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On that dark night in the countryside, a middle-aged man in a white shirt was walking alone on the dark mountain path. He wore a straw hat on his head, and his face was thin and red, but his eyes were filled with an unusual baleful aura. He was on his way back to his hometown.

A full moon hung in the dark night sky, silver white, cold, its dim moonlight illuminating the undulating forest and grass around it, giving off a reflection like the bones of a dead person. On the grassy slopes of the mountain stood many white, lifeless tombs, looking even more ghastly and terrifying under the moonlight. The sound of owls would occasionally echo in the dark forest, making people's hearts beat faster.

Suddenly, he stopped. He looked around from left to right with a nervous look in his eyes. His right hand automatically formed a lotus hand seal. "There's demonic energy!" he said to himself.

A gust of cold wind blew through the tall grass on the left side of the road.

"Hey!" He sneered. It seemed that some untactful scoundrel had come to challenge him. It was a pity that this demon didn't know that the cultivation experience this man had painstakingly cultivated for ten years in Changbai Mountain was something ordinary Mountain Demons and imps could not match up to.

At the same time, a series of wailing sounds came from the road in the distance. "Ah An, come back. Where did you go?" It was the cry of a woman in her forties or fifties, and then, on a bend of the mountain road ahead, a short, fat village aunt in a tattered linen dress was holding a flashlight and shining it on the grass on either side of her, half the height of a man. She was looking and crying, "Ah An, where are you? Where are you? Hurry up and go home!

The man in white recognized her wrinkled face at a glance. He was his neighbor, Judging Seventh Madame, before he went out to train.

"Judging Seventh Madame, what happened? Why did you come to this desolate mountain in the middle of the night? The man in white rushed forward to ask. At the same time, he also remembered that when he left the village ten years ago, Seventh Madame had a seven-year-old son named Anzu, who was also a mischievous mischievous kid. He would often dump feces in front of the houses and throw firecrackers at animals like cats and dogs, but he was still a child after all.

At the same time, he also felt that it was strange that Jie Qi Niang would come to this infamous Ghost Tomb Valley in the middle of the night. This was a place where no one in the village dared to come in the middle of the night.

"You … You are... "Who?" Seventh Madame looked at the man in white with suspicion. Under the moonlight, the man's face was dark and white, which made her feel cold and uncomfortable. However, for some reason, this man's face was very familiar to her.

"I'm Doctor Yuan!" The man in white couldn't help but laugh as he spoke.

"Oh!" Only then did Judging Seventh Madame wake up as if from a dream. It turned out to be the barefoot doctor who had gone missing for nearly ten years, Yuan Zhenyi. No wonder his face was so familiar! Her father's two serious illnesses more than a decade ago were both saved by the doctor.

"Doctor Yuan! "Wuwuwu!" "My house …"

"Did something happen to Anyi?" When Yuan Tian saw the agitated Qi Niang speaking incoherently, he quickly took the initiative to use a heavy voice to ask her questions. At the same time, he had an inexplicable feeling in his heart that a terrible thing must have happened to A'An, an incredibly terrifying thing!

"That's right!" It must be something that I did in my previous life! You have to help me! "Doctor Yuan!"

"What happened?"

"Ever since Anzi grew up, he had already become obedient. But for some reason, half a year ago, some strange things happened. He really met evil! Doctor Yuan, you must save my son! "

"Don't panic. Seventh Madame, what is it? Tell me slowly!" I will definitely help you! "

Half a year ago, he and a few friends went to the county to deliver their goods in the middle of the night. On the way, he suddenly fainted for no reason.


"After he woke up, he became extremely weird. He constantly talked about dreams, and dreamed that some great deity in green had come to find him. Afterwards, he would often be alone in his room at night, speaking to the air in a mysterious manner! Two or three months ago, when things began to get worse, he used to get up in his sleep and go out to the cemetery alone in the middle of the night when no one was around, and he didn't even know my mother! He often laughed wildly by the lake in the middle of the night, saying that some great deity in green was teaching him spells! But I can't see anything! "

"The azure-robed great deity?"

"I don't know, Doctor Yuan! But he had started eating cockroaches and rats a month ago, and often, for no apparent reason, had come out of the window late at night and wandered off somewhere in the night! I often went missing for a few days before I returned home, but I didn't even know where I went. Just now, I accidentally let him out of the window again, and only saw him walking towards the direction of the Ghastly Puppet Canyon. My god, I don't even know where he went, this Ghastly Puppet Canyon is really weird! Doctor Yuan, I only have this one son. What should I do?! "What a sin!"

