You are my heart forever/C5 Rishi Comedy
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You are my heart forever/C5 Rishi Comedy
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C5 Rishi Comedy

Aniket Pov

I am so happy A week with Mansi...O God Thank you so much...I will not lose all this big chance to propose to my school crush will be my girlfriend

I was packing my bags and singing I change some words😂

"I found a love for me Oh darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

'Cause I were just kids when I fell in love

Not knowing what it was

I will not give you up this time

But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own

And in your eyes, you're holding mine BABY"

Saying the last word my heart was saying "Surely she will accept your proposal, but did you plan? How you will confess your feelings?" Really I didn't Think about it suddenly my eyes go on door Suriya was staring at me and he raised his eyebrows

" are doing here?"


"You said you don't love anyone?"

"Kabhi(when) did I said I don't love anyone?"

"Ummm... that's also correct...then tell me my Bhabhi?" He said making a puppy face

"Sure after proposing her"

"Means you have planned?"

"No I really, didn't plan anything" I muttered


" your pickings we have to leave now," I said and he left the room I feel relieved sometimes has questions are really really?? really what I don't know...let it be enjoy after sometime Mansi will be beside you...


Author's Pov

Suriya, Aniket, Manis, Rishi, Vanshika and some other stuff we're going at XYZ place

For important projects

All were ready to go they all seat on the bus

Anushri and Aniket made facing seeing each other

"Who the hell tell you to come in this important project?" Aniket said irritating

"She is my assistant Bhai(brother)?" Suriya shout seating on has bus seat

"Koi aur nahi Mila assistant ke Liya(No one else found for assistant)" Aniket muttered

"Did you say, anything idiot?" Vanshika said freely

"What did you said?"

"What you heard"

Both ignoring each other's faces and a seat on their bus seat.


The bus started Rishi was enjoying the weather

Vinayaka(employee) was showing heart to Ruchi(Main project Manager younger Sister) who were seated back to rishi

As rishi's eyes go to Vinayaka he removed as sunglass he was looking 🤨 at Vinayaka.

Vinayaka give a flying kiss to Ruchi

"O my god....😲😟what he's doing I am a boy” Rishi muttered

Vinayaka was going to seat beside Ruchi but her brother directly seat beside her

So, Vinayaka seat with rishi in fear looking at her brother

"Ohh God😩, why you made me so handsome, boys are also behind me😳" Rishi muttered

Ruchi placed her hand on rishi's back seat Vinayaka was finding her hand Rishi laid on his seat Ruchi take her hand back rishi feels someone hands-on back so hands go back finding who's hand. Vinayaka mistakenly catch Rishi hand

"Are idiot, bloody cheap 😟😡?" rishi said and went seat with Vanshika.

Vinayaka was in confused

"What happened?" Vanshika asks

"Are vanshu my beautiful face and handsome is in danger" rishi Replied sweating

"Why what happened??" Vanshika said removing her headphone from ear

"Even though such a beautiful girl was sitting behind me, he was holding my hand," Rishi said

"Bro...I was known from the beginning has behavior will be worse" vanshika said making a joke of him but he didn't understand

"I am feeling Insecure vanshuuu..." Rishi said

"When I am here with you so, why you are afraid" Vanshika replied

"Today I didn't do much makeup just 4 fair-lovely and power," Rishi said

"But light makeup is visible on the face," Anushri said laughing from inside


Vanshika Pov

Our bus stop for dinner

Me and my Suriya sir seat together

"Let's order something" He said

At that time that idiot came in middle with his so-called Assistant and seat in front of us

"Can we seat with you both??" Idiot said Seating and saying can I seat😒😒...

"Ye sure Bhai" Suriya said

"You look so beautiful in red" Suriya sir said making me happy in 1 second but.after that, I look at Mansi

I and Aniket were looking at him has mansi wear red

"Vanshu...I mean" he added further

"Ohh thank you so much sir You always look handsome sir," I said

Suriya sir smiled

But my dupatta is the red color my kurta is a yellow color

Is really Suriya sir said me or Mansi☹️

We had our dinner and then we go back to our bus

I am living with him for a week

Yes yes I am so happy thank you so much god for my tomorrow's gold day

I hope it will go wonderful

To be continue 💕

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New chapter is coming soon
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