You are My Rainbow/C2 How she came into my life
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You are My Rainbow/C2 How she came into my life
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C2 How she came into my life

Even though she called him but no one could hear her. '' Can't they hear me ? '' she thought. '' Is it because of the door ? I need to open it then ''. She opened the door immediately.

She shouted loudly '' are you L. Williams ?''. Suddenly a gust of wind came within her in the room. Louis looked at her in astonishment. All the people there were staring at that weird girl who came from the window.

She called again '' Are you L. Wiliams ?''. When she said that her hair had some of the cherry tree petals it proved that she must have been under that tree for a while. Her face all red for staying under the sun for too long.

Along with her the petals came into the room all falling under her feet. '' You are-?'' Louis just stood there staring at her. '' Young master that is the girl that we met earlier '' says his P.A. '''' Young master , what happened? ''.

They both were looking at each other. '' Wait you are the guy I met earlier today? you are L. Williams ? really? '' she exclaimed. '' Rather than that what are you doing coming from the door? where are your manners ? '' remarked someone among the crowd.

'' Oh sorry I mean I was carrying my painting that's why and I somehow fell asleep under the tree and then.. all of this '' she stuttered. '' Calm down miss , come in first '' said His P.A.

'' Alright '' she came inside carrying her painting. '' Are you-?'' she was about to ask again. '' Yes I am Louis Williams in short L.Williams '' replied the man standing there.

'' So you are the painter as expected. But why didn't you told me that you were the same person who gave me ride in the morning? ''. '' That's because ---'' he stayed quiet.

'' Some petals on your hair '' pointed out his P.A. '' Oh that's-- ''. '' See look around the paintings they are all drawn and painted by young master '' . '' By the way why are you carrying around your painting ? '' asked one woman there.

'' Oh I forgot about it '' she came back to Louis. '' I wanted to show you my painting. See ''. She took out the cover of it from the painting. When he looked at it he was surprised.

'' Did you do this? '' he asked. '' Yes, this is my painting after all ''. '' How did you create this masterpiece ?'' . '' This seems like it was drawn by some professional with many years of experience. No even years of experience exclude this. You need to put in some effort much hard work to create this and you did this ? ''.

'' Yeah, why? and you seem to be exaggerating a little it's something I made hurriedly and look the paint from the water is dripping a little as it's not dry yet '' she asserts.

'' This girl....''. '' Louis cam down , let the exhibition get over and then talk with her alright ?''. '' Alright , take it back for now and wait by the side of the room. Meet me after the exhibition is over ''.

'' Aye aye captain '' she gave him a smile back. She went to the back of the room. '' Sorry for the interruption please continue with the painting viewing. Anyone having questions can ask young master '' remarks the P.A.

Soon in a while the exhibition was over. Karen was standing quietly in the corner of the room. After all the people had left then the P.A came and told her '' come with me ''.

She went with him without saying anything. In the other room there was Louis standing facing at the window. '' Young master she has come ''. Louis looked back show me your painting again '' he commands in a low voice which echoed in the whole room.

''' Alright ''. '' Here ''. When giving back she stared at him. ''' These are...these are all colourful I can see all the colour coming back to me... they are coming back to me. I can see them again ... '' he whispered.

'' Can you see them again? young master ?'. '' Yes and it's all because of her this painting of hers ''. '' She's someone extraordinary a talent who can go much more further '' .

'' You...told me that you are a student right ? at an art college ?'' Louis asked. '' Yes why?''. '' You do you want to paint for me all your life ? '' he asked.

'' What?''. ''' Young master , you want to marry her ?really ?''. '' Marry? what? what is happening here ? I .. and marriage ?'' she could not believe what was happening around her,

'' I didn't meant marriage I just wanted to say that .. if she will come to paint for me in my house that's all '' Louis asserts her cheeks all covered in red. '' Oh paint it's not marriage thank god. I can come if you want. But I can't come when I have class at college. Give me your number I will call you or you can take mine to call me ''.

'' I can't believe I will have the number of my favourite painter '' she was excited about it. '' But why haven't you been painting for all those years ? you came back after a long time why?''.

Louis was shocked he had no answer for that. WHy did she had to ask him that? '' Young master , why did you asked him that little miss?''. '' Why ? did I asked something wrong?'' .

Louis was looking a little bit pale his face was getting a little bit gloomy and dark. '' Don't ask him that'' . '' It's alright , come in my house one day if you have time and I am taking this painting with me ''' saying this Louis left without saying any word. Didn't he had anything to say to her?.

'' Young master , wait for me. Little miss we are leaving for now take care alright ?'' his P.A also left. '' What was that all about ? guess I will go back home ''.

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