"Don't be nervous, Seventh Madame. In my opinion, your son must be possessed by some great deity in green clothes!"

"I also guessed that three months ago, I invited a mage to my house to cook. After finishing the work, my son was still asleep, but that mage claimed he had settled a perverted youth, and even took two hundred yuan from me. However, the day after he left, my son went crazy again, and it was completely useless!"

"Aunt, in the modern world, there are many fake mages that lie to you. However, you don't have to be afraid, I'll help you find your son right now!" After Yuan Tian finished speaking, he took out a box with a compass from the bag he was carrying.

"Divine Soldier, listen up!" "Open!" Along with Yuan Tian's anxious secret spell, the lid of the box in his hand actually opened by itself with a pa sound. A red and green paper image of a Daoist automatically bounced up from the flat surface of the box and stood about 20 centimeters tall. With one finger of his left hand pointing forward, it gave off a reflection that caused one's heart to beat inexplicably!

In his right hand was the compass case with the paper Taoist priest on it. His left hand was making a hand seal with a snowflake, and he was hurriedly chanting an incantation.

"This image is named Heavenly Master Daozi, this seal is the Ghost Chaser Imprint, the Unstoppable Hell, the Ghost Subduing Yin Division, ask the Gods to imprint it, even Baba!" "Rise …"

In the blink of an eye, as the secret curse filled with Yuan Tian's true energy dispersed into the surrounding darkness, the surrounding dense jungle suddenly blew up waves of cold wind that came from all directions. Under the moonlight, it was as if it was a gigantic white ocean! He started to tremble as if he had already felt the power of the Primordial Dharmic Incantation.

Yuan Tian also began chanting the secret Chasing Ghost Curse in a hurry before taking a step up and raising his foot high into the air. He then shouted out loud in a hurry, "Please!" And then, he forcefully stomped on the ground.

With a "shua" sound, the paper Taoist on the compass unexpectedly exploded into a cloud of white smoke. After the white smoke passed, with a "shua" sound, the Taoist actually started to spin on his own, as if he had a life of his own, and with a "shua" sound, he came to a stop in the northwest direction.

"Your son is in the northwest!" Yuan Tian settled his words. At the same time, he did not know why, but his heart suddenly started beating rapidly. He instinctively felt an inexplicable sense of nervousness rushing over.

At the same time, he extended his left hand into his pants and took out a white paper crane. Then, he hurriedly chanted another spell, "Holy Spirit, Earth Spirit, please ask the Six-Shelled Godly General to fly into the sky and chase the evil spirits. Hurry up!"

With a "Arise" sound, the white crane flashed a blinding white light. After the white light faded, the crane flew into the air as if it had a life of its own, flapping its wings as it flew towards the dense forest in the northwest direction.

Judging Seventh Madame stared with her mouth agape, "How did this paper bird fly on its own?"

"Quick, Seventh Madame, we have to follow it quickly. It will take us to the place where your son is hiding. "You must listen to my instructions and not act rashly!

"What is going on?" Seventh Madame was obviously scared stiff.

"Hurry up!" At the same time, he held onto the compass and with his other hand, he grabbed Ji Seventh Madame's flashlight. He then followed the flying paper crane, which was flying at a moderate pace, into the tall grass field in the northwest direction, towards the dense forest.

That paper crane also seemed to have its own intelligence. It flew neither high nor low, just enough for them to see it. Its speed was neither fast nor slow, and it complemented the Yuan Zhen and Seventh Madame behind it.

Because the forest was not only uneven, but also overgrown with weeds, and it was the middle of the night, the graves were not discovered at all. Coupled with the gusts of cold and gloomy mountain wind, the two of them could not help but feel a chill down their spines. They were both out of breath. With the paper crane leading the way, they were able to go up and down, connecting the two hills covered with dense forest cloth, two pieces of forest, a patch of grass, and a large mass of tombs without a leader. They walked for nearly an hour in the northwest direction of the Valley of the Ghost.

A stream suddenly appeared after they had turned a corner. Under the dim white moonlight, they had arrived at the bottom of the valley of the Ghastly Dew Valley, a place where the local villagers would not even dare to come during the day. Rumor has it that ten years ago more than a dozen children disappeared in this area. After that, there were rumors that there were some who were revered during the day, so they were also known as the Ghost Valley.

