You Are The Only Special One/C5 You Are Not Qualified to Call Her by Her Name
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You Are The Only Special One/C5 You Are Not Qualified to Call Her by Her Name
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C5 You Are Not Qualified to Call Her by Her Name

Back then, after she learned that Luo Yuxin had "died", Fu Yuchen had spent a huge sum of money to create a luxurious mausoleum for her. Every single flower and tree had its own craftsmanship and craftsmanship.

When Luo Shumo arrived at Luo Yuxin's grave and saw the sweet smile on Luo Yuxin's face on the tombstone, the ache in her heart became worse than ever.

Luo Shumo smiled bitterly as her fingers inched closer and closer to the picture.

"Yuxin, you left. Do you know what kind of life I've been leading?" "For you, I have suffered so much …"

As she spoke, Luo Shumo began to shed tears.

"Back then, you begged me to help you …" Luo Shumo choked. In her mind, she thought of Luo Yuxin's sweet and cute face, how she looked like a shadow following behind her butt, how she said "big sister" every single time …

Luo Shumo swallowed the bitter taste in her mouth.

She was the elder sister, she should have protected and protected Yuxin from the very beginning.

For Yuxin's sake, she could only endure this suffering.

Perhaps, he would be able to survive this period of time.

Maybe they would change their opinion of him.

Luo Shumo comforted herself.

The color of the twilight slowly dimmed. After Luo Shumo looked deeply at Luo Yuxin's tombstone, she descended the mountain and left.

As soon as she left the mountain, Luo Shumo felt two strong car lights shooting straight at her.

Luo Shumo's eyes hurt and she subconsciously covered them with the back of her hand.

When she got used to the light, she realized that it was Fu Yuchen's car.

Through the half-open window, Luo Shumo saw Fu Yuchen's cold, icy face.

At this moment, his deep and sharp gaze shot towards her direction. His gaze was as cold as if it was mixed with ice dregs.

When she saw that she was not far away, she did not expect him to not slow down at all as he drove straight towards her.

The bitterness in Luo Shumo's heart enveloped her.

Did he really want him to die so badly?

Luo Shumo originally wanted to struggle, but gave up the moment Fu Yuchen's car sped over.

Since he wanted him to die so much, then let him have his way.

At this moment, Fu Yuchen, who was holding the steering wheel, only wanted to give that reckless woman some face, but who knew that this damned woman would not even know how to dodge!

A good performance sports car is very fast, even the brake needs a certain distance.

The veins on Fu Yuchen's forehead popped as he hurriedly stopped.

Luo Shumo closed her eyes as she heard the screeching of brakes and the sound of tires scraping against the ground.

Luo Shumo had expected to be sent flying, but instead of that, she heard the sound of the door opening.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw Fu Yuchen walking towards her with a cold expression. The pair of cold, sharp eyes were like two icicles that were about to stab Luo Shumo's skin.

The aura around him was too gloomy, it was like a tempest pressing down on Luo Shumo, forcing her to take a step back subconsciously.

In the next second, his chin was caught by him. She was forced to raise her chin and meet his gaze.

"Luo Shumo, are you crazy?! You want to die so badly?! "

Fu Yuchen's pair of deep eyes were as cold as ice.

Luo Shumo smiled bitterly. "Didn't you want me to die?"

When she said that, Luo Shumo felt the pressure on Fu Yuchen become even stronger, even the surrounding temperature seemed to have frozen.

Fu Yuchen's thin lips curved in a mocking smile. He then pulled her to his side and hugged her from the waist.

Luo Shumo exclaimed and struggled. "What are you doing? Let me go! "

"Luo Shumo, you're asking for it!"

Fu Yuchen sneered and forced her into the car without a care.

The car door was slammed shut.

Luo Shumo was pressed onto the seat by him. After that, an earth-shattering kiss crazily rained down on her.

Fu Yuchen kissed her roughly. His big hands tore at her clothes, not giving her any chance to resist at all. He just crazily and forcefully kissed her.

It was Luo Shumo's first time seeing Fu Yuchen like this. Right now, he was like an enraged wild beast, venting his anger crazily on her.

Luo Shumo still remembered the feeling of her lower body being torn apart. She was curled up, her shoulders trembling slightly.

"No, you can't do this to me!" Luo Shumo struggled with all her might, and her clear and everlasting eyes were filled with tears that made her look like a frightened deer that caused others to feel tender and affectionate towards her.

The anger in Fu Yuchen's heart softened a little when he saw Luo Shumo acting like this.

Then, he recalled that Luo Shumo was the best at disguising herself, and he was almost deceived by her just now!

Thinking about this, Fu Yuchen's movements increased instead of slowing down, and he became even more boorish and wild.

Fu Yuchen opened up Luo Shumo's skirt and forcefully pulled open her lace pants, "Luo Shumo, stop acting so reserved here! You are my legal wife, and I want you to be my freedom wherever I go! "

Legal wife?

I'm afraid I'm a legitimate prostitute in his heart! The one that was free!

Luo Shumo's heart was cold. When her hot hair was pressing against her lower body, the fear of being pierced through at any time made her put all her strength into putting her arm against Fu Yuchen's chest, "At least you can't ask me to do this in front of Yuxin!"

Fu Yuchen's pair of cold, dark eyes became even colder after hearing what Luo Shumo said. At the moment, his dark, brutal eyes were frighteningly sinister, as if his gaze could tear Luo Shumo into pieces.

Luo Shumo looked at Fu Yuchen in shock. She didn't know what words she had said to anger him.

She quickly tidied up her messy clothes and covered herself with them.

The next second, Fu Yuchen grabbed her by the neck. The strength in his hands was so strong that Luo Shumo almost suffocated.

"Luo Shumo, you don't have the qualifications to call Yuxin by her name!"

His voice was so cold that it seemed to come from the depths of hell. His pair of deep and brutal eyes were like a bottomless cave in winter, sinister to the extreme.

Luo Shumo coughed violently. Her face was flushed red. The air in her chest was slowly sucked out. Fu Yuchen's cold and handsome face also became more and more blurred in her line of sight.

After experiencing this, Luo Shumo could no longer struggle as a suffocating feeling slowly enveloped her. Luo Shumo's eyes became more and more unfocused as she gradually lost her focus …

Fu Yuchen, who was originally in a rage, became even angrier when he saw Luo Shumo slowly close her eyes. His big hands pinched Luo Shumo's pale-white face, "Luo Shumo, what are you pretending for? Wake up!"

But even though her small, deathly pale face had been pinched by him, he still didn't see her wake up.

Could it be …

Realizing this thought, Fu Yuchen felt chills running down his spine and into his whole body.

Fu Yuchen's finger trembled as he stuck it under Luo Shumo's nose.

The weak breath made Fu Yuchen feel like he was falling into an icy cave.

An unexplainable panic struck Fu Yuchen's heart. He frantically put her on the back seat. Then, with trembling hands, he grabbed the steering wheel, started the car and sped towards the hospital.

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