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C13 Bad Taste

Luo Shumo's hand suddenly lifted up, wanting to touch the man's handsome yet sharp profile. However, when her hand was about to reach his face, it suddenly stopped.

Soon after, her expression darkened. She suddenly retracted her hand and reached out to push away the man in front of her.

Although the man's eyes were closed, he accurately grabbed her wrist. Suddenly, he flipped over and fiercely pressed her down on the bed. He fiercely bit her lips, sucking greedily and wildly.

His actions caused Luo Shumo to feel suffocated. She struggled to push away the man in front of her, but her strength was insignificant.

"Luo Yuxin, I won't let you leave again." The man's low and hoarse voice echoed in her ears, but Luo Shumo felt as if a bone deep coldness was gradually being poured onto her feet.

This man actually shouted Luo Yuxin's name, what was he now? Did he think of himself as Luo Yuxin?

Recalling what the man said just now, he wasn't talking to her at all, right? He only had Luo Yuxin in his eyes. How could she allow him to do that?

Her heart turned colder and colder. She suddenly struggled as if she had gone mad, tightly grabbing the design proposal in her hand and grabbing wildly at the man's face.

The man looked up in annoyance. There was a deep anger in his blurry eyes. He suddenly tore the design in the woman's hand into pieces and casually threw it on the ground. He reached out and grabbed the woman's collar, about to force her onto the bed.

At this moment, the nanny who was outside the door came over with a cup of ice-cold soup. She looked at Luo Yuxin and said, "Madam, the Spirit-Sobering Wine Soup is ready."

Seeing that the interior was filled with swords drawn and a mess on the floor, the nanny lowered her head and walked in and out of the door.

The man before her was careless for a moment. Luo Shumo seized the opportunity to break free from the man's grasp, going to the nanny's side, grabbing the soup and ruthlessly throwing it at the man.

"Young Madam!" The nanny was shocked and looked at Luo Shumo in shock.

The man before her was deep and brutal. Luo Shumo's actions only added fuel to the fire.

The ice-cold soup caused a burst of excitement on his skin. The man wiped the soup off his face and slightly recovered his wits. His deep and vicious gaze fell on the woman standing at the door.

At this moment, Luo Shumo tightly gripped her cup of water as she stared at him warily. Her entire body was covered with the tyrannical kisses of a man, and her green and purple skin was exceptionally eye-catching.

"Luo Shumo? Why are you here? "

Pausing for a moment, Fu Yuchen's expression became dark, and his low voice sounded dangerous.

"I was going to ask you why you're here. Aren't you not coming back? Aren't you enjoying life outside? " Seeing that the man had recovered his wits, Luo Shumo felt a little disappointed. She said mockingly as she stared at him with an ice-cold gaze.

The man approached her step by step. Even though he was somewhat sober, his alcohol scent had yet to dissipate. When he saw the sharp gaze of the little girl, who was like a hedgehog, his eyes instantly filled with rage. "Luo Shumo, this is my home. You are my prisoner!"

With such a condescending attitude, she would forever be that lowly person in the dust.

Luo Shumo smiled sadly. She raised her eyebrows at the man and said, "That's right. You should rest well. We're going to get a divorce soon anyway."

She was about to turn around and leave when someone grabbed her hand and threw her onto the bed.

He raised his eyes and saw that the man had already forced his way over. He held the belt in his hand and quickly bound the woman's hands.

"Fu Yuchen, you freak, let go of me!" Luo Shumo struggled, but she couldn't break the man's strength. Soon, her wrists were entangled, making her unable to move an inch.

Fu Yuchen pulled off her clothes and pressed down on him. However, his sharp, blade-like eyes did not have the slightest bit of warmth. "Luo Shumo, stop pretending. Are you purposely getting close to me to use me?"

"Scram!" I was painting here in the first place, it was you who went crazy! " Luo Shumo glared at him, spitting on him without any trace of politeness.

"Heh …" The man's heroic and imposing face turned even colder. He leaned towards her and stared into her bright eyes. "Luo Shumo, although you don't want to admit it, I don't mind being a little more thorough."

After saying that, he ruthlessly tore off the last layer of shackles on her body, and impolitely pressed his body against hers. It was rough and cold, without any foreplay. To her, it was more like treating someone as a friend.

Luo Shumo's entire body trembled in pain from this sudden and rough piercing. She subconsciously bit her lips tightly, but the man's actions did not decrease in the slightest, as if he was punishing her. He ruthlessly bullied her time and time again.

"Why aren't you shouting?" The man's hoarse voice was accompanied by heavy breathing and a cold sneer.

Luo Shumo glared at him. Even though her lower body was filled with heart-wrenching pain, she would never submit to this man in front of her.

Fu Yuchen saw that she stubbornly wanted to compete with him, so he became even more furious. He gripped her shoulder tightly and moved even more violently, like a violent storm. He wanted to tear the woman in front of him into pieces.

Luo Shumo's lips were pale from biting so hard that she was forced to endure everything. In the end, she felt numb from the pain. She felt like she was a small boat floating in a vast ocean, her consciousness gradually disappearing.

Fu Yuchen just wanted to crush her under his body. Looking at her begging for mercy, suddenly, his peripheral vision made contact with the woman's eyes that were filled with tears. His movements became sluggish for a moment.

His black eyes twitched, and he abruptly let go of the woman in front of him. He suddenly pulled over the blanket on the side, covering her thin body that was covered in purple.

The sudden feeling of being pulled away made Luo Shumo shudder. The next moment, the thin blanket had already wrapped around her body.

After a slight pause, her eyes turned red as she looked at the man's vigorous and strong back. Her eyes froze as the corner of her mouth hooked into a cold and fierce smile. I can't take it anymore? "

The man slowly withdrew his eyes from the flames of anger. However, when he thought of the woman's bloodshot eyes, he pursed his lips and said, "The taste is too horrible. I can't eat it."

Her face turned slightly pale and she bit her lips. Her gaze turned cold as she saw that the man had put on his clothes, picked up his phone, and said with a gentle voice, "Bai Ling, are you free? I'll come to your place."

Holding the phone, he walked out of the bedroom.

Luo Shumo gripped the bed tightly, her knuckles turning slightly white. Tears fell from her eyes and fell onto the snow-white blanket.




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