On the opposite side of the valley was a tall cliff that stood upright. Under the moonlight, it appeared dark and white, reflecting a dark and strange atmosphere. On the left side of the cliff, a waterfall about a meter or two wide fell from a mouth about fifty meters high, and the sound of falling water, like a white chain, poured straight down to the source of the stream. A deep pool the size of half a football field splashed up a white mist, which looked even more eerie in the moonlight. This was the place that was rumored to have lost many children more than a decade ago, known as Ghost Pond!

"Be careful! There is Demonic Qi! " Yuan Tian calmed himself down and looked around, but there was no one around him.

The paper crane flew to a hole in the mountain wall close to the waterfall about thirty meters above the ground. It automatically descended and let out strange sparrow-like cries. Then, it stopped in front of the hole and remained motionless.

Yuan Tian pointed at the hole and said, "Your son is inside. It seems like that whatever great deity in green is an evil spirit, and your son is in the upper body of the evil spirit. He had no choice but to borrow your son's humanoid form to cultivate."

At this moment, under the moonlight at the end of the night, the bottom of the valley, the waterfall, and the Ghost Lake were all the more eerie, terrifying, and quiet!

With a bang, the paper crane that had stopped at the mouth of the cave suddenly burned on its own, turning into a fiery paper crane. The hole was blood-red, and with a gust of wind, it scattered like a rain of ashes, extremely terrifying under the moonlight! It had been discovered by a supernatural force.

"As expected!" Yuan Tian sneered.

"Doctor Yuan! You must save my son! When did you become so powerful? You know cultivation power! "

"For the past ten years, I've been practicing the Eight Demons Subduing Arts with a mysterious person in Changbai Mountain. However, the most important thing now is to save your son!"

"What about the great deity in green that did this to my son?" Is it a female ghost or a fox spirit? "

"We'll know soon!" After Yuan Tian finished speaking, he suddenly shouted, "Divine Weapon, listen up! It's urgent to my hands!" With a "shua" sound, a peach wood sword flew out of his backpack. It spun as it flew into the air and landed on his hand.

Almost at the same time, Yuan Tian bit his middle finger and dripped a few drops of blood on the sword. He then lifted his sword and pointed to the cave beside the waterfall that was over thirty meters away from the ground and shouted, "Insolent monster, you actually dare to violate the laws of the heavens, disturb the human body, and borrow a person's cultivation to cultivate! Hurry up and show me your form! " As soon as he finished speaking, he began chanting and pointed his sword at the entrance of the cave. "Swish!" Following his retraction, a huge boom resounded, and the entrance of the cave seemed to be bombarded by an invisible divine force, exploding a mass of sparks on its own. Dozens of stones of different sizes flew straight to the surrounding cliffs and waterfalls under the blazing fire.

After the explosion, "Aiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhas" suddenly sounded around the surroundings, sounding as if there was an echo from the infant's wails.

At the same time, a long cloud of white smoke poured out of the hole like a waterfall. Under the moonlight of the night, it looked like a dark white ghost bridge!

After the white smoke poured out for more than ten meters, a man in white clothes suddenly appeared on the white smoke. After the white smoke poured out for more than ten meters, a man in white clothes suddenly appeared on the white smoke. Judging Seventh Madame could immediately recognize that the man in white was Andie's face. The difference between them now was that his eyes were flashing with a dazzling green light.

Seventh Madame hurriedly shouted, "Anzi!" Angie! How did you become... "It became like this?"

"Auntie, he's not your son anymore." "You have to be careful, don't fall for such a monstrous trick!"

"Wa, wa, wa!" At the same time, they heard the cry of frogs rising and falling from the grass in all directions. They saw that in the surrounding grass, beside the stream, under the dim moonlight, a group of frogs jumped out. There were thousands of them.

"Hahaha!" As the white smoke gradually dispersed in the air, the inconceivably eerie white robed person that was hovering in the air let out waves of eerie, echoing, hair-raising laughter. He then slowly descended from the air and landed on the grass about ten meters away from Yuan Zhenjun and Qi Niang.

Although she did not see him closely, she could not help but let out a long shriek when she saw him. Oh my god, this disciple's face, which was covered in a strange white robe, had turned into a green and white crisscrossing face. Furthermore, it was extremely smooth.

"Your son has been possessed by a Hundred Year Old Frog King!" After Yuan Tian finished speaking, he pointed at the man in white and said with a stern voice, "Frog demon, I believe you are a cultivator. As long as you are smart and let this guy go, I will spare your life!"

