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On the Great Fog Mountain road, a new red Faraday was speeding, a thin middle-aged man of about forty in a very expensive Italian suit. His hair was neatly combed, he was very handsome, and on his right hand, which held the steering wheel, he wore a huge green diamond ring. Because only they would show off their wealth like that.

He was the owner of the new universe company, Wan Jinyun. Five years ago, he went berserk with new technology stocks before swiftly entering the industry. He claimed he had 1.8 billion, and the new universe skyscraper was his latest development.

"Lingling Ling", the phone in the driver's seat rang. Wan Jinyun picked up the earphone and asked, "Who is it?"

"Brother Jin Yun, hmm …" A devilish female voice came through the earpiece. Although the voice was very sweet, it was too artificial and disgusting.

It was his sixth mistress, the little white cat.

"What's the matter, baby?"

"Brother Jin Yun, last night in the TV commercial, Zhou Dafu released a new gold diamond necklace. It's so beautiful!" I really want it! If I don't get it, I'll jump off a building and commit suicide tonight! "

"Darling, you don't have to kill yourself. I'll bring it to you tonight, but, hehe! "I want to …"

"Do whatever you want, don't you? Do whatever you want, hahaha …" The boisterous female voice ended the meaty conversation.

"Fuck, this bitch is really amazing! That's four hundred thousand! " Originally, four hundred thousand gold coins was just a small problem for him, but the problem was that his six mistresses had all become more and more fond of SHOPING, and they all wanted gold, silver, jewelry, and a small car. Now, his monthly expenses for playing with women had become several million gold coins! It was simply too big. Maybe I need to get rid of some of them.

As for his former wife, that yellow-faced old woman, he had already ignored her and let her go as a nun or nun!

After turning a corner, he turned into the road northwest of the Great Misty Mountain. A new universe building stood tall at the northwest corner of the mountain, appearing right in front of him. But for some reason, he had a strange feeling when he looked at the building.

At the same time, another mountain covered with dense forest appeared in the morning light behind the Great Fog Mountain. It was called Great Rock Mountain, and it was said that five years ago, there was a mysterious fire at New Conlee Hospital. Many people died there, and even now, there were still no clues. It was really a mysterious, headless case.

It was said that this Great misty mountain was the cultivation ground of the ancient Celestial Fox Immortals. It was an extraordinary mountain of feng shui. Hearing that the government intended to turn the place into a toy industrial circle, he built the large sixteen-story commercial building here. In the sunlight, the wall of all-metal glass shimmered in the sunlight with an unmistakable glint.

But for some reason, Wan Jinyun had been troubled by an inexplicable emotion these past three months. His mind had been wandering about and his eyelids constantly twitched. He kept feeling that something was wrong, but what was going on? It made him fidgety and flustered, but in fact nothing bothered him, and all aspects of his business were going well. However, this strange feeling became stronger every time he returned to the building. He could not get rid of it, he could not get rid of it.

In the early days of construction, when there had been three deaths of mysterious workers on the site, in the middle of the first night, one of the workers had suddenly jumped from the highest point of the site and committed suicide, laughing wildly. Before he died, he claimed that some invisible force had called him to commit suicide. The second was that when five workers were on the elevator, the elevator suddenly stopped working, fell from the sky, and all five of them died on the spot. The third was in the middle of construction, when the second floor, where the workers lived, suddenly caught fire and burned twelve workers. Before the fire, some of the surviving workers said they had often heard children's voices calling their names in the middle of the night, but when they went to look, they could see nothing. They suspect a ghost. Others said that the Celestial Fox of the Great Fog Mountain did not like people building buildings here, so they came to adore and warn them.

This building did look a little strange. He recalled the suggestion of the office manager, Huang Chengjin, to go to Yellow Great Immortal and ask a mage to do some magic work for this building to expel the demonic energy. Originally, Wan Jinyun, who had received overseas education, had never believed in superstitious things like ghosts and gods. However, at this time, the office in the building seemed to be in a panic, and to comfort the staff, he might as well hire a mage to do some legal chores.

He drove the car around a small bend in the road. Ahead of him, his newest property, the New Universe Building, stood in a green forest. The rock fountain in front of the building was spraying water, waiting for its owner to arrive.

His cell phone rang again, and he picked up Blue Ear. "Who?"

"It's me, Huang Chengjin. Boss, what do you think about my suggestion yesterday?"

"Alright! I agree, but you have to pay attention to the price, don't let those godly sticks knock it out too much! "

"Alright, you can rest assured that I will do something for you. I've invited Heavenly Master Chen, who often shows up on TV weeklies!"

"It's that Heavenly Master Chen who claims to have boundless magic power and to have exorcised countless ghosts. Alright, I will …"

Before he could say the word "meaning," there was a sudden loud noise, and the front cover of the car mysteriously opened on its own, and shot itself against the front window of the driver's seat, blocking the line of sight. Wan Jinyun couldn't help but shriek, and almost at the same time, the left door of the car next to the Wan Jinyun opened automatically, revealing the blue road outside which was constantly retreating. At the same time, the blue ear of the phone also emitted a sharp screeching sound, and the sharp electric current caused Wan Jinyun to scream, instinctively pulling the blue headset with his hand.

At the same time, the car turned right on its own and hit a lamppost next to the new Universe Building at high speed.

"Damn it!" The car was completely out of control, and the hood of the front car blocked his view. With a "boom", the Farari had crashed into the tall lamppost at high speed, causing a deafening crash that knocked the clouds out of their seats on the driver's side, sending the life saving cushion flying off the underside of the steering wheel. The glass in the front of the car burst apart from the high speed impact, shattering into countless shards of glass that rained down on the air cushion and the gold cushion. Fortunately, he was wearing a safety belt and a life saving cushion. Otherwise, with such a high speed impact, he would have flown out of the front window of the car.

Wan Jinyun, who was under the pressure of the inflatable white cushion, gasped heavily. He was scared out of his wits and broke out in a cold sweat like rain, his whole body was sore and sore, it was hard to breathe, just as he was thinking, a fishy and smelly smell came out from his nose.

What was going on? He had stepped on the brakes and turned the steering wheel, but it had been no use at all, as if the car had not been controlled by him at all, as if it had been controlled by someone else.

Several security guards at the gate had rushed over to the car. They ran to the car and opened the door of the car automatically, then quickly unbuckled the golden cloud from the security air cushion and slowly pulled it out. With the support of the security guards, the golden cloud got out of the car, and they saw that his face was covered with nosebleeds, which were still dripping onto the white shirt of his suit. A security guard used a tissue to stop the bleeding from his boss's nose.

"My car, my car …" Wan Jinyun used all his strength to speak as he turned around under the support of the two security guards. Heavens, the front part of the car had been flattened and completely deformed, the glass in front of the car had completely shattered, the headlights had completely shattered, glass fragments scattered all over the ground like fallen leaves.

"Fuck, wait a minute, I want that car agent from CALL called Migao. This guy sold this car to me, how come he only bought it for less than a month and it's going to fail! What the f * ck! " As he spoke, he said to the security guard beside him, "Help me back to the office on the fourth floor!"

"Yes, boss!" The two security guards supported the wobbly Wan Jinyun back to the building.

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