The sound of their footsteps echoed in the parking lot was unexplainable, and in the dim white light of the lamps, the more than 20 cars flashed a dizzying light. Suddenly, for some reason, Long Zi felt that these cars were like more than 20 graves. This gave him a strange sense of unease.

Long Zi took a deep breath and came to the front of a black BMW. He touched the smooth front of the BMW and said, "Brother Lin, I heard that most of the cars here belong to Boss Wan!"

"Of course, boy, who told us to be poor! Buying a car would take a lot of effort, so accept your fate! "Kid!" Brother Lin said in a bad mood. Then, he and Long Zhe walked into the crowd of cars and circled them. After counting, they didn't miss a single one.

At this time, Brother Lin snappily turned on his walkie-talkie, "Brother Lin is calling Uncle Chen!"

"Roger that!"

"Everything in the underground parking lot is normal!"

"Very good! See if there are any of my stars! Take a closer look! Don't forget to check out the toolshed and electrical room on the west side of the parking lot.

"OK!" Lin Ge snappily replied and then turned off the walkie-talkie.

"Is there something wrong with that old bastard!?" Think we're his babysitters! to serve his cat! " The dragon was displeased.

"Ignore that Zhou Xing of his. Let's go!" With that said, Lin Ge turned around and walked towards the elevator with Long Zai.

Just as he was about to walk back, suddenly, for some reason, he felt a strange chill in his back. Instinctively, he felt something glaring at him from behind.

He could not help turning back to look, and it was the black BMW that caught his eye, and for some reason, in the dim white light, it seemed to him instinctively that the car was staring at him as if it had a life of its own, and at the same time, a strange feeling of faintness rushed to his head, and he could not help but feel the car turn blurry in his sight, and he closed his eyes and took a few steps back.

"Dragon cub!" Are you crazy! "What's wrong with you!" Brother Lin could not help but ask.

"Nothing! Nothing! It's just dizziness! " For some reason, Longtou instinctively spoke his true feelings. He turned around and walked quickly towards the elevator.

"Don't go to work if you're dizzy. Sleep a lot at home! "Fool!" Brother Lin chased after him in a bad mood.

In reality, though, Dragon One was not wrong. In the empty interior of the black BMW, a person could not see the terrifying creature sitting in the driver's seat, and could only stare fiercely at the two figures as they slowly disappeared into the distance.

When Long Zi and Brother Lin got on the elevator and the elevator door closed, "Pu", the headlights of the empty black BMW mysteriously lit up automatically, shooting out two dim yellow beams of light. In the dark parking lot, they looked like two giant eyes.

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