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C2 My daughter

After we reached home and Ankita tired shouting us and we convince her....we went to the restaurant to had our dinner there

To cool down Ankita me and rishi order our favourite biriyani and Ankita order Pav bhaji we both love to having briyani.

Rishi was sweating in heat and somehow managed to gulp down the briyani

We somehow managed to eat our dinner and headed towards parking it look around five minutes to reach. Rishi paid the parking charges and I went in to take my car

I have drive my car first time because of rishi's bike is punctured. Yes I have my own car Hyundai i20 red colour but she not my car she is my daughter..I take care of her like my baby I was tired and impatient and kind of thirsty My Major concern was weight..ha but i am not fat my weight is 56kg. I just wanted to go home and take a wonderful night nap

While I was taking out my daughter (car) from the parking lot, A black colour honda car bumped into my daughter (car)

"Hey! Can't you see? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?😠" I shouted A guy got down from the car it was quite dark. I could hardly see him

"I am so sorry. I really didn't mean to do that. It is very dark here and I didn't notice you at all" He explained

" I mean ke bacche tu samne toh aao😤(i mean child first come infront of me)" I shouted He walked hurriedly towards me

He was so handsome and hot he looks so rich also but, he hurt my car, my daughter

I want to fight with him, but Ankita and rishi was saying not to fight and let's go home but I was so angry

I was shouting at him and he was convince me at that time has car door open and a guy also came out

"What happen Anii" that guy came towards us

I looked at him in shock

he was none-other my Suriya sir, o my god today I wished to see him suddenly I look at myself looking beautiful or not

He came infront of me

"Hey miss vanshika" He said handshake with me

"Good morning sir" By mistakly I said good morning When he come infront of me I got confused I don't remember then what to say

"Babes it's night" he replied with smile

He said and that word touches my heart in my mind rabit were dancing

"He is my elder brother Aniket" He said

Aniket sir handshake with me but my eyes were looking at Suriya only

Suriya sir was apologies explaining me but i was busy looking at him, I feel I am somewhere else where only Suriya sir and me in the new world

"Hey hey👋vanshika"he said touching me

"Ahaha...." I come into the real world

"It's okay sir" rishi said

"Yeah...yeah it's okay" I said

He again handshake with me and went towards restaurant, and I kiss my hand

I saw my daughter and seat down

"I will miss you, take care of yourself and yes come home soon" I said to my daughter

Rishi book a taxi and Rishi take my daughter to garage and Ankita and me seat in the taxi

I was so happy in my mind the only word is going "babes"

We reached home and I directly went in my room and I sleep I was so tired



I wake up at 5:00am I have never wake early as I love to sleep I am sleep lover you can say I went downstairs seat on sofa. My head was paining as I get up early

As Parth sir called me to came early to the office 8:00am now it's 5:30am "kon asie kiski neend kharab karta hai kya" i said

And I went upstairs to my room I take a shower after a hour I came out I wear white colour suit salwar today simple sanskari look and my favourite long earrings

"As I am so sanskari 🙈😝"

And then I went to rishi room to wake up him(nowadays I am waking up all) ohh god

"Rishi wake up parth sir as call me to come early wake up na " I said

He look at me suddenly he wake up and he gave me serious look

"What?" I questioned

"Who are you?? Where is vanshika??"he said and searching in my room

"What's wrong with you?" I questioned

"You look sanskari our Vanshika is not sanskari type" rishi said teasing me

"Rishi do you want to beat from my hand" I said

"Ankita .. Ankita yes i am coming she is calling me I have to go"

"Go and take bath first" I shout

"Doing timepass here" i muttered

We reached office 10 minutes early after 5 mins Parth sir, Suriya sir and that idoit hmm means Aniket sir came me and rishi was waiting for our staff

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