"Hahaha, smelly Daoist, what are you? "How dare you come to my territory and cause trouble!" The green and white face of Andie instantly flashed a green light that turned into a terrifying and intense red light. "I want you to see this great deity's method!" Once he finished, he opened his mouth widely and let out a whooshing sound. A huge blood-red tongue that was more than ten meters long shot out from his mouth, flying through the air and wrapping Yuan Tian up in an instant. Straight up into the dark air.

At the same time, the white-robed Immortal laughed wildly, then let out a devilish voice that echoed in the air. "I want to use you to feed my children! Hahaha!" "Go to hell!" With his voice, there was a loud sound, and the giant tongue wrapped around Yuan Tian, causing his entire body to burn up in an inconceivable way. The devil fire released by the giant tongue instantly enveloped his entire body, turning everything red!

At the same time, the other frogs gathered from all directions also let out a series of "wow wow wow" sounds, seeming very excited!

"The braised beef nose must taste good! "Hahaha!" The evil man in white, Angie, grinned.

"Little tricks! You wish to play with me!" Yuan Tian, who was being set ablaze by the raging flames suddenly laughed coldly. At the same time, the flames on his body mysteriously automatically extinguished, turning into bursts of white smoke that flew away from his body!

At the same time, Yuan Tian suddenly shouted out loud, "Heaven Fire, Thunder, Five Elements Demon Annihilation! Rise! " With a boom, the giant tongue that had wrapped around him automatically exploded. In an instant, it had exploded into countless burning frogs. They let out miserable shrieks as they fell from the sky like rain! The giant tongue was actually formed from dozens of frogs!

Before the white-clothed Andie could react, Yuan Tian shouted at the same time and raised the peach wood sword in his hand, "Rise! "Wear it!" With a swoosh, the peach wood sword flew out of his hand as fast as lightning. It pierced through the dark sky and directly stabbed into the body of the frog demon, Andie.

Bang!" A loud sound was heard, and the white-clothed Andie let out a scream, a demonic white light flashing from its body. After the white light disappeared, a large electrical spark suddenly appeared around Andie, who was stabbed by the peach wood sword. At the same time, Andie let out a terrifying cry!

At this time, something strange happened, the peach wood sword unexpectedly pierced through the body of Andie, who let out a strange cry, it pierced a huge green thing, coming out from Andie's back, passing right behind Andie, it directly flew through the dark sky, with a "Ka Tong" sound, this thing that was stabbed by the peach wood sword directly stabbed into the wall of a hillside ten meters behind Andie, and with a "Hong!", it let out a bright green smoke, and a series of horrifying screams came out from the smoke.

After the green smoke cleared, Yuan Tian took a closer look and saw that the peach wood sword was stabbed by a gigantic frog that was as big as a dog. The giant frog's eyes were flashing red, and the peach wood sword was stabbed into the frog's right upper paw.

At the same time, Yuan Tian also descended from the sky, "So you are the great deity dressed in green!" It turned out that just now, he had used the Peach Wood Sword to use Mao Shan's Five Elements Ambush Technique to attack the form and spirit of the frog demon that was attached to Anzi's body. At the same time, the face of the white-clothed Anzi turned from green to yellow, and he fell to the ground unconscious.

At the same time, the surrounding frogs also let out a series of crazed yells. A dozen frogs at the forefront had already crazily pounced on Ji Seventh Madame's hands and feet. "Ah!" Seventh Madame let out a blood-curdling scream. Heavens! The frogs had bitten into her hands and feet, and blood was seeping out of them. These frogs were actually sucking human blood!

Yuan Tian quickly turned around and formed the Heaven and Earth Ghost Seal, his left hand formed a seal, while his right hand pointed straight out, as he muttered an incantation, "Heaven class general, cannot borrow the Heaven and Earth!" He pointed his finger at Seventh Madame!

With a boom, the dozen or so frogs that were biting Ji Qi Niang were suddenly attacked by an invisible force. In an instant, they automatically exploded, turning into balls of dazzling white electric light. Within the electric light, the dozen or so frogs exploded into countless chunks of flesh and blood on the spot.

When the other frogs saw how powerful the might of the Primordial Seal was, they immediately let out cries of fright before turning around and fleeing into the grass and streams in every direction …

Yuan Tian turned around and saw the giant frog, as big as a dog, nailed to the wall by the peachwood sword. It opened its mouth and ferociously lifted another claw, which was not nailed by the sword, "Kacha!" It actually used this claw to cut off the upper right claw that was stabbed by the sword, cutting off its own right claw, and then fell from the wall onto the ground. The three-legged giant frog let out a "huff" and burst into white smoke.

