You Are The Only Special One/C3 You Don't Have the Right to Touch My Stuff
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You Are The Only Special One/C3 You Don't Have the Right to Touch My Stuff
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C3 You Don't Have the Right to Touch My Stuff

Luo Shumo heaved a sigh of relief when she pushed the door open.

Because Fu Yuchen didn't have any women with him.

The people sitting around him were all men in suits and suits, it seemed like they were really talking about cooperation.

Upon seeing Luo Shumo, Fu Yuchen's eyes that were as cold as ice started to glow. He smiled playfully, "That fast?"

"When are you coming home with me?" Luo Shumo pursed her lips and said.

"What right do you have to make me go home with you?" Fu Yuchen sneered. His eyes were full of mockery.

"I …" Seeing Fu Yuchen embarrass himself in front of everyone, Luo Shumo's face turned pale. She stood there stiffly and didn't know what to do.

"If you want me to go home, that's fine. You can go toast." Fu Yuchen played with the red wine in his hand. With a sneer, he said, "As long as everyone gets a toast, I will go back with you."

Luo Shumo clenched her fist tightly. With a pale face, she replied, "You know, I don't know how to drink."

"Oh, since you don't have that much sincerity, then scram." Fu Yuchen shook the glass in his hand. The dark red liquid in the glass made his black eyes look even deeper.

With her nails digging into the meat, Luo Shumo bit her lips and agreed. "Alright, that's what you said! Don't go back on your word. "

At this moment, the resplendent glazed lamp overhead reflected everything, making Luo Shumo's pair of clear eyes as bright as the stars. That kind of resolute gaze actually dazzled Fu Yuchen's eyes for a moment.

"Yes, I did." Fu Yuchen looked away and said coldly.

Luo Shumo gave him a deep look, then picked up her wine glass and walked step by step towards those men in suits and suits.

At first, those men were a bit nervous, but after Fu Yuchen's signal, they calmed down.

Luo Shumo didn't know how much alcohol she drank during the entire process. She drank one cup after another, the burning pain in her throat as if she was being burned by fire. The strong alcohol made her cough nonstop, making her cry, but she continued to drink.

Looking at Luo Shumo's pair of watery eyes and her face that was red from choking, a nameless fire started burning in Fu Yuchen's chest.

Why, was it so hard to submit to me?

The hand holding the wine cup suddenly tightened. Fu Yuchen's eyes darkened, but he still couldn't stop her.

He wanted to see how long this woman could last!

In the process, Luo Shumo felt as if her throat had become incapable of speaking. Her head felt muddled, and her legs felt heavy as if lead had been poured into them.

Luo Shumo's vision gradually turned blurry and the scene in front of her eyes became blurry. Gritting her teeth, she forced out a few traces of her remaining rationality and tightly gripped her wine cup as she walked towards the last customer.

This was the last one.

As long as she drank this cup of wine, she would be able to bring Fu Yuchen back.

Luo Shumo gritted her teeth and passed the glass of wine to that person. "This is my toast to you."

As she spoke, Luo Shumo brought the wine cup to her lips.

In the next second, her hand was held by that person.

Director Liu's rough palms rubbed against Luo Shumo's small hands, his fat face was full of vulgarity, his small eyes were lustfully staring at Luo Shumo's chest, his eyes were full of lust: "Beauty, you should show your sincerity if you want to toast. You're so far away from me, how can you show your sincerity?"

With that, Director Liu actually wrapped his arm around Luo Shumo's slender waist and pulled her down, pressing her down onto his thigh.

Luo Shumo was shocked, struggling with all her might. "What are you doing?!"

Her voice was hoarse.

Director Liu raised Luo Shumo's chin and admired Luo Shumo's delicate face. He whispered to Luo Shumo, "Beauty, how much did he give you to follow Director Fu for a month? How about you sell it to me? I'll double the price!"

This old man actually thought of her as that kind of woman!

Luo Shumo felt nauseous in her heart. She struggled with all her might, but she didn't expect her to be so strong that she lost her balance in the game. She fell to the ground and hit her head on the corner of the tea table.

Seeing this, Fu Yuchen threw the goblet in his hand onto the ground. "Pa!" The goblet shattered in response.

With a gloomy face, Fu Yuchen quickly walked up to Luo Shumo.

The aura around him was too strong, enough to cause the pressure around him to plummet by a few degrees Celsius.

Seeing Fu Yuchen's expression that was akin to a storm pressing down, the other partners all opened up a path.

"Luo Shumo!" "Luo Shumo?!" Fu Yuchen embraced the pale-faced girl and patted her pale face lightly with his palm.

Seeing that she didn't react, Fu Yuchen's face was as cold as ice. The coldness in his eyes was enough to freeze three feet.

It was the first time Director Liu had seen Fu Yuchen's expression so terrible. He said with embarrassment: "Director Fu, isn't it just a woman …"

Before he could finish, he was shocked by Fu Yuchen's sharp eyes that were like a snow leopard.

Which gaze was too cold? It made the chills roll down CEO Liu's spine, and his legs felt weak.

"Cheng Feng!"


Assistant Cheng Feng respectfully came in front of Fu Yuchen.

"Cancel all projects with Zhenhua Group!" "Send a letter to Liu Zhenhua within three hours!"

After saying that, Fu Yuchen carried the unconscious Luo Shumo and left the stupefied partners behind, leaving the room in a messy pace.

Liu Zhenhua was stunned for a while before he realized that Fu Yuchen had pushed away a project worth several hundred million just for a woman?

Looking at Fu Yuchen's back, Liu Zhenhua's face turned green and white, changing constantly like a passing lantern.

Seeing that Fu Yuchen was about to leave, Liu Zhenhua bit the bullet and cursed: "Fu Yuchen! "You went back on your word. To think that you were running such a big company, how can you be so disrespectful!"

Fu Yuchen stopped and turned around. His grave expression was filled with coldness, making people feel oppressed.

His thin lips parted as he spat out words that were as cold as knives, "You don't have the qualifications to touch my things."

With that, Fu Yuchen turned around and left.

Director Liu's face was ashen as he stood there stiffly.

At the Fu Family villa.

"What happened to her?" Fu Yuchen asked as he watched Chu Ci put the stethoscope into the medicine box.

Chu Ci closed the medical case with a displeased look on his face. "How did you become a husband? She had already caught a cold and had to drink so much alcohol. Fortunately, she only had a fever, if there were any side effects, it would be troublesome! "

Chu Ci was Fu Yuchen's personal doctor and good friend for many years. He was also the only one in the entire A City who dared to take revenge on him.

Hearing this, Fu Yuchen let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, he felt a bit unhappy, "What, you fell for her?"

Chu Ci was drinking water and almost spat out water when he heard this. He coughed a few times and said, "Who dares to mess with your people, I still want to live a few more years."

Fu Yuchen's cold expression softened slightly.

"What, you're so concerned about your little delicate wife, could it be that you've really fallen in love with her?"

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