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C6 Divorce

The luxurious Rolls-Royce suddenly stopped at the entrance of the hospital. A man with a sinister expression rushed into the hospital with a soft woman in his arms.

A group of doctors was already waiting at the entrance of the hospital. They hurriedly carried the unconscious Luo Shumo onto the cart and rushed her into the operation room.

Fu Yuchen followed the woman into the operation room. He turned around and punched the wall. His eyes were still serious.

The bottom of his heart was inexplicably anxious, as if it had penetrated deep into his bone marrow.

Luo Shumo, your body and soul are his. No matter the problem, he won't allow it!

Clenching his fists tightly, he turned around and stared coldly at the operation room, still walking back and forth restlessly.

After a while, when the door of the operation room was pushed open, Chu Ci pushed the operating cart and pushed Luo Shumo out of it. After the nurse sent the patient away, Chu Ci slowly walked towards Fu Yuchen.

He walked forward and placed his hand on Chen Xiaolian's shoulder, intentionally teasing him. "When I checked her body, I found that there were many exceptionally tyrannical and …"

Fu Yuchen's hawk-like eyes swept across him coldly. "Do you think you're too idle?"

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows. With a meaningful smile on his face, he waved his hand and left.

Watching Chu Ci leave, Fu Yuchen squinted his dark eyes. Remembering the pale face of the little girl who was pushed out of the operation room just now, his pupils slightly moved.

… ….

Luo Shumo only woke up in the afternoon. When she opened her eyes, she found a snow-white bed. Her pair of clear and gloomy eyes looked out the window at the sunlight. She couldn't help but be a little absent-minded.

Actually, Fu Yuchen didn't even have himself in his heart. All that she did was wishful thinking.

Suddenly, the door to the ward was locked. She subconsciously turned around and saw a man filled with hostility walking in.

"What are you doing here?!" Her delicate face suddenly sank as she stared at him with her sharp eyes. Her voice was ice-cold and indifferent.

Fu Yuchen strode forward, his hard, cold face full of malice. He put down a lunchbox and pursed his lips.

Luo Shumo lowered her gaze to the lunchbox. With a cold glint in her eyes, she said in a low voice, "Let's get divorced."

Since it was a love he could not obtain, he might as well let go and leave.

Suddenly, a sentence was thrown. Fu Yuchen's black eyes twitched, his gloomy gaze locked tightly on her. His low and hoarse voice had a repressed anger in it: "Say that again!"

This woman actually dared to propose a divorce! Did she have the qualifications?!

However, the woman in front of him was still looking straight at him. Her gaze was stubborn and unyielding, while her cold eyes were filled with coldness.

"Fu Yuchen, let's get a divorce."

Such a resolute and fierce gaze was like a knife that stabbed into his heart, causing a monstrous rage to suddenly rise from the bottom of his heart.

He suddenly moved closer to her and pinched her chin with his slender hand. He looked at her black eyes and said fiercely, "Luo Shumo, stop pretending. This method of capturing the enemy is useless!"

A method to capture him? Luo Shumo smirked sadly. She was such a scheming woman in front of him.

She fixed her gaze on him, her voice resolute and decisive. "I'm seriously telling you this."

"Are you qualified to tell me? You are a woman who can't even compare to the goods sold outside! " He grabbed her under the chin so excitedly that he felt like he was going to crush her.

"Luo Shumo, I won't divorce you." His dark eyes were bone-chilling cold. "You still haven't paid off the debt you owe me!"

She had already explained this to him many times, but he had never believed her.

Luo Shumo looked at him with cold but firm eyes, "Fu Yuchen, let me tell you, I don't even care to do that kind of thing!"

"A despicable woman like you, to even steal your boyfriend, what else can't you do?" With a cold snort, his hand suddenly moved downwards and covered her neck, tightening bit by bit.

Luo Shumo's eyes were wide open as she stared at him with a strangled neck. However, her eyes were still as stubborn as ever, as if they were filled with a dazzling power.

His subordinate slowly tightened as the man's gaze turned as dark as an asura from hell: "Luo Shumo, I'm telling you, you better behave yourself or I'll destroy you!"

Luo Shumo felt her breathing tighten. Her pretty face gradually flushed red as she subconsciously grabbed onto his wrist to resist.

"Fu Yuchen... You want. Kill me? "

The man's dark eyes trembled for a moment. Then, he suddenly let go of her hand, turned around and left coldly.

Luo Shumo's eyes were bloodshot as she looked at the door. Recalling the man's bloodthirsty eyes, she felt a chill down her spine.

Sitting on the sickbed, she hugged herself, the smaller figure slightly trembled, the pain that accumulated in her heart choked in her throat, and her tears dampened her sleeves.

At some point in time, she and he could only meet in such a manner. They were at loggerheads, as if they could stab each other into a bloody hole at any time.

She did not know when she gradually fell asleep, but she could vaguely feel a layer of warmth and a thick feeling on her forehead.

She twisted her forehead and abruptly opened her eyes to look at the man before her. She took a step back with caution and glared at the man before her.

What did Fu Yuchen want to do to him?

Only when she came back to her senses did she realize that the person in front of her was a doctor in a white coat. Her gaze fell on the sign on his chest: attending physician, Chu Ci.

Chu Ci was taking a temperature measurement for her, but he felt that the person on the bed was trembling all over. Shortly after, the woman in front of him opened her eyes and glared at him.

His eyes were clear and bright, and there was a slight tinge of fear within them.

He subconsciously retracted his hand and looked at her lips that were curling up slightly. With a gentle voice, he asked, "Did I disturb your rest?"

Luo Shumo looked at the handsome doctor in front of her. Her voice was as gentle as water. When she thought of her extreme reaction, she felt slightly embarrassed.

She got up and looked at him biting her lips as she gave an awkward smile. "I'm sorry, I just …"

"It's fine." Chu Ci shook his head. While recording the data, he looked at her gently voice: "It's a good thing for a woman to be vigilant, but I think you're not in a good condition. Take fewer drugs."

Luo Shumo's gaze paused for a moment. When she thought about the pill, her expression froze.

He didn't say it out loud, but he also didn't say it out loud.

"Mm, I will restrain myself." She watched him tug at the corner of his mouth and give him a faint smile.

Chu Ci glanced at her, and after recording the medical records in his hand, he turned around and was about to leave. He seemed to have thought of something, came back and took out a chocolate from his pocket and put it in her hand.

Brown chocolate, as if the heat of his fingertips.

"I hope it brings you sweetness." Chu Ci looked at her gentle gaze, while his handsome face was filled with warmth.

Looking at the small chocolate, Luo Shumo's heart was suddenly moved.

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