You Are The Only Special One/C8 No Location for You
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You Are The Only Special One/C8 No Location for You
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C8 No Location for You

After resting for the whole night, she woke up early the next morning and tidied up the things inside the ward. He changed into a new set of clothes, opened the door, and was about to leave the ward.

However, he found that Chu Ci had also opened the door.

Chu Ci looked at the woman in front of him who seemed to have cleaned up properly. He frowned: "Your body temperature was still a bit high yesterday. You should rest for another day."

"No need, I'm not that delicate." Luo Shumo said indifferently as she stood up to leave.

Chu Ci quickly grabbed her wrist and stood in front of her with concern. "Miss Luo, you will be hurt one day if you treat your body like this."

Although the man in front of him was Fu Yuchen's friend, he was more warm and empathetic.

Thinking of her attitude towards him yesterday, she felt a bit guilty. She paused and looked at him, "Doctor Chu, I know you did this for my own good, but I wouldn't have done this if I were still fine."

Who truly cared about her body?

"Miss Luo …" Chu Ci saw that she still wanted to persuade him, but when he saw the woman's tired but strong appearance, he couldn't help but sigh.

After leaving the hospital, Luo Shumo took a taxi to the Fu Group.

When she reached the top floor, she went to her office with great familiarity. Just as she was about to open the door with her key, she found that the door had already been opened by someone.

She felt a little strange in her heart. She walked forward with large strides and realised that the office was filled with decorations that she had never seen before.

Bai Ling's name card was placed on the huge desk.

Had he walked into the wrong office?

Luo Shumo frowned and walked out of the office. She looked at the nameplate outside the door and found that she did not make a mistake.

Then why was it that there was nothing for him in this office and everything was for Bai Ling?

Just as he thought this was unthinkable, his ears twitched and the sound of high-heeled shoes gradually grew closer. Soon, he reached the door.

"Oh, Miss Luo, are you here to celebrate for me?"

A delicate female voice rang out. Luo Shumo frowned and turned around to look at the door. She saw Bai Ling, dressed in a tight white business suit, standing at the door. Her exquisite face was filled with a proud smile.

Luo Shumo frowned and looked at her: "What exactly is going on? "Why are you in my office?"

"Yours?" Bai Ling raised her eyebrows and walked slowly towards her. She couldn't conceal the pleased smile on her face as she said, "Luo Shumo, look carefully. All of these things are mine. Where are you located?"

"This is my office!" Looking at the proud and complacent look on the woman's face, Luo Shumo's eyes were burning with anger.

Bai Ling smiled, her eyes dark and full of scorn and ridicule, "Don't you know that Director Fu gave this office to me especially, and also gave it to me at the same time..."

"Your position." Bai Ling said complacently as she slightly bent over and whispered into her ear.

"What?" Luo Shumo looked astonished.

Did Fu Yuchen intend to kick him out completely? He actually let Bai Ling take over his position and didn't tell him about the whole thing.

"Don't make such a fuss. It's normal for a woman like you who has nothing at all to be abandoned." Bai Ling laughed complacently as she looked at Luo Shumo, ridiculing her unceremoniously.

She spoke so frivolously, as if she should have been abandoned by everyone.

Suddenly, Luo Shumo's heart was set ablaze. She turned around as if she had gone mad, sweeping all the documents on the huge desk to the ground.

"Hey!" You crazy woman! " Bai Ling glared at her and rushed forward to stop Luo Shumo.

However, Luo Shumo pushed her away. She picked up a chair and threw it at everything in the office.

For a moment, the entire office was in chaos. There were glass scraps on the floor, and snow-white documents scattered on the floor.

Bai Ling looked at the luxurious office that she had painstakingly built. In the next moment, Bei Luo Shumo was destroyed, causing her eyes to turn red with anger.

She rushed forward and grabbed Luo Shumo's hair, raising her hand to give her two slaps.

Luo Shumo had had enough of the past few days. Now that Bai Ling had passed, she unceremoniously grabbed her wrist and kicked her to the ground.

Bai Ling only felt a dull pain in her stomach. She was kicked several meters back by the force of the kick.

Luo Shumo had a delicate and pretty face with a ferocious expression. Her pair of clear eyes were filled with intense hatred.

This hatred was like the flames of hell, causing Bai Ling's heart to slightly tremble, and her aura to weaken a little.

"You! Don't come near me! " Bai Ling clutched at her aching stomach and subconsciously retreated step by step. She stared warily at Luo Shumo!

Luo Shumo walked towards her with large strides, but when she was close enough, she glared fiercely at her and was about to leave the office.

Seeing that Luo Shumo didn't plan to do anything to her, the cowardice in Bai Ling's eyes was swept away. She looked at her and said coldly, "At least you know your place. If you hit me, Fu Yuchen will know how to deal with you."

Luo Shumo just didn't want the situation to escalate further. Hearing the proud and complacent voice of the woman behind her made her clench her fists again.

She suddenly turned around and stared at Bai Ling with eyes as cold as knives, "I didn't do anything to you, it's not because I'm afraid of Fu Yuchen!"

Bai Ling pursed her lips and sighed at her, "Who knows? You don't have to try to be brave. Who doesn't know that you're Luo Yuxin's substitute?"


The light in Luo Shumo's eyes became even colder. She stared coldly at Bai Ling, "Even if I'm a substitute for Luo Yuxin, I'm still a daughter-in-law of Fu Family. If I want to kill a girl like you, I can do it with a finger."

Bai Ling didn't mind Luo Shumo's threats at all, and laughed mockingly: "Your status as Fu Family's daughter-in-law is so scary, but you're not being pampered at all, what's the use of that?"

In the Wealthy Class, all the resources were in the hands of men. What women needed to do the most was to make men happy.

No matter how high his position was, he couldn't escape this misfortune.

If one could obtain the love of a man, even if they didn't know anything, they could still live like a princess. No matter how powerful a woman was, without a man's love, she would be trash.

Everyone believed that she had deliberately set Luo Yuxin up to obtain the position of Young Mistress.

No one looked at her directly, let alone Fu Yuchen.

It was because everyone knew of this reason that they were so rampant, even bullying her.

This matter was like a wound that had been brewing in Luo Shumo's heart. She wanted nothing more than to tear Bai Ling into pieces, but she gritted her teeth and resisted.

She would prove herself to the world one day.

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