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On the fourth floor's luxurious chairman's office, the pale-faced Wan Jinyun was sitting on a black leather sofa behind a large waist platform with his eyes closed in meditation.

Although it had been more than half an hour, his heart was still thumping non-stop, and the feeling of fear in his heart was still there.

The phone on the "Lingling Ling" desk rang. Wan Jinyun angrily picked it up, and from the phone came a weird, androgynous voice, "Boss Wan, I received your message, you're in CALL right? Boss, now there's a new car in Faraday, its appearance is so cool that it has to kill all the women. If you use it to pick up a girl, you must have it!" It was the agent, Miko.

"Shut up!" Wan Jinyun angrily said, "You little immoral thing, listen carefully. You told me to buy that new car a month ago, and now that the brakes failed, I'm going to die!" Didn't you say that this car would not have any problems for the first two years? "

"Don't be angry, Brother Wan! "I have a few friends who want to repair the car. I'll call them over to help you. I'll pay for it. How about it?"

"Then call the fuck over and fix it! If you can't fix it, go to hell! " When Wan Jinyun finished, he slammed the phone shut.

He had just put down the phone when the bell rang again. "Who's there, hurry up and let go of my ass!"

"Big brother, it's me!" His little brother, Wan Jinyu's voice came over the phone, "I opened futures yesterday, but I accidentally saw a ghost. You have to save me!" "Otherwise, I'm dead for sure!"

"What is it?" Wan Jinyun was getting impatient.

The bank is chasing me to make up for the loss of money. Brother, I'm your blood brother, you have to save me, don't worry, you can give me another 20 million, don't worry, in a month, I promise I'll change 20 million to 40 million, 40 million to 80 million …

"You should f * * king commit suicide by jumping off a building!" Wan Jinyun unhappily closed the phone, what's going on with these past few days, it seemed like he had met with trouble. Yesterday, he had lost his hand in a purchase plan in the Central District, and yesterday, the several computer stocks in his hands were falling, it was really a bad year for him! And now he had this little brother who didn't know anything! What was going on?

There were two knocks at the corner of the door. Wan Jinyun looked up and saw a fat and short but energetic middle-aged man in a suit walking in. He was the new universe company's general manager, Huang Chengjin.

"Boss, what happened just now? Why is the number …" "I heard that you're still at the door …"

"Don't talk about it anymore. It's so strange. I feel like I've been struck by evil spirits!"

"Boss, this building might really have a really strong killing intent. I've already contacted Chen Tianshi, and he agreed to help me watch Feng Shui do a demonic thing. However, but …"

"But what? If you have something to say, just say it!"

"He asked for one million Hong Kong dollars, and said that the iron price was equal, not a cent less!"

"What? One million, I can hire ten mages!"

"Boss, Chen Tianshi is different." Boss, Chen Tianshi is different. He was on TV last month, catching ghosts? "

"Stop talking, I only saw him catching the air! Forget it, one million is enough, we'll just have to waste money to fend this disaster! "

"Boss, Chen Tianshi, he …"

"What else is there?" Wan Jinyun began to feel unhappy.

"He said that he has never tasted a female TV star before. He said that he wants that female TV star called Bo Shen!"

"Are you kidding me? If you want money, you want women! Mages also want women! Is he sick!? "

"Whatever, I'll agree to all of them. OK," Wan Jinyun gestured for Huang Chengjin to leave the room, while Huang Chengjin hurried out to do something.

"Bang, bang, bang, bang." The sound of rapid heartbeats rang in Sima Ming's mind. "Rumble, rumble." The deafening sound of the subway resounded in his ears, causing him to feel another burst of heartbeat. Waves of white light flashed in front of his eyes, flashing by …

"Where am I!" In a daze, Sima Ming opened his eyes and revealed himself to be standing alone in a moving subway car. A snow-white light illuminated the inside of the car, making it seem as white as the white bones of a cemetery! It made him dizzy!

The box was empty and devoid of people. It was extremely strange. "Is there anyone here?" Is anyone there? " Sima Ming started to run along the car trunk. He ran toward the front of the car. He ran past one car after another, but they were all empty! At the same time, through the windows of the cars that were speeding along the dark tunnel, he saw an empty station passing by the windows from time to time!

He turned around and looked back. God, he saw a man in black with a black robe and a shining reaper's scythe in his hand, suddenly appearing behind him, oh God, isn't this the reaper of hell with souls in the west?

"Hahaha!" Under the cover of the black hat, the grim reaper emissary let out a series of devilish laughter, "Sima Ming, Sima Ming, you won't be able to escape the clutches of the Ghost King. Hahaha, you will definitely turn into a devil, hahaha!" Shua! As soon as his voice fell, the Emissary of Death's Scythe chopped down towards him. In the process of the Scythe of Death, it turned into a giant skull in the middle of the white light, opening its mouth wide and opening its fangs, Sima Ming flew towards him and swallowed him in the white light, "Ah!" Sima Ming's soul was instantly swallowed into the white light, letting out a last scream. In the white light, he discovered that he had turned into a small toy, being sucked into the Emissary of Death's terrifying green claws …

"Ah!" Sima Ming screamed as he woke up from his nightmare. Thankfully, it was just a nightmare. He was actually sleeping on the headboard of his house, sleeping during the day. However, his whole body was drenched with cold sweat, as if he had just come out of a lake! God, he thought, looking at the clock on the wall, it's only two in the afternoon. What's going on?

He had instinctively sensed that this might be an ominous sign of his impending doom.

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