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C20 Listed Lady

Just as Luo Shumo was about to fall asleep on her seat, her phone suddenly vibrated non-stop. She opened it and saw the familiar caller ID. Her eyes turned cold as she pressed the answer button.

"Luo Shumo, I want a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee. It's hot, but not too hot. And I don't want any sugar …" Bai Ling, who was on the other side, was holding a phone as she pointed it out in a serious manner.

Luo Shumo cut her off with an icy glare. "Miss Bai, I'm looking after the supervisors for the jewelry. I don't have time to buy them for you."

"What did you say?" Bai Ling, who was standing at the side, paused for a moment before her eyes turned cold and jealous. "How come you're the only one going to go to that kind of place?"

One must know that all the processed jewelry in the company were all of the first class quality and rare varieties. Most importantly, just one of them was worth tens of millions of dollars.

Usually, only the top executives of the company would be able to enter. Even his many applications were not accepted by Fu Yuchen.

As for her, she was merely a woman who was abandoned by a man. How could she possibly have the chance to live in such a place?

Luo Shumo understood Bai Ling's jealousy. She smiled coldly and said lightly, "Fu Yuchen told me to come over, so I'm sorry, I didn't have the time to buy coffee for you."

With that, Luo Shumo hung up the phone and put it aside.

Just as she was about to close her eyes and rest, there was a loud noise coming from outside the corridor. Luo Shumo's expression darkened. She walked out and saw the bodyguards blocking Bai Ling and a group of women standing at the door.

These women were all under Bai Ling's command. They all thought that Fu Yuchen had doted on Bai Ling, and they hoped that she would be able to bask in his glory one day.

At this moment, their group of people really did have a feeling of being caught by a shrew on the side of the road, leading a group of people.

Luo Shumo didn't want them to cause a ruckus at the door, so she walked out. She looked coldly at Bai Ling, "Miss Bai, are you planning to make a ruckus here by gathering so many people?"

Bai Ling snorted coldly as she looked behind Luo Shumo with jealousy and said bluntly, "Luo Shumo, you sure have a good plan! They actually managed to convince Yuchen to let you come here! "

Luo Shumo looked at her and sneered. She replied, "Miss Bai, I believe you've forgotten that I'm the Young Madam of the Fu Family. Is it very strange to enter or leave this kind of place?"

"Young madam?" "It's just a lady on the board. Let me tell you, I'm just here to teach you a lesson. I'm telling you, Fu Yuchen belongs to me!" Bai Ling said as she winked at the few women she brought over.

The female staff were like tails of Bai Ling. When they saw her, they immediately rushed forward and reached out their hands to grab Luo Shumo.

Luo Shumo narrowed her eyes and coldly glanced at them. She quickly stepped to the side to avoid them. However, she tripped on something and staggered for a bit. Then, one of the women grabbed her wrist.

She turned around and tried to push the woman away, but the woman's strength was too great. She grabbed onto the woman tightly and used her nails to dig at her wrist.

Luo Shumo's face contorted in pain. Before she could struggle, the other women had already surrounded her, supporting her from left to right, bringing her in front of Bai Ling. Behind her, a woman lifted her leg and kicked Luo Shumo's leg.

When the bodyguard saw this scene, he hesitated. The two were both Director Fu's women, one was the real wife, the other was the favorite, he couldn't help anyone else.

After all, Luo Shumo's position in the company was not as good as Bai Ling's. This could be seen from how Director Fu made her become Bai Ling's assistant.

And everyone knew that she was an abandoned wife who had killed the president's beloved woman.

Bai Ling was the one beside Director Fu, the woman with the longest period of time.

It was not a rational choice to stop Bai Ling.

After kneeling on the ground, Luo Shumo glared at Bai Ling and said coldly, "I'll tell you. So what if you've subdued me like this? You're not Fu Yuchen's wife, you're just his lover!"

All these years, Bai Ling had relied on Fu Yuchen's limitless glory, but she never replaced Luo Shumo as the official wife.

This was the thing that she was most unwilling to accept.

When Bai Ling heard this, she was so angry that she almost gasped for breath. She looked at Luo Shumo with red eyes and said, "So what? Even if I'm more favored than you, I'll tell you. One day, I will become Fu Yuchen's wife!"

After saying that, Bai Ling waved her hand and slapped Luo Shumo viciously in the face.

Luo Shumo frowned. She subconsciously craned her neck to avoid the attack, trying her best to avoid the attack.

"Pah!" A heavy sound echoed in the air, but there was no pain on her face as she had expected. She raised her hand in shock and saw Bai Ling covering her face with a face full of grievance.

Standing in front of her was Fu Yuchen, who was filled with hostility and chilliness.

When the women holding Luo Shumo's hand saw Fu Yuchen, they were scared to the point that their faces turned pale. They quickly retracted their hands and stood aside with their heads lowered.

Fu Yuchen glanced at Bai Ling coldly, turned sideways and handed his hand to the woman kneeling on the ground.

Luo Shumo was slightly stunned as she looked at the pair of white, slender hands that were steady and powerful in front of her. She looked at the man in disbelief, obviously not expecting Fu Yuchen to help her.

Fu Yuchen just lowered his eyes and looked at her. There was no expression on his face, but it was as cold as the peak of a snowy mountain.

Luo Shumo paused for a moment before reaching out to grab his hand. She staggered up from the ground and stood to the side. She subconsciously tried to retract her hand, but the man grabbed her tightly.

She frowned and turned her head to look at the man. Fu Yuchen had an expressionless face and a pair of dark eyes that were extremely sharp.

Luo Shumo bit her lips and struggled secretly. However, she still couldn't force the man to use his strength.

At this time, the man cast a cold glance at her, and suddenly pulled her towards him. Then, he released her and looked at Bai Ling with sinister eyes, "What exactly happened? Do you treat the company as a battlefield? "

Bai Ling's expression changed. Just now, when Fu Yuchen came out, she knew that it was all over. No matter how she explained it later, she couldn't explain it clearly.

She rolled her eyes and immediately pointed the gun at the other women. "It's them. They tricked me. I was also possessed by a mysterious feeling, which is why I came here and did such a thing to her."

Those women were scared the moment they saw Fu Yuchen, but now that they saw Bai Ling was going to push this mess onto them without a care for their lives, they were displeased.

"Bai Ling, it was you who was jealous of Luo Shumo. You said that she stole your position and wanted us to show Luo Shumo who's boss!" One of the women immediately came forward to refute.

Although everyone secretly looked down on Luo Shumo, on the surface, she was still the Young Mistress of Fu Family. Especially since Fu Yuchen was still around, they were more or less afraid.

"I didn't... How, how can you treat me like this! " Bai Ling's eyes turned red as she glared at the women and yelled in a venomous voice.

Looking at her aggrieved expression, it seemed as if she had truly suffered a great grievance.

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