You are my heart forever/C1 Introduction
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You are my heart forever/C1 Introduction
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C1 Introduction

Vanshika's P.O.V:

It was a bright Wednesday morning I made my breakfast and went for a shower I gulped down the scrambled eggs and toast and quickly wore my black top and jeans I look at mirror

"Ohh you are Queen looking so hot" I compliment myself

As I getting late for my office. I saw rishi was already ready, i went upstairs in Ankita room to wake up her.

"Hey darling get up now" I said

"What happen....I want to sleep more"

"It's 9:00am now, wake and rishi are leaving we are late today"

"Okay" she woke up....and went for bath

When you are late, god always has some special games to play with you. I ran downstairs as quickly as I could almost falling twice, but finally managed it. And I done my breakfast and rishi also

"Ankita we are leaving"I scream from the door

Rishi went off the house as I also followed him we are working in same company rishi found has bike punctured there and out of anger he kicked the tire and hurt himself

"If your are finish hurting yourself, Can we go" I said

He nodded

After one hour we reach office. I was unhappy, frustrated and tired. I reached 1 hour late that Means I want work today extra I hope Suriya sir come today than my day will go happy looking at him only...

"Vanshu, what wrong with you today you are quite"Bhavani ask me when my all staff was looking at me

"Today I am so frustrated and tired, nothing else" I said doing my work

"Ohh...yarr you are the one who made our day with smile" sahana said

"Today we woke up late my bike also puncture and we come late so extra work today" Rishi said doing his work

And I nodded my head in yes

"If you want we can help you vanshu" Rohit ask

"Thank you so much but I can do by myself" I replied

"This not fair yarr " rishi said

"Everything is fair in love and war" Bhavani replied

"So should i think this love Bhavani" Rishi said cracking the joke

"Ohhh.....bhavani" I said, teasing them

"Sorry, I have boyfriend" sarmistha replied

We all were laughing

"Heyyyyy....all listen new girl is joining in our staff today" Rohit said happily as he thinking that she will be single

"Are wow what good news" rishi said, and they both started dancing

"What if she have a already boyfriend" I said, looking at them

"Shubh... Shubh bolo(say good)" they both said

"Tum donon ka kuch nahi ho sakat(nothing can happen to both of you)" Bhavani Said

"See amol did friendship also with her and you both dancing here" I said

We all laugh

Amol came with her

Rishi and rohit telling him in sign that you meet outside

"Welcome to our staff" rishi said shaking the hand with her

"I am rohit" rohit said he want to also shake hand but she said just hi him..we all girls including rishi also controlling our smile

All introduce them self then i was only left to introduce to her

"She is...."

"I am Captain jack sparrow😎" I interrupted

All laugh

"Yes she is our captain " sahana said

Nikita looks so simple and innocent i gave her my bright smile

"Sorry I was joking,I am vanshika" we shake hands

"I am Nikita"

"Nice to meet you are working with me"

"Yes sir have told me that"

And, we started doing work

There are 4 floor. each floor different staff we are staff No.1 in first floor we are 4 girls adding Nikita, 3 boys each staff one senior there's. In my staff I am the senior and sahana who deals with all projects

At very first I live with my brother+Best friend. Rishi is my college friend who lives with me since college time. trust me,he is a wonderful cook. I always try to convince him to try for chief in any restaurant...

And, Ankita is my childhood best friend after she complete her B.Ed degree she come to mumbai she ask me for staying with us that time I convince rishi first he said no than looking at her innocent face he agree we three share a very special bond

I done with my work. I went to go home with rishi it's was 11:00am we know that today Ankita will shout us, But what we can do, today we woke up late because of alarm as we reach at home Ankita start shouting at our mom we also used to call her mom as she is Caring and loving...They both like each other but never show that... Rishi have fear of losing her and Ankita have fear of rejection..both of think friendship is better than love ship...

Ohh...I forget to introduce my self 😅

I myself Vanshika my graduation working in LIT Company most famous company at all over india I do my work sincerely 😌 I am not simple I am bad girl....😈 I change my boyfriend monthly 😝 because I love to play with boys heart because why boys only cheat on girls we are here now generation as change my babes😌 my current boyfriend is Aryan who is soft heart..boy🤪 and I have crush on my boss brother Suriya😍

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