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C19 Untidy Women

Fu Yuchen carried the woman straight to the car and put her inside. Then, he indifferently sat in the driver's seat, closed the door, and inserted the car key.

"What are you doing? I still need to get back to work! " Luo Shumo frowned and glared at him. She turned around and was about to open the car door.

However, the door was tightly locked. There was no way for her to get out, so she could only glare at the man beside her in annoyance.

From start to finish, Fu Yuchen didn't have any expression on his handsome and angular face. He coldly stepped on the accelerator and the car slipped more than a dozen meters away.

Luo Shumo frowned. She reached out her hand to pull out the car keys, but the man held her down with his strong hand.

A pair of dark and sinister eyes shot towards her, filled with rage. "Luo Shumo, you're in such danger. Have you gone mad?"

Right now, the car was speeding. If she suddenly pulled the car key, it would cause her to stray off the track, so it was unknown what would happen.

"That's right, I've just gone crazy. Compared to seeing you, I want to face a bunch of boring documents!" Luo Shumo glared at the man in front of her and said rudely.

If she could not finish her work, Bai Ling would deliberately make things difficult for herself. If she did not accompany him, he would scold her. In comparison, Bai Ling was the one who hated him the most because he had insulted her many times before.

Fu Yuchen's sinister eyes darkened. This woman actually felt like she was no better than a pile of broken documents. She really deserved to be tidied up!

He suddenly stopped the car. Just as he was about to pull the little girl over to give her a harsh punishment, he saw that she had already leaned against the seat of the car and had fallen into a deep sleep.

He closed his eyes and took deep breaths. There was no makeup on his delicate face, making it seem even more plain and light.

There was a serene elegance to her, much gentler than when she fought with him during the day.

His dark eyes paused for a moment. He pulled the blanket from the car and covered her with it before starting the car and continuing on his way to the villa.

When they arrived at the mansion, the nanny came out to greet them. She saw Luo Shumo, who was sleeping soundly. Just as she was about to wake up, Fu Yuchen waved his hand, signaling her to go down.

The nanny didn't dare to disobey and stood aside silently. She watched Fu Yuchen carry the woman out of the car carefully and went straight to the big bedroom on the second floor.

It was really strange. This was the first time she saw the young master being so gentle to his mistress. It was as if the treasure in his hand was a treasure that he was extremely meticulous with his care and care.

Fu Yuchen carried Luo Shumo into the bedroom. Looking at the sleeping woman in his arms, he seemed to feel the warmth in his arms. Like a kitten, he arched his back and pursed his lips.

Her lips looked pink and tender, as alluring as jelly. His Adam's apple moved, and he suddenly bent his head slightly, about to touch that layer of softness.

At this time, the woman in his arms suddenly stared at him with her round eyes: "Fu Yuchen! What do you want to do?! "

Fu Yuchen's hands froze for a moment. When his dark eyes met the woman's panic-stricken eyes, a hint of insanity flashed across his cold face.

He threw the excited girl on the bed, loosened his tie unnaturally and asked, "Luo Shumo, are you pretending to be asleep?"

Luo Shumo was completely covered in sweat. She had been too sleepy in the car to bother with this man, so she had fallen asleep without realizing it.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw that Fu Yuchen was very close to him, as if wanting to take advantage of him!

She hadn't even spoken, yet he still dared to question her like this?

Luo Shumo gritted her teeth in anger. She grabbed the pillow on the bed and viciously threw it at the man. "I'm telling you, I don't like to scheme against you. You're not worth it!"

This man was truly too hateful. If it wasn't for the fact that he was in a critical situation, he might have been bullied again!

This woman said she wasn't worth it! Unworthy of those lousy blueprints, unworthy of love!

The coldness in the man's eyes gradually condensed. He grabbed the pillow and threw it on the bed. Next, he pressed his body down onto the bed and tightly held the woman's hand. "Luo Shumo, don't forget. Who are you trying to please?"

Luo Shumo's heart trembled slightly when she saw the bone-chilling gaze of the man in front of her.

In the next moment, he fiercely pushed her away, angrily turned around and left the big bedroom, slamming the door shut.

"Bam!" A loud sound echoed throughout the entire villa.

Luo Shumo stared at the direction Fu Yuchen left with eyes full of despair.

He had only treated her as a plaything, yet she still loved him. Could it be that, between him and her, she could only use a lowly fawning method to please her for the next several decades?

At this moment, Luo Shumo felt a sense of exhaustion that she had never felt before.

… ….

Unsurprisingly, Luo Shumo didn't finish her work. She stood in front of Bai Ling's desk with her head lowered, making all sorts of sarcastic remarks about Bai Ling by moving her left ear in and out of her right ear.

After being scolded harshly, she carried a stack of documents with her and returned to her office along the corridor. She opened the locked door and looked at the man sitting on the sofa. Her gaze paused slightly.

Ye Zichen walked in with a thick stack of documents. However, his eyes did not seem to be natural at all. She looked at him coldly: "Director Fu, what can I do for you?"

The calm and distant tone made Fu Yuchen frown unhappily. He originally wanted to see what she was doing, but because of her tone, he suddenly became angry.

Fu Yuchen stared at her with his cold eyes and said, "There's no need to do all these work. There's a batch of jewelry that's almost finished. You go and supervise it."

"It doesn't seem to belong to me." Luo Shumo pursed her lips and looked at him. She was just a designer and was now Bai Ling's assistant. Where would she get the chance to do all this?

"If I tell you what you want to do, you should do it. Don't try to disobey me." After saying that, the man stood up from the sofa. He straightened his suit and straightened his back.

Looking at his arrogant appearance, the corner of Luo Shumo's lips curled up in a mocking smile. She lowered her eyes and didn't say anything.

The man glanced at her. His pitch-black eyes were deep and cold, as if he was hiding something. In the end, he left the office with large strides.

Luo Shumo lowered her gaze to the thick stack of documents on the table. She pursed her lips and sighed helplessly. She felt as if she had jumped from a dark pit into another, deeper one.

On the sixth floor, there was a special processing office. Most of the jewelry was processed in factories, only some top quality jewelry was put in the headquarters to process in this precise office.

At first, she thought it would be very complicated, but after looking at it from here, she realized that the only thing left was the logo on the jewelry, and there wasn't anything wrong with it.

Since she was rarely free, she sat to the side and quietly waited for them to finish so she could report to Fu Yuchen.

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