You Are The Only Special One/C1 Of Course It's to F*ck You
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You Are The Only Special One/C1 Of Course It's to F*ck You
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C1 Of Course It's to F*ck You

Dusk was falling in all directions, and the sunset glow enveloped the land.

After work, Luo Shumo took her car keys and walked home.

Just as she was about to go upstairs, Luo Shumo noticed a black Bugatti WeiLong parked at the entrance. The license plate of the car was the one she was most familiar with, Fu Yuchen's car!

When did he come back?

While she was lost in her thoughts, Luo Shumo heard the unbearable moans of a woman coming from inside the car, accompanied by the men's frenzied panting, their voices getting louder and louder.

Luo Shumo suddenly had a bad premonition.

Clenching her fist, Luo Shumo walked to the front of the car step by step.

With every step she took, her voice became clearer and clearer. Luo Shumo's heart became colder and colder, and she felt that every step she took was like stepping on her own heart, causing great pain.

Arriving in front of the car, through the glass, Luo Shumo could vaguely see a pair of figures hugging each other. Luo Shumo's heart went completely cold.

Luo Shumo tried her best to calm herself down. She raised her index finger and knocked heavily on the window.

In next to no time, the window of the carriage was slowly rolled down.

Fu Yuchen's handsome and impeccable face instantly appeared in Luo Shumo's line of sight.

At this moment, Fu Yuchen was neatly dressed and sitting in a posture position. There was a woman with messy hair and charming eyes sitting on his lap. At this moment, the woman was still wearing his suit jacket.

What made Luo Shumo's heart hurt even more was that the woman was none other than her best friend, Bai Ling!

Who would have thought that her husband, who had not returned home for such a long time, would actually cause a huge commotion with his best friend?

How ironic!

Facing Fu Yuchen's cold and sharp eyes, Luo Shumo tried her best to control her emotions. She threw the car keys on Bai Ling's body and sneered, "If you guys want to do it, then go home and do it. Don't embarrass yourself here!"

After being caught red-handed, Fu Yuchen didn't panic at all. On his handsome face was a frosty expression. He looked at Luo Shumo mockingly: "What, do you really think you're Mistress Fu?"

Bai Ling, on the other hand, rubbed her boneless body against Fu Yuchen's chest, looking at Luo Shumo with eyes full of pride and provocation. "Yeah, Luo Shumo, you really think you're a proper wife. You know, Yuchen doesn't even want to look at you."

Saying that, she stroked her messy hair and laughed mockingly, "If it wasn't for me being with Yuchen, I wouldn't be friends with a woman like you!"

Luo Shumo's heart was so cold that it felt like it was freezing her entire blood. She looked at Bai Ling without backing down in the slightest, giving her a similar mocking look. "You think you're too proud to steal her husband?" I've lived for more than twenty years and I've never seen you so shameless! "

Hearing that, Bai Ling's face turned green and white. In a flustered and exasperated state, she directly sneered: "So what? Luo Shumo, do you think you're the only one who's proud?! Don't forget, your current position belongs to your sister, Luo Yuxin! "Didn't you snatch my sister's fiance as well?!"

Upon hearing those words, Luo Shumo's face instantly turned deathly pale.

As for Luo Yuxin's case, it was Fu Yuchen's fault. At this moment, anger was ignited in Fu Yuchen's cold eyes and the pressure around him had reached its peak.

Luo Shumo opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, she heard Fu Yuchen growl, "Luo Shumo, f * ck off!"

With her nails in her palms, Luo Shumo tried her best to hold back the bitterness in her eyes. She lifted her chin and tried her best to look calm. With a cold glance at the couple, she turned around and left.

However, the moment she turned around, her eyes turned red.

Upstairs, Luo Shumo went into the bathroom and took off her clothes. She filled the bathtub with water and then laid down slowly in the tub.

The warm water covered her body. That warm and comfortable feeling made Luo Shumo let go of all her defenses. Her tears seeped out of her eyes little by little and fell into the bathtub, disappearing completely.

Having been married for three years, Fu Yuchen had never once looked at himself. The number of times he went home could be counted on one hand.

The flowery news outside was even more unending.

He had thought that she was already used to this, but now he realized that her heart still ached when she saw it with her own eyes.

In this marriage, she had been injured to the point where she couldn't even be considered whole. However, she had to wrap herself in a cold outer shell so that she would appear impervious to poisons. Only she knew that when there was no one around her, she would hide in a corner and silently lick the wound like a little animal.

She tightly hugged her body and silently cried.

At this moment, the door was kicked open.

Luo Shumo looked up and saw the furious Fu Yuchen standing outside the bathroom door.

"You, what are you doing here?!" Luo Shumo took the towel from the rack and wrapped her body in it.

"This is my home, why do you think I'm here!" Fu Yuchen sneered. He walked in front of her with large steps, pulled at the towel on her body, and threw it on the ground.

His powerful hand pressed onto Luo Shumo's shoulder, his gaze cold and mocking, "Luo Shumo, where on your body have I not seen this before? What are you pretending to be reserved about?! "

"No!" "I didn't …" Before he could finish, Fu Yuchen blocked his mouth.

He firmly pressed her into the bathtub, and his domineering and domineering kiss instantly fell.

He ruthlessly bit her lips, as if venting his anger or as if he was punishing her. His strength was both fierce and fierce. His long tongue pried open her teeth as he tyrannically intertwined with her lips.

Luo Shumo was in so much pain that she almost burst into tears.

What, he had not been satisfied with Bai Ling just now, and now he was venting his anger with himself?!

Thinking about the scene where they were tangled, Luo Shumo felt uncomfortable. A small flame was burning in her chest. She didn't know where she got the courage from, but she raised her hand and slapped Fu Yuchen's face.

'Pa! '

Five clear finger marks instantly appeared on Fu Yuchen's handsome face. His face was extremely cold.

The surrounding air dropped more than a dozen degrees Celsius in an instant.

Luo Shumo lowered her numb palm and glared at Fu Yuchen with red eyes, "Fu Yuchen, don't you feel disgusted?! You just touched another woman and now you're touching me again?! "

"Disgusting?" It was as if Fu Yuchen heard a good joke, his eyes were filled with an overwhelming chill, "When you robbed my sister's man, why didn't you feel disgusted?!

"Who are you showing such a noble and noble appearance to?!"

With that, Fu Yuchen sneered as he took off the leather from his waist and brought it over. He held the leather belt that was reflecting a cold light under the light and gradually walked towards Luo Shumo.

"What are you doing?!" Luo Shumo's eyes widened as she retreated backwards, her clear pupils filled with fear, like a frightened little beast.

"What are you doing? Of course I'm going to fuck you!" Fu Yuchen sneered. Then, he tied Luo Shumo's hands tightly together in a few seconds and hung the other end of the belt on the button of the shower.

Instantly, Luo Shumo's arm was hung from the shower.

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