You are my heart forever/C3 My mother story
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You are my heart forever/C3 My mother story
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C3 My mother story

All staff have come, I was so excited and happy to see Suriya sir

We all went inside the meeting room all we take seats

"Good morning everyone" Parth sir said take there seat

I have seat infront of Suriya sir 🙈

"I have take the decision that, i am leaving the company as I am starting my new business in Karnataka so I am giving my position to my brother's Aniket and Suriya.."

I was so happy with sir decision. Rabbit were dancing in mind like I am disco dancer..

"As Aniket have better knowledge he will be the head and take all decision of company and Suriya will help him" Parth sir said

After hearing this I want to get up and say you are wrong sir Suriya sir is mind-blowing he is better then that idiot

I was happy and unhappy also with sir decision

"Thank you so much" Parth sir end the speech

We all come to our desk my phone buzz

I saw it's was message from Aryan 16 (16 means when I starting dating him I have saved as number like that)

"Hey where are you from yesterday" Aryan message

"What's today's date" Muskan ask

"Today is 17" Rohit said

"Okay" muskan said

Today is 17....ohhh wow This recharge is over now

"From now you are my brother and I am your sweet sister" i muttered

I Texted him

"Break up" and switched off the phone

"Bhaiya mere,rakhi ke, bandhan ko nibhana" I muttered the song

"Rohit Aniket sir is calling you in the cabin" bhavani said seating on her place

I was teaching Nikita how to do the work, As she was new



Rohit and me best friend from college days.

I saw Rohit entering in the cabin I hug him

"Congratulations bro" rohit said shaking the hand

"Thank you" I said

I seat on table And rohit seat on chair

"I have never thought that dada will gave me this position"

"I am so happy for you"

Aniket smile

"So, what next...have you think about your love" Rohit ask

"I think now it's best time to propose her" i said and I blushing

"Ohh .. that's great invite her our staff" Rohit said

"In your staff??" I said

"Yes why not our staff is so wonderful we will help her" Rohit said

"In your staff there's one witch is there" I said irritating

"Who?? sarmistha..?? Rohit ask

"No..that girl" I said

"Who?" Rohit ask

"Who were today white dress" I said

"Vanshu" rohit said

"Yes that vanshika Seriously mad girl"

"No.. yarr she nice girl smiling queen"

"No I will not invite her in your staff"

"I will make her my assistant"

"What a idea bro"

"Hmm... today I will tell her and from tommorow she will join our office"

"Okay...I am going now I have lot's of work" rohit said

"Okay you may go Mr Rohit" I said smiling

"Yes boss"

As soon as rohit came smiling, we all look at him

"What??" Rohit ask

"Kuch to chakkar hai" Bhavani said

"Kuch toh lafada hai" muskan said

"Daiya kuch toh gadaba hai" Sarmistha said

"Kuch toh khichidi pak rahi hai" Sahana said

"Khichdi nahi dal ma hi kuch kala hai" Rishi said

"Par aaja Ankita ne dal nahi de hai tiffin ma" I said

All laugh including me 😜😂

"Vanshu we are talking about Rohit" Rishi said

"Ohhhh sorry"

"Salary toh nahi badaye na teri🤨" i said looking at rohit

"Quite you all nothing like that baba"

"Boss, call me for urgent work"


Then we all continue with work


Today we come home early Ankita also came from her school as she is teacher we decided to watch a movie I take shower and we're blue top and jeuse Ankita and rishi were waiting for me

After 2 hour movie End it's was emotional ending...I felt so boring Ankita was crying as she loves to watch emotional movie and then she cry a lot rishi was giving her tissue was no stopping

"Rishi you go and made the dinner"

I went near her saying

"Anku my darling why you are cry ha??"

"That bloody girl how can she cheat on him"

"So,what I will tell you my someone close story"

"I have never say this story to anyone"

"Who??" Ankita ask

"My mom" I said and tears came to my eyes

(Please read this story)

She born in 1971 my mom was so beautiful and kind girl as I have seen her childhood photo she have her younger brother (Aditya) My grandma and grandpa. They Never love my mom because she was girl. you know the old generation my mom always love her parents as they born her they gave her beautiful life....But no her life was not beautiful as she thought it's was more painful was she fall in love with a boy Means my father when her brother means my mama come to know about this affair he tells Grandma and grandpa they beat her so much. they stop her education after one month My mom get married Her first husband beat her everyday so much and one day my mom come to know about her first husband affair with has employee Her he throw out her from the house she became helpless her parents also not trusting her her first husband told her parents that she have affair out-side Her boyfriend means her first love take my mom in has home they were so happy in there life after 2 months she come to know that he's already married my father was using her Nothing else. he was change now. then my mom left has house and she come to know she is pregnant by her boyfriend....She didn't do abortion She create her own life she became doctor. She always love me I love my mom so much. She meet a men(vikram) who was so loyal caring loving they both look so perfect I was so happy looking them my mother he get married. at that time I was 17 years old after 1 year my mom death because depression. she loves her family but they didn't. she loves her brother but he destroy her life. she love her first husband but he make her cry. She loves her boyfriend but he make her heartbroken. who she trust most they destroy her, when she get perfect men for her she death.

her last sentence for me I will never forget

"In the world no one is yours. You just create your own happiness Never believe others just believe yourself just do what you want which makes you happy I am with you always and remember who loves you never hurt him or them"

And she left me

I saw at Ankita she was crying

"What about your dad?? Means Vikram uncle" Ankita ask

"He also left me when he come to know about my mom... hearing this dad get heartattack"

Hearing this she hug me

"I don't know about this when you were 5 standard and you left the school"

"Hmmm...but then also you remember me"

"I never thought that this much you pain you have in your life"

"I am not telling you this story of my life to hate your parents or hate love i am telling you this because. everyone is not Lucky, if your parents is supporting you loving you care you. you are so lucky"

"You are right" Ankita said

"Hmm.. that's why I Love to play with boy heart" I said


"Till now I have changed 99 boyfriend today Aryan also means 100"

She look at me in Shock


"What you hear" I said

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