You Are The Only Special One/C11 I will Not Apologize
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You Are The Only Special One/C11 I will Not Apologize
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C11 I will Not Apologize


"I didn't push her on purpose." Luo Shumo looked at the man stubbornly and said with a cold voice.

Looking at the woman's cold and sharp eyes, the fire in Fu Yuchen's eyes became more and more serious, as if a storm of blood could come at any time and destroy the woman in front of him.

Bai Ling quickly stepped forward and pulled Fu Yuchen over. She looked at him, shook her head and said gently, "Director Fu, I'm fine. Don't be angry at Ms Luo. She did not do it on purpose."

"I think she did it on purpose!" Fu Yuchen harrumphed and looked at Luo Shumo sternly: "Apologize to Bai Ling!"

Luo Shumo's heart ached when she saw the man's self-righteous and ice-cold appearance. A trace of injury flashed past her eyes.

She looked away and saw Bai Ling's delicate face. "Miss Bai, you deserved it. I should have broken your waist!"

She glared at Bai Ling. Bai Ling's face had turned from pale to green, and she looked both shy and pitiful at the same time. She just felt disgusted.

Fu Yuchen's gaze turned colder and colder as he spoke, "Luo Shumo, you're refusing a toast and drinking a forfeit, aren't you?

She didn't want to fall victim to Bai Ling's reckless framing. Looking coldly at the man in front of her, she curled her lips into a sneer and said, "I just don't want to be like some people. I just don't want to curry favor with them."

Bai Ling's face slightly paled. She pursed her lips but didn't say anything.

His long fingers suddenly pinched the woman's chin and he lowered his eyes to look at her. Although his gaze was cold, it was still a warning sign of danger: "Luo Shumo, don't forget who your current financial backer is. "Flattery, these are all natural!"

Luo Shumo's face paled as she endured the pain on her chin and glared at him.

"I order you to apologize to Bai Ling!" The way he looked at her was as if he was looking at a piece of trash.

"I won't apologize!" Luo Shumo continued to glare at him as she spoke with a resolute and decisive tone.

The man gradually tightened his grip on his subordinates, and a violent aura gradually emitted from his cold body. The woman in front of him was always so obedient, causing him to feel annoyed.

There were so many women that wanted to curry favor with him. However, this woman was the only one that he had once disliked, and now she seemed to be out of his control.

This feeling of separation made Fu Yuchen exceptionally angry.

However, his gaze suddenly noticed that the woman's skin had turned slightly purple. His dark eyes slightly paused for a moment.

Although Luo Shumo felt that her chin wasn't even hers and was in so much pain that it was hard for her to breathe, she definitely couldn't surrender in front of this man in front of her.

She had surrendered countless times in front of him. Today, she had to be herself and not let Fu Yuchen look down on her again.

She stared at him fiercely. She thought that Fu Yuchen would not let her go, but she didn't expect the man in front of her to suddenly let go.

"Apologize to Bai Ling!" He continued to say those words as he stared at her without giving in at all.

Luo Shumo looked at Bai Ling, who was still pretending to be pitiful. She laughed mockingly, tore the plan book in her hand into pieces, and threw it in front of the two of them. "I will not apologize for this matter. Director Fu, I will give you my resignation letter later. "

With the last sentence, she deliberately emphasized on her tone. After she finished speaking, she turned around to leave.

Suddenly, a large hand grabbed her wrist, causing her to viciously throw him onto the sofa. In the next second, she was forcefully pulled into the embrace of a man!

When she raised her gaze and met with the man's ice-cold and sinister eyes, she felt the aura of a man suddenly approaching her. Her gaze subconsciously trembled.

"Resign? Stop dreaming, do you think that with that little bit of skill you have, someone will want you? " The man lowered his eyes to look at her unremitting ridicule. His ice-cold tone carried a cold contempt.

Huh? Am I that pathetic and powerless in his eyes?

Luo Shumo paused and raised her eyes to look at him, a sharp expression appearing on her delicate little face, "Really? I feel that if I were to leave you, I would have a better life. After all, my figure and appearance aren't bad either, right? "

She smiled coldly as she looked at the man intentionally provoking her.

Hearing the woman's words, the man's eyes were filled with a layer of obscure light. Suddenly, he carefully sized up her body.

In the past, when he had been ravaged every day, he had always been furious. However, he had never been able to get a good look at the figure of the woman in front of him.

Looking at it now, although she did not look like someone who would be flirtatious at first glance, she was also delicate and pretty with a unique simplicity and charm.

Her vision shifted. Her skin was white and sparkling. Under her pretty and slender neck was an exquisite collarbone. Her small and exquisite breasts were not exposed, but they were very reserved and upright.

Moreover, her long, slender legs were no less delicate than those on TV.

Luo Shumo was actually just angered by the man in front of her. She looked at him as if he was deep in thought, then looked at his burning gaze as he descended. Her breathing unconsciously tightened as she looked at him nervously.

After the man had finished sizing her up, he suddenly went close to her ear and muttered mockingly, "With your stunted body, who are you trying to seduce?"

Luo Shumo's entire body shuddered as she gritted her teeth while glaring at the man with an angry and embarrassed expression.

"Fu Yuchen!"

She reached out to push him away, but the man firmly grabbed her wrist. He stared at her with his cold eyes, and spoke with a low voice that didn't have a hint of warmth, "You can choose to resign, or disappear from my office and never return. However, I will make your mother disappear along with you."

His words were light and casual, but the sharpness and coldness in his tone did not diminish in the slightest.

Luo Shumo looked at the man in front of her who had an expression as cold as an Asura from hell. She felt as if her heart was being wrung.

He was trying to coerce him, and he didn't doubt the man's ability to move at all.

Although her mother wasn't that gentle and beautiful to her, she couldn't let this man hurt her family!

"Pick one yourself. I don't have much patience." His deep black eyes were filled with coldness, and his thin, knife-like lips were filled with coldness.

Bai Ling was afraid that Fu Yuchen would dislike her after what Luo Shumo said previously, so she didn't say anything more. Now that the time was right, she walked up to Fu Yuchen and said in a soft voice: "Director Fu, I'm really fine, don't worry."

Fu Yuchen raised his eyebrows and indeed didn't stop the woman in front of him from apologizing to Bai Ling.


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