You are My Rainbow/C1 That day when I had first met her
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You are My Rainbow/C1 That day when I had first met her
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C1 That day when I had first met her

In the city of Paris , there lives the billionaire CEO of the William group of industries Louis Williams. Today is the day of the art exhibition where he is displaying his works. In the national art exhibition.

This is the month of March , our heroine Karen Faulkner is now at the university. '' I need to hurry up or else I will be late for the exhibition of L. Williams. I need to hurry up and finish this painting '' she reminds herself.

She looks at her watch '' oh no only twenty minutes left how will I reach the aart exhibition on time? '' she thought. '' Alright teen minutes to finish this the I will need to book a taxi or run to there '' .

She picked up her paint brush and continued to paint. '' How long will you need miss Karen? you need to close up the door yourself '' reminds her teacher of university standing at the door.

'' A little bit to go '' . '' Where let me see .... '' she comes near her and stares at the painting. '' You know your talents are really wasting for our university. You should take part in the national level competition and win the first prize I bet '' she comments.

'' But you know that we need to pay huge amount of money for the participation prize right ? and I can't pay that money in this instant. My mom works so hard everyday in order to pay my university fees and I can't rely on her all the time. I need to work part time also to support my living cost and expenses '' she replies while painting.

'' That I can understand. If you could get admitted to a national university of arts then could have gotten scholarship to continue my studies '' remarks her teacher.

'' Done now i can go now '' . '' Perfect ''. '' Okay teacher see you later '' she hurriedly puts the painting in her hand covering it with white paper and leaves.

'' How can I grab a taxi when there is no taxi at all ''. She decided to run. While watching at the watch she was running. '' Make it in time ''. In ten minutes she was exhausted.

At that time a car was passing by her it was an expensive car. It stopped by seeing her. The window opened and a young man was inside there '' Young lady '' he called in a plain tone.

''' What? '' she asked while panting. ''' Why are in so much hurry ? '' asked the man. '' I am hurrying because I have to reach somewhere fast that's why '' she replied while panting.

'' Where may I ask ? ''' . '' To the national art exhibition '' . '' Then you can accompany us we are heading towards the same direction '' he replies with a smile.

'' Can I ? '' she asks her eyes all sparkling. '' But I don't want to bother you '' . '' That ... what? '' asks the man beside him. He whispers something in his ears. '' You can come along with us. He said that we can take you along '' the man replies.

'' Great but what about this thing ? '' she asks. In her hand was her painting. '' You can put it in the front seat along with you '' replies the man. '' Thank you '' she gets in holding the painting in her hands.

'' What's that thing in your hands ? '' asks the man. '' THis is ... '' . '' A painting '' remarks the man beside the other man. '' Yes I guess anyone can tell '' . '' Why are you carrying it? '' asks the man.

'' I am carrying it because in the art exhibition there's an artist named L Williams I want to see his painting and was him to sign an autograph in my painting that's why I am carrying it '' she replies.

'' L Williams? do you like his paintings ? '' asks the man. '' Yes a lot ,they have their own world they draw me in '''. '' It's like I am transported into another world ''.

'' Do you like his paintings so much ? '' asks the other man who has been keeping quiet for a while. '' Yes a lot '' she replies happily. '' I see '' he blushes a little.

'' What's your name though ? '' asks the other man. '' I am Karen Faulkner. I am an university student at the Paris art exhibition '' . '' What about you ? ''.

'' I am Austin the P.A of my boss Louis ... ''' when he was about to spell his name then the other man punched him in the chest. '' Louis Watson '' replied the other man.

'' Nice to meet you '' . ''' You seem to be a good artist '' remarks the other man. '' No not at all I am just I just love to paint that's all drawing is in my blood. I just love it with my body and soul ''.

''' I may seem strange a lot. Don't mind it ''. '' No no you are not stange at all. See we have arrived here '' . '' I am leaving then. By the way why have you come here for ? '' asks Karen.

'' That's to watch the exhibition. May we meet again miss Karen '' says the P.A. '' See you and thanks for the lift '' she starts running towards the door.

''' That was a strange girl wasn't she ? '' remarks the P.A. '' Yes she was anyway go in '' commands Louis. '' There are so many people '' Karen murmurs to herself.

'' Where is the display of L. Williams ? '' she went up to the reception. '' When will the display of L... ''. '' It will start in five minutes '' replies the woman there.

'' Alright , what should I do now? wait outside the garden ? yes that will be better '' . In slow and steady steps she was heading towards the garden. She had put the painting resting beside the tree shade. Then she was standing there. '' This tree in in full bloom looks so pretty ''. '' I feel so happy to come here everytime '' .

She had somehow dozed off when she sat there. Then she fell asleep. The exhibition started by then. The tree was actually a cherry tree and the tree was in full blossom. It's petals were falling onto her.

Inside the room , it was next to the garden. From the windows one could see the garden clearly. It was half open. All the people started gathering in the room all the paintings were in full display.

L.Williams was standing there along with his P.A. '' Young master , do you think that we will be able to see that enthusiastic fan of yours anytime soon ? '' . '' That I don't know. But it's hard to meet a girl like that anytime. She was unique ''.

''' But I can't spot her in the group of people anywhere where do you think she is ? I can't seem to spot her anywhere '' Austin remarks. '' She's late maybe '' replies Louis.

'' This is the first time you are revealing yourself as a result there are so many people to see you '' remarks Austin. '' That's not the reason they all love art that's why ''' replies Louis. '' You are quite popular accept it '''.

All the people were complimenting all the paintings displayed. Then outside the room , Karen was still sleeping she was somehow woken up because of petal which had fallen onto her nose.

She woke up with a sneeze. '' I fell asleep ? what's the time? '' she thoughts. Looks at the clock it was half past the time she was told. Then , she was staring at the window in front of her.

She saw the paintings that could be seen from the window. She could stare at the back of the man , she noticed it right away it was the author. She grabbed her painting and called while standing in front of the room.

'' Are you L Williams ? ''.

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