You Are The Only Special One/C9 The Murderer's Wife
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You Are The Only Special One/C9 The Murderer's Wife
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C9 The Murderer's Wife

After leaving the office, Luo Shumo went into the small office next door.

This office was a small room that was specially prepared for the latest plans and historical documents. At this moment, a staff member on duty was arranging the documents on the table.

Luo Shumo walked up and was about to ask about what had happened in the company during this period of time, but her eyes suddenly caught a piece of paper on her desk.

As the familiar words were written in large characters, her vision slowly began to slide down. She suddenly saw that the final signature of the proposal was Bai Ling. Opening the proposal, there was actually Fu Yuchen's signature on the last page!

Soo Soo's eyebrows suddenly tightened. She held up the proposal plan and coldly looked at the employee: "What exactly happened? This is obviously a proposal that I came up with! "

This proposal had cost her a lot of effort. Why did it suddenly become Bai Ling's?

The employee was busy with proofreading the documents in his hands. His eyes paused on the documents in Luo Shumo's hands and said lightly, "This was requested by Director Fu. He said to change this proposal into Bai Ling's."

Fu Yuchen personally requested it?

With the documents in her hands, Luo Shumo understood in a blink of an eye. No wonder Bai Ling could be promoted so quickly.

It seemed that he had tried to curry favor with Fu Yuchen a lot, but this proposal was his hard work. He had humiliated him in such a public manner. It was truly despicable!

Grabbing the plans on the table, she strode out of the office and headed straight for the CEO's office on the top floor.

Outside the door, the assistant saw Luo Shumo rushing over aggressively. She quickly stood up and stopped her: "Miss Luo, you have to make an appointment to go in. You will disturb Director Fu's work if you go in like this."

Disturb? When he had changed the proposal that he painstakingly worked on into someone else's, why hadn't he thought of his own feelings?

She suddenly pushed away the assistant in front of her. Her bright eyes stared at him fiercely as she said, "I'm telling you, get the hell away from me. I'm going in today!"

When the assistant saw Luo Shumo's aggressive look, he hurriedly stood in front of Fu Yuchen's office. He looked at Luo Shumo nervously, "Miss Luo, you might make Wu Tie unhappy. Why don't you wait outside for a while, I'll go inside to report to him."

Luo Shumo looked at the assistant who was swearing to defend the door with his life on the line, and started to wonder what was going on.

The air was silent for a moment. Then, a flirtatious female voice came from inside the door: "Ah ~ Director Fu, be a bit softer."

The assistant's expression changed, and a sneer appeared on the corner of her mouth. She raised her hand and fiercely tore open the secretary's door and kicked open the office's door.

Inside the luxurious office, the curtains were tightly shut. On the sofa, a man and a woman were intertwined as if they were drunk. As for the clothes scattered on the floor of the office, it was evident just how crazy that was.

Seeing the sexy scene in the office, Luo Shumo subconsciously turned around to avoid it. She tightened her grip on the documents.

The assistant stood outside the door with an awkward expression. He looked at Fu Yuchen, who was tidying up his clothes, and said, "Director Fu, I just..."

Fu Yuchen glanced at Luo Shumo indifferently. With a seductive and dull voice, he said, "You can leave first."

The assistant hurriedly closed the door and left the office as if he had received amnesty.

Luo Shumo was standing at the door with an ice-cold expression. Bai Ling's coquettish voice still sounded beside his ear, "Director Fu, you said that I was seen by someone just now. That makes me shy."

Does someone like Bai Ling know how to be shy?

The thing he was looking forward to the most is to strip himself naked and lie on Fu Yuchen's bed, right?

As Luo Shumo listened, she felt an unbearable pain in her heart. She choked and bit her lips, not saying a word.

Fu Yuchen's soft voice was like a cat scratching the heart, but there was no warmth in his gloomy eyes. He raised his eyes to look coldly at Luo Shumo who was standing at the door and saw her expressionless face, as if she didn't care at all.

An inexplicable fire rose in Fu Yuchen's heart. He suddenly grabbed Bai Ling's hair and pressed it against Bai Ling's body, firmly blocking her lips.

Bai Ling, caught off guard by the sudden kiss, subconsciously moaned.

Luo Shumo heard the movements of the people behind her and turned around to take a peek. She saw Fu Yuchen pressing down on Bai Ling's body and forcefully kissing her lips. Bai Ling looked greedy but also enjoyed it.

Her heart slightly trembled. Her fingers clenched and her knuckles turned white. The two of them were entangled. The pain was like a knife that stabbed deep into her heart. The waves of pain engulfed her entire body, as if it was going to destroy her.

However, she didn't have the courage to do so. She went forward and forcefully separated the two of them, and could only stand there while trembling from anger.

Fu Yuchen fiercely kissed Bai Ling, who was standing in front of him. Indeed, he felt that the taste was not as good as before.

As for the woman who was standing there, she seemed like an ice sculpture as she stood there expressionlessly.

His subordinates were getting more and more aggressive towards Bai Ling. Bai Ling screamed intensely underneath him. In order to reflect her position in Fu Yuchen's heart, she did her best to shout, one after another, to show it to Luo Shumo.

"Ah!" Why are you here again? I'm not ready yet. " Bai Ling moaned, yet her white arm wrapped around Fu Yuchen's shoulder even more tightly.

Seeing that the two people behind her were about to put on an act, Luo Shumo could no longer hold it in. She raised her hand to rub her nose and coughed softly. "You two, do you want me to record you for the whole world to see?"

The two people stopped, Fu Yuchen raised his eyebrows, this woman finally had a reaction.

Bai Ling smiled coquettishly and said, "If you don't like it, you can wait at the door. You can come in after it's done."

She was only a mistress, so she let her original body go outside to wait for them to finish their tasks before meeting again. She was filled with arrogance and arrogance, not putting herself in her eyes at all.

What a joke. Luo Shumo lowered her gaze, a trace of coldness flashing across her bright eyes. "Miss Bai Ling, you seem to have forgotten your identity. Director Fu is a family member after all."

"Oh ~ I remember now. It's the wife that framed her own sister just for her position?" Bai Ling smiled. Her laugh was sharp and unkind.

Every word was deliberately aimed at Luo Shumo, ridiculing her scheming to marry Fu Yuchen.

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