You belong to me/C1 Chapter one
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You belong to me/C1 Chapter one
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C1 Chapter one

Almost woke up feeling dizzy I can not believe Bruno Lopez did this to me. I hear Mum calling but I decide to bluff. before I know it Francis Angel is in my space looking like he is looking for something and I can't think of anything at the moment, Francis what are you looking for? Anna Dad gave you something to hide last night, I don't remember things mostly when I do them under the influence of alcohol. My Young brother comes into my room looking exalted, I can't seem to find them, Dad, give Anna something to drink August. what are you looking for a family I ask this time looking at Lauren, Mum looks at me with a smile on her face, guns anna dear.


My name is Anastasia Angel I am a professor at the biggest university in country A. My Father Francis Angel was once a president during his tenure in office he accumulated a lot of wealth. for this reason he keeps guns near him because he has got a lot of people looking for him.

My mother Lauren Angel is a retired accountant my brother is a student at the biggest university.

"I will leave you, family, So that you continue with the searching. I go to the bathroom and take a quick shower dressed in my professional attire.

As soon as I arrive at work, I find my best friend Alice Lee waiting for me with a furious face " where have you been Anna" she asked. Mahlon Brown's men were outside my apartment." how did he find you" "Anna I don't know". I am late for work Anna I will see you later, have got a patient to see bye.

As I make my way to my office I try to think of the time I lost my memories. I stayed for one year without having any idea of who I was and what was going is that one year I have lost and I can't seem to remember no matter how much I try to think about it.

After work, I am meeting up with Liz and Alice.

Hello, professor.

Hello Justin " what do you have for me?"

"Assignments from the students"

How many classes do I have today?"Justin.

Only two. clear my schedule after that.

"Alright" professor.

After Justin my Secretary leaves my office I go through the work submitted by the students.

"After work, I go to the cafeteria to meet up with my friends and gossip, mostly about work and the most happening men in the business world. As soon as I enter I set my eyes on Gilbert Green who is discussing something with his assistant.

Gilbert Green is a fashion icon, he rules the fashion industry in Country A. We were at the same University with Gilbert, Liz, and Alice.

I spot my friends in the corner of the cafeteria chatting.

"Liz is still crushing on Gilbert"

Come on Alice stop joking around.

"Stop it you guys" this is the biggest cafeteria in country A. It is only open to businessmen and women. My Friend, Alice's boyfriend is the manager in this cafeteria that's why we have a chance to mingle at such a place once in a while. Anastasia" how are things going."

Good, I guess.

"How is your memory coming up?"

Liz, you are asking too much.

It's fine Alice. The Doctor said that it seems like I lost my virginity during that time.

"You must be kidding me " am not. I can't seem to remember how I lost my virginity.

"Don't cry "anna

You silly girl who says am crying.

" How can you not remember who you did the did with.

Alice, please leave anna alone.

Am just asking Girl.

Are you guys, for real.

I hear Mahlon has got a crush on a childhood friend. Alice "Who told you?"

It's just a rumor.

I thought he is gay.

"Anna, that's somehow rude"

"Arrived home later in the evening and I go straight to my room. I want to freshen up in time for supper.

I stand in the shower for few minutes and I have a flashback of myself with a man. I can't seem to make out the face of the same man. The shoulders look familiar.

I feel uncomfortable just by the fault of sleeping with someone I don't know, I have a lot of questions to ask but no one to answer my questions.

Is that man the key to my missing months?

After bathing I go to the kitchen to help mum prepare supper. Mum and I don't have much to talk about we only focus on cooking when we are done, we set the table and Mum goes to the study to look for Dad and I make my way to my brother's room to call him.

Most of my workmates wonder why a 25-year-old girl like me still stays at her parent's place...the fact is I also don't know, dad doesn't want me to move he is scared that I might get drank and forget my way home, I don't blame him.

After supper, I chat a handful with August and go to bed. just as I enter my room I receive we chat notification.

" Have you guys not heard?"

"Get to the point Liz"

"Gilbert Green will be hosting a party to celebrate his father's death Gilbert Green Snr"

The party will be on three days' day.

Prepare adequately ladies this will be our chance to showcase our beautiful bodies and don't forget ladies there will be a lot of handsome, men to choose from oh I can't wait. this is my opportunity to show off my Gucci dress and bag.

Hold it there Alice...."are we invited or do you want us to gate crash Gilbert Greens party"

I wouldn't love to embarrass in front of the business community.

"Is Mahlon Brown going to be there, Lizzie"

"Anna." Where is he going to be if not at the party? Gilbert Green and Mahlon Brown have been friends since childhood.

"Let's chat it over tomorrow after work" sleep well ladies.


"I have always liked you since you were a child your father used to bring you to my place so that I can teach you how to arrange numbers, give me this opportunity to prove how much I love you glance at me my Anna" just as I was about to look at him my alarm goes off. Surprisingly it is the sixth time my alarm was going off. I have overslept oh I have got four classes today how am I going to cover them. I prepare myself and leave for work.

I found my parents waiting for me so that we can have breakfast since being late for work. Anastasia, "your Dad and I have something important to discuss with you"

"Can't we talk in the evening, Mum " I am late for work.

"No Anastasia this is more important"

I can sense something big is coming almost just by the way they are looking at me. Mum signals me to sit down, kindly make it short.

Anastasia, your Mum, and I signed an agreement with the brown family.

"was the agreement about "

Shhhh Anastasia let your father finish.

"We signed an agreement stating that when you are old enough, you will become Mahlon Browns wife"

"How could you do that Dad why didn't you agree on behalf of August Angel.

" Anastasia Angel come back"

"Your Father is still speaking."

I call work and ask for one week's leave so that I clear my mind. I send Alice Lee a message informing her that am on my way. I arrive at Alice's place and I park my baby next to hers.

"Are you sure of what you are saying, "Anastasia.?

Yes, Alice...what are you going to do?

"I don't know"

Do they know that you are not a virgin"

They don't know....but do you think Mahlon is going to accept someone who is not a virgin.

Anna" should I give you something to do drink"

"I want something strong"

I don't want to disappoint my parents they see a pure lady when they look at me what should I do.

I wake up from my sleep and find Liz staring at me

"What's wrong with you girl, do you want to kill yourself?

I look at her without saying a word.

I check the time on my phone and finds it's 2 am

"Fifteen missed calls from Dad"

"Six missed calls from Mum and August"

They must be worried sick.

"I want some water" Liz looks at me without saying a word.

I know Alice has filled Liz in. Bruno comes in looking like he was running away from something.

"How are you feeling" Anna

Am okay.

"Why are you excited Bruno "Lizzie

" do I look like someone excited to you"

Don't worry Anna, you will be okay"

Bruno Lopez works for Mahlon Brown as his assistant. he has been working for Muls for three years.


I arrive home and find my father outside looking like he didn't have a night's sleep.

"Where have you been Anastasia"

"I am fine Dad"

Just as I enter I find August and Mum having breakfast.

"Where did you go Anastasia" mum

For a work mum"

But why didn't you pick up our calls"

"I didn't hear your calls"

I go straight to my room and close the door behind me.

"I can't believe two days have gone by already, as I prepare for the Gilbert Green snr death celebration I hear the mum calling, "Anastasia, Liz, and Alice are here.

I go downstairs and kiss mum goodbye. we arrive at Green five star hotel..lucky us Liz was given three invitation cards. Just as we enter I bump my head on something hard ouch! Ouch!

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