"The peach wood divine sword, obey my orders, return the sword!" The peach wood sword with the broken claw of the frog flew out from the wall and returned to Yuan Tian Zhen's hand.

"You overconfident bastard, do you think you can escape from me!?" After Yuan Tian withdrew his sword, he formed two hand seals and stood on the ground, he started to rush forward, chanting an incantation, "God of Heaven and Earth, mighty and brave, please help the Crane God to defeat the demon, turn into thousands of heavenly soldiers, anxious and disciplined!" "Please!"

A white paper crane flew out of his backpack and flew straight into the dark sky. With a "boom," the paper crane exploded into countless small pieces of paper floating in the air, spreading out in a circle, and with a "huu", pieces of paper flying in the air actually turned into white paper cranes that were the same size as the paper cranes just now. They flew in the air, and like a flock of birds flying in the sky, they gave out bird calls.

"One shout for the Heavenly Soldiers, two for the Heavenly Soldiers, three for the Demonic Seekers, and the Godly Weapon Fire Command. All Crane Gods, please!" Following Yuan Tian's order, the hundreds of paper cranes that were flying in a circular pattern suddenly gathered together like an army receiving an order. With a "hang" sound, they all suddenly flew towards the grass on the left side of the Ghost Pond!

Before Yuan Tian and Seventh Madame could clearly see what had happened, they had already rushed over. Several hundred paper cranes dived straight into the grass like wolves and tigers. With a boom, they exploded into a cloud of white smoke. After the white smoke passed, a demonic and tragic scream of a frog sounded out from within the grass.

Yuan Tian and Jie Qi Niang rushed forward to take a look, but they could do nothing about it. The moment they saw it, they couldn't help but gasp a few times. Oh god, a terrifying scene appeared in front of their eyes.

Under the dim white light of the moon, hundreds of paper cranes were staring like ants at the gigantic, glowing frog the size of a wolfhound, from head to toe, and using its sharp beak, they madly pecked at the giant frog. Blood flew out of the frog's body, dyeing the paper cranes that were madly pecking and eating the giant frog red. This frog essence was eaten by his primordial spirit.

"The sky is clear, the earth is clear, the Ancestral Master has invited Yin soldiers to the altar, fiendish demons and devils have shown their prowess, the evil spirits have been caught and sent back to the underworld, the talismans that fell the ground have been used, please!" As Yuan Tian chanted the Mao Mountain Incantation, a yellow Divine Talisman flew out from his backpack and directly flew into his hand.

"Please!" As he started to chant, the giant frog surrounded by paper cranes suddenly emitted waves of bright red smoke. As the smoke rose, they saw the mouth of a well emitting waves of red smoke. Waves of white smoke came out from the mouth of the well, faintly revealing waves of terrifying red light coming from the depths of the well. It was obviously an unfathomably strange well!

All of a sudden, the flock of paper cranes had already dragged the hundred-year frog essence to the well, and then all of a sudden, they dragged the frog essence to the center of the well, and then all of them dragged the frog essence down to the bottom of the well. The moment before the giant frog essence flew down into the well, the giant frog gave out a final cry and said in a human language, "I don't want to go back to the Underworld, I don't want to go back to the Underworld!" With a loud bang, the cranes and the frog spirit submerged themselves in the well, and flew straight down into the bottomless abyss. With a loud bang, the strange well exploded into a ball of white smoke, and after the white smoke disappeared, the hell that had appeared in the divine incantation disappeared without a trace.

"What is that well? Where did the frog spirit go? " Seventh Madame was terrified.

"I used Mao Shan's Prison Break Spell to create a path leading straight to hell. This frog essence is actually a frog in the underworld. It escaped from the underworld to the underworld and stirred the wind and waves. I have sent it back to the underworld using the godly weapon hired by the paper crane. It wants to come back home but has no way of coming back!"

"Oh my god, a well that leads to hell, that's so scary, so unbelievable!"

As they spoke, they returned to Andie, who was slowly waking up. He opened his eyes in shock and looked around, saying in a frightened voice, "Mother, what is this place?"

"I'll tell you when I get home!" When Qi Niang and Yuan Tian had finished speaking, they helped Anzi up and slowly made their way back home. A round of morning light was already slowly rising from the horizon, and the sun would soon rise from the mountainside of the Ghost Cave. The night was finally over, and a bright morning was about to arrive at their side.

However, for some reason, Yuan Tian had a strange premonition. This was just the beginning, there was an even more terrifying demon from hell awaiting him in the future. This unfortunate premonition of his would later become a reality.

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