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C4 I am happy

Vanshika P.O.V:

"You are joking na" Ankita said

"No...I am not"

"Now generation is change dear" I further added

"Hmm.. I know, but be careful" She said

"Yes dear don't worry about me" I said

She nodded

"Hey! Dinner is ready" Rishi shouted from kitchen

"Yes we are coming" I shout from hall

"Go and wash your face how much you will cry now. cry baby😂" I said

"I am not baby..I am just little bit emotional okay" Ankita said I laugh

"Okay okay go now" I said and went in kitchen

We had our dinner, I took a deep breath and stepped inside my room, I was Missing my mom I sat down on the couch facing the window Seeing the stars My mom and dad I hope they are peaceful there I close my eyes I sleep on couch

Morning office

Today Rishi have take leave from from the office I was getting bore suddenly my eyes goes on one girl who was so pretty

"Who is she???" I questioned

"I don't know" sahana replied

"No one knows?" I ask

"She is Aniket sir new assistant" Rohit said

"Ohhh..that idiot Assistant" I muttered

"Her name is Mansi" Rohit said

"Nice, Name" bhavani said

My smile was not stopping as I going towards Suriya sir cabin I saw Mansi came out from Aniket sir cabin as she is that idiot Assistant Poor girl she will surely become mad been that idiot assistant whatever she looks so cute I think she is good nature girl let's talk with her I went towards her Suriya sir come infront of her both were looking at each other like love birds meet after break up 😂😂 but wait 😬 HE IS MY I wanted to shout at her stay away from my Suriya sir

This like Love story without villain is impossible

I went near sir

"Sir your files"


I break there eye contact as I don't like that

I want hit her with this file😡

As soon she saw me She went Aniket sir cabin

"Ohh.. thank you" Suriya sir said he also went in as cabin

I feel so bad he didn't look at me 😟

And, I went towards my desk

After few hours Amol came out of Suriya sir cabin

"Suriya is calling you in the cabin"Amol said

"I think I have heard something wrong" I said doing my work

"Vanshu.... Suriya sir is calling you go fast"

"Really or I am dreaming Suriya sir is calling me OMG" I said and taking out my makeup kit from my hand bag

"Andra koi fansion show nahi hai(There is no fashion show inside)" Rohit said

"Shut up" I said and went towards the cubin

"may I come in sir" I said knocking the door

"Yes, come in" Suriya sir said

I step inside the cabin I stood in front of him

"Please seat"

I seat in front of him

"As you know that next full week we are going xyz place for important project of shooting"

"Yes sir I know"

"Vanshika, I want some help from you"

"Yes, i will help you sir"

"Can you be my assistant for one week" He said softly and I was freezed, I am dreaming or this is reality

"Vanshu" Hearing my nick I was melting

"Sure sir why not"

Hearing this from me he smiled O MY GOD has killer smile 😍😍

"Thank you so much"

"Most welcome sir"

"You can go vanshika continue with your work"

"Okay thanks sir"

I went off from the cabin

I was dancing

"Yes... Yes" I shouted

"Sahan just check her she had fever" Rohit said


Sahana came towards me

"Are you okay" she said and her hand was on my head

"I am so happy my sissy" I said

"What happen why you are so happy my little baby" She said (Sahana call me little baby because she care for me like her own sister little baby)

"What happened?" All questioned

"Suriya said to be has assistant for next full week"

"Wow" Nikita said

"Congratulations" sarmistha said

"Congratulations let's celebration" Rohit and Sahana said

"Yes we want part" Muskan said

"Yes yes"

In lunch I gave my lovely staff big party at five-star hotel I got loss as my half salary goes in party whatever I am so happy, whatever I get that was really unexpected.. thank you God for this day...You made my day Suriya sir

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