You Are The Only Special One/C16 Will You Believe Me
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You Are The Only Special One/C16 Will You Believe Me
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C16 Will You Believe Me

After the staff finished explaining the situation, he turned around and left the ward.

Fu Yuchen's cold gaze fell on the woman in front of him. His cold gaze was stern: "Why didn't you explain it to me earlier?"

She had been wronged, and should have tried to defend herself, could it be that she wasn't even willing to explain herself?!

Luo Shumo looked at him dispiritedly. She curled her lips into a sneer and said, "If I tell you, will you believe me?"

His serious state did not include her at all, so all his explanations were unnecessary. There was no need for her to humiliate herself.

Looking at the woman's indifferent expression, the man's gaze turned deeper. He looked at her coldly and said, "Luo Shumo, if you don't tell me, I will only hate you more!"

He hated her self-righteous attitude and her stubborn insistence, which made him exceptionally angry. He wanted to tear the woman in front of him into pieces.

However, his gaze paused on the woman's pale face. A fire rose in Fu Yuchen's gloomy eyes and his gaze darkened.

He turned around and left the ward coldly, closing the door abruptly.


A heavy sound rang out, carrying with it an intense rage. Although the man did not vent it out, it was still a heavy blow to Luo Shumo's heart.

Scratching her lips, Luo Shumo let out a bitter laugh and tiredly closed her eyes.

The coldness in her heart flooded over her like a tidal wave. She gradually lost consciousness and fell into a deep sleep.

Outside the door, the man leaned against the side and stared at the person on the bed for a moment through the small window. His eyes darkened as he loosened his tie. Then, he turned around and left.

Luo Shumo felt a little better, so she went back to work.

Luo Shumo went to the office to find Bai Ling. Just as she was standing in front of Bai Ling's office, she suddenly heard a voice coming from inside the office.

As she walked closer, the office door was opened wide. Luo Shumo looked up and saw Fu Yuchen and Bai Ling standing together in the huge office. In front of them was an employee.

The atmosphere around the group was getting worse.

The employee was dressed plainly. He looked at Fu Yuchen and begged: "Director Fu, I'm really not sure about this. I didn't lock the door at all."

"If not, then why are you the only one in and out of the monitor?" Bai Ling's gaze flickered slightly as she asked the employee aggressively.

At this moment, Fu Yuchen also had a deep and cold look on his face. His deep and reserved facial features didn't show any signs of joy or anger, but instead, it had an intimidating aura.

"I …" The employee glanced at Bai Ling. His lips moved and his eyes showed a slight hint of cowardice. However, he lowered his head and did not continue speaking.

Bai Ling sneered. She looked at Fu Yuchen and said, "Director Fu, I don't think we need to think too much about it. He was the one who did this. I didn't expect him to treat Ms Luo like this. We can't let him leave so easily!"

"It really wasn't me. How could I have framed Miss Luo?!" The employee bit his lips and sighed. He glanced at Bai Ling grudgingly.

Fu Yuchen's gloomy gaze paused for a moment, his thin lips slightly pursed, as if he hasn't decided how to execute this employee.

The employee stood there anxiously. Out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed Luo Shumo, who was standing at the door. He rushed forward and looked at Luo Shumo with a serious expression, "Miss Luo, I really didn't frame you. You wouldn't dare to even if you gave me ten guts."

Luo Shumo looked at the panicked expression of the employee and paused for a moment. She suddenly walked forward and raised her eyes to look at Fu Yuchen: "What's wrong? Did you find out that he framed me? "

In truth, she didn't believe that this member of the staff would frame her. Even if it was a trap, it would be at the behest of others.

Bai Ling, who had been fanning the flames since the beginning, was the best proof that this person was standing right in front of him.

"Director Fu investigated yesterday's tape and found out that only this staff member went in during the period after you went in. Other than him, no one else came near the archive." Bai Ling looked at Luo Shumo and explained.

It looked to be a flawless reason, but Luo Shumo's eyes flashed, staring straight at Bai Ling: "Really? "Why did you frame me?"

Luo Shumo turned around and stared coldly at the employee.

Luo Shumo's sharp gaze made the employee tremble. He looked up at her and shook his head with a pitiful expression, "It really wasn't me. I have no enmity with you. Why did I frame you?"

"Who knows? Then tell me, if it wasn't you, who else could it be? " Luo Shumo looked at the employee coldly as she spoke with an expressionless face.

"I... I don't know. " The employee replied as his eyes flashed. He lowered his head and twisted his clothes nervously.

"So, the only suspect right now is you. You should bear all of the responsibility." Luo Shumo said indifferently, looking at the employee who was distant and indifferent.

Although she knew Bai Ling was behind the employee's back, this employee was obviously afraid and didn't want to say Bai Ling. Thus, she naturally didn't have the position to come and help him.

The employee was shocked. He looked at Luo Shumo and shook his head. "But it's really not me. How can you accuse a good person so wrongly?"

Heh, they were indeed exactly the same as Bai Ling. They were indeed the same kind of small marten.

Luo Shumo crossed her arms and glared at him coldly. "Then tell me, who is the real culprit? How did I wrongly accuse you? "

The employee was silent all of a sudden. He lowered his eyes and did not say anything.

Luo Shumo pursed her lips and looked at Bai Ling mockingly.

Bai Ling was still smiling as she looked at Luo Shumo. She shrugged her shoulders, looking very calm and relaxed.

His gloomy eyes swept over the two women coldly. Fu Yuchen squinted his dangerous eyes and suddenly felt that he couldn't see through the girl.

She appeared here today with confidence and calmness. She didn't seem angry at all.

Moreover, she was obviously suspicious of Bai Ling, but she was able to keep her temper under control. She didn't mention Bai Ling from the beginning to the end and just smiled, cleverly concealing herself.

At this moment, Luo Shumo's bright eyes met Fu Yuchen's scrutinized eyes. Seeing the deep and black fog in the girl's eyes, Fu Yuchen's thin lips curled up into a sneer.

She had always been a scheming woman, so of course she wouldn't interfere. How could he think that she could come to Mianen in order to punish Bai Ling?

Luo Shumo could feel the probing and coldness in the man's gaze. Her heart was inexplicably flustered after being spied on, so she quickly shifted her gaze away, pretending as if nothing had happened.

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