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After rushing to the washroom, Sima Ming hurriedly turned on the faucet, hastily washed his face with water. Then, he raised his head in front of the face wash tray and looked into the mirror on the tray.

God, what he saw was his pale blue face, and his dark lips, as if he were a dead man in a funeral home. There were two large black circles under his eyes, and what was more strange was that he seemed to see a few faint "Help me!" A few blood words.

Before Sima Ming could calm his mind down to take a closer look, the blood characters had already disappeared, "Illusion!" "Illusion!" Sima Ming mumbled to himself before lowering his head. He once again washed his face with water, but his face was still as pale as before.

"Sha sha", the walkie-talkie on his waist started flashing red light amidst the electric currents. It was obvious that someone was at CALL again. Sima Ming quickly took out his walkie-talkie, turned it on and asked, "I do have Ming. What's the matter?" "Uncle Chen!"

"Hey!" Ah Ming, did you help me find my son, Zhou Xing? I'm busy playing mahjong! There's no time to come down! " It was Uncle Chen's voice again. Accompanied by a series of "pat" sounds, Mahjong was finally back.

"SORRY, Uncle Chen, I forgot about that!"

"What!?" Did I make a mistake? I forgot! Where is your sense of duty? I'm so fucking not serious, go find my Zhou Xing! "Oh right, let's go to your on-duty locker room to take a look!"

"Got it, Uncle Chen, I'll go to the locker room now to take a look!" After Sima Ming finished speaking, he hastily left the washroom and ran towards the locker room to the south.

As Sima Ming walked across the cold, smooth floor of the main hall for more than twenty meters, he turned left and entered a dark, quiet corridor. All of a sudden, his entire person sank into darkness, he took out the flashlight he wore on his belt, turned on the flashlight in his hand, and immediately a sinister, dim yellow light beam shone from the dark sky. The light beam passed through the dark sky, and reflected off the wall was a cold and abrupt halo of light.

He stopped, shone his light around, and found that he could not see anything.

He walked on, and soon he was ten meters down the corridor to the door of the locker room at the end. For some reason, the door of the locker room, lit by the dim light of the flashlight, made him feel dizzy and strange, as if the door were reflecting a light that made him uncomfortable.

With a bang, he opened the door of the locker room. He pressed a button on the electric light beside him, and with a "ding" sound, the entire locker room lit up. The four one-hundred-fire tubes of light illuminated the originally dark locker room until it was as bright as day.

But there was nothing in the locker room. Under the lights, it was empty and empty. He passed through three rows of closets and came to the end and saw that it was still an empty hall and cold rows of doors.

"Not even a shadow!" What week's stars! Something's wrong! " After muttering to himself, Sima Ming turned around and was about to leave when he suddenly heard a swooshing sound. The four light tubes in the locker room suddenly went out by themselves, drowning the entire locker room in a terrifying darkness.

Before Sima Ming could recover his wits, the four light tubes automatically lit up again and brought the locker room back into the light.

"What's going on?" Sima Ming couldn't help but think that he suddenly had an instinctive feeling that something was wrong, as if something invisible was turning on and off.

Before Sima Ming could go up and see what was going on with the light switch, suddenly, the door of the locker room behind him opened by itself with a poof, and a shadow flew out from the door with a cry. It pounced straight on Sima Ming's back, causing Sima Ming to scream out in fear.

Looking at it made Sima Ming's hair stand on end. Heavens, he saw a bloody cat lying at his feet. Wasn't that Uncle Chen's big black cat Zhou Xing? It turned out that it was the black shadow that had pummeled him earlier.

At this moment, it was lying on the ground, dying in a horrifying manner. Its mouth was wide open, and its entire abdomen was covered in a gaping hole. Bloody intestines and internal organs poured out from its body, making it feel extremely disgusting! A fishy stench came straight at him from the cat's corpse.

Sima Ming couldn't help but vomit all over, taking a few steps back. Suddenly, he felt something, as if someone had walked in behind him. Instinctively, he turned his head to look at the door of the locker room, but other than the empty room and the open outer door, as well as the dark corridor outside, he couldn't see anything.

He turned around, forcefully suppressing his disgust as he opened the walkie-talkie in his hand. Unfortunately, he didn't notice that behind him, there was a slight gust of cold wind blowing out from the room. In the midst of the cold wind, a terrifying demon spirit looked at Sima Ming and flew into the dark corridor.

"You! Who did it? Who did it?! " Uncle Chen stood fiercely in the second floor's duty room. In front of him were Zhang Cheng, Sima Ming, Lin Ge, Long Zhe, and the other three security guards, Li Qing, Wang Shuanning, and Wei Qiming, who were playing mahjong with him. Behind them, there was a mahjong platform that was half-way done and a mahjong that was scattered all over the ground. There were dozens of small screens all around the room, but only a dozen were open. From different angles, they showed the underground lobby and some areas on the second and third floors.

Obviously, Uncle Chen had gotten angry just now!

However, the six of them remained silent. Not a single one of them spoke.

"Which one of you is so vicious? Who killed my Zhou Xing, and you even cut open my stomach? How cruel! How heartless, heartless, beast! Beast! Shameful! Too despicable, are you still human? " "Uncle Chen shouted like a madman." Tell me honestly, who did it? "

"I've really never done it before!"

"Zhou Xing is so cute, how can I kill him like this!"

"I didn't!"

The six of them denied it.

"Hey!" They didn't acknowledge him even if they killed him. They were truly rebelling! "It's the opposite!" He turned around, thought for a moment, and then turned back. "You guys are too arrogant, to think that no one would dare admit to killing my Zhou Xing, that's ridiculous!" This month, a quarter of your manpower will be deducted! " He was obviously flustered.

"Hey!" Old man! You're too much! It was only four feet long! You actually want to withhold our manpower, do you think that's f * * king your boss!? " Big Bro Lin, the small mustache man, was also starting to get angry.

"What!?" Old man! "You pig's head, how dare you call me old man!"

"Listen, old man, if you deduct a quarter of my salary, I'll report this to Boss Wan tomorrow morning. He'll decide on the penalty!"

Apparently, Lin Ge knew, according to the rules, the building's Real Estate Management Office couldn't raise cats, because cats were everywhere to pee, and it affected Xigrong.

"Kid!" What do you think you are! His wings had hardened, and he wanted to threaten his father! Let me tell you, the boss's cousin is the son of my brother-in-law's big brother. Uncle Chen was extremely pleased with himself. He tapped Lin Ge's chest with his finger.

"Alright then!" Tell your backer! "Tomorrow, I'll tell Boss Wan what happened tonight!" Brother Lin snappily said, "Don't think that I've just come out of hiding!" He pointed back at Uncle Chen's chest.

"Hahaha!" Uncle Chen's flustered look suddenly turned amiable. "Don't be so nervous?" "Lin Zai!" He even patted Brother Lin's shoulder, "Brother Lin, I was just joking with you!" Hahaha, a joke, a joke! This old man is so good, why would he withhold your manpower? Sima Ming! You take Zhou Xing to the bathroom, dig out all his organs, pluck his fur, wash it, and put it in the refrigerator on the first floor. Tomorrow, when I buy some snakes, we'll go to the stove together and eat the Dragon and Tiger Hot Pot! "Okay!"

"Alright!" Everyone shouted in unison. Uncle Chen kicked the dead cat onto Sima Ming's feet.

Feeling dejected, Sima Ming carried the dead cat towards the restroom …

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