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C2 Contraceptive Pill

Luo Shumo tried her best to struggle free, but because her arms were tightly bound, the slightest movement would tear her arms apart, causing excruciating pain.

Fu Yuchen sneered as he approached her. His steel-like arms tightly gripped Luo Shumo's waist, forcing her to turn around with her back towards him.

"Bastard, let go …" "Ugh …" Without any foreplay, Luo Shumo was pierced through abruptly. It was so painful that tears welled up in her eyes and she almost fell down.

Then, Fu Yuchen went inside her body ferociously as if he was going to crush Luo Shumo one after another.

Under his fierce and ferocious attack, Luo Shumo was in so much pain that a fine layer of cold sweat appeared on her forehead.

For the whole night, Fu Yuchen wanted her to be more and more ferocious, one more and one more deeply, one more and one more painful.

She was tormented by his constantly changing postures, until she was completely exhausted …

Luo Shumo had been awakened by the cold.

A gust of cold wind blew over, causing Luo Shumo to shiver all of a sudden.

She opened her eyes and found herself soaking in the cold water of the bathtub.

It was late autumn, and her entire body was purple from the cold. Her face was ashen.

Forcing herself to sit up, Luo Shumo looked in the mirror and saw that some of the bruises on her purple lips had been bitten by teeth. The blood hadn't completely congealed yet.

She felt an unspeakable bitterness in her heart at being in such a sorry state.

She always knew that Fu Yuchen didn't like her, but she never thought that Fu Yuchen would have such a cold and detached feeling towards her.

Everyone thought that she was the one who stole his sister's fiance. In order to get Fu Yuchen, she even indirectly caused the death of his own sister.

However, the truth was not like that …

Luo Shumo sighed as she recalled the way Luo Yuxin tightly clenched her hands, begging for mercy.

After calming herself down, Luo Shumo hurriedly put on her nightgown and walked out while wiping her wet hair.

Just as he was about to change his clothes, the butler came upstairs.

"Young Mistress, Young Master told me to tell you not to forget about taking your medicine." As he spoke, the butler placed a box of pills on the table.

Luo Shumo lowered her eyes and realized that it was the pill.

He had told himself that she was not fit to have his child.

Her heart felt as though it was being ruthlessly pinched by someone, and the pain in her eyes was so intense that it felt as though tears were about to fall.

"Put it here first, I'll eat it later." After saying that, Luo Shumo turned around to go to the wardrobe to get her clothes.

Unexpectedly, the butler appeared in front of Luo Shumo and blocked her path. With a strange tone, he said, "Young mistress, this won't do. Young master has instructed me to see you eat before I leave. Otherwise, I wouldn't dare to report to you."

In Fu Family, everyone knew that this Young Mistress wasn't being pampered, and had only received a title. Thus, even the servants did not dare to put Luo Shumo in their eyes.

"You still want to force me to eat?" Luo Shumo sneered.

"Stop making things difficult for me, my servant. I can't possibly lose my job because of you, right?"

Staring at the butler for a while, Luo Shumo bitterly smiled and picked up the pill on the table. "It's just for me to take some medicine. I'll take it."

With that, Luo Shumo opened the package and took a pill. She swallowed it without even drinking water.

Soon, a bitter taste filled her mouth.

The pills were bitter, but not nearly as bitter as her own.

Watching Luo Shumo swallow the pill, the butler heaved a sigh of relief. He didn't even spare a glance at Luo Shumo as he left.

The moment the butler left, Fu Yuchen called.

As soon as the call connected, Fu Yuchen's cold voice rang beside Luo Shumo's ear.

"Did you take any medicine?"

Luo Shumo's tears fell in an instant.

Did he really not want me to give birth to his child …?

At the bottom of his heart, something seemed to have shattered and could no longer be pieced together.

Luo Shumo tried her best to keep her voice calm as she chuckled lowly, "Fu Yuchen, with your good butler watching over me, how can I not eat?"

With that, Luo Shumo hung up the phone.

Luo Shumo tried to hold back her tears, but no matter what, she could not control them.

Perhaps, in this marriage, she was truly powerless.

Wiping away the tears on her face, Luo Shumo stood up and went to the bedroom to change.

She intentionally wore a high-necked shirt to cover up the marks on her neck, using the concealment cream to barely cover up her swollen eyes from crying.

In the mirror, she gently turned her delicate eyebrows, with her nose straight and her cherry lips dotting. Her appearance was gentle and quiet, but she was also very pretty. No matter how pretty she was, Fu Yuchen would never look at her again.

Luo Shumo smiled bitterly.

At this moment, the phone rang again.

It was Old Master Fu.

Luo Shumo answered with a frown.

"Little Mo, it's been a long time since you and Yuchen have gone home. Come have a meal together at the house while it's the weekend." In the phone, Old Master Fu's old and dignified voice sounded.

"Grandfather, Yuchen … "He's not at home. He's probably out for a party..." Luo Shumo clutched her cell phone tightly, hesitating over her words.

"What kind of social interaction is more important than your own grandfather?" Or could it be that just because he sees my old bones growing older, he doesn't take me seriously?! " Old Master Fu's voice was loud, and Luo Shumo knew that it was a sign of her grandfather's anger.

"No, Grandpa," Luo Shumo quickly explained, "Yuchen is usually pretty busy. I'll give him a call. Grandpa, don't worry. We will come back to see you together."

"Yes." "Then I'll have Mother Zhou prepare a meal and wait for you."


After hanging up, Luo Shumo held her phone tightly and hesitated as she dialed Fu Yuchen's number.

During this time, Luo Shumo's heart was in her mouth.

She was the first to hang up. She didn't treat him well, so how could he easily return with her …

While he was still perturbed, the call connected.

"What's the matter?"

His voice was as indifferent as ever.

He could tell that it was very noisy on his side.

Luo Shumo pursed her lips, "Grandpa said he wants us to go back to the old mansion to have a meal together. Where are you now?"

"Charm, Room 503."

With that, he hung up.

Listening to the busy tone on the phone, Luo Shumo sighed helplessly. She had no choice but to look for him.

Arriving at the door of the 503VIP box, Luo Shumo clenched her fists tightly.

She had always known that Fu Yuchen was a regular customer of this place.

He often took the girls home for the night.

When she thought about Fu Yuchen's flirtatious figure leaning on her chest, her heart ached.

Closing her eyes, Luo Shumo took several deep breaths before she forced herself to walk in.

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