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I look up and find myself looking at a man about 6/5 in height black hair, sexy green eyes. Wait it's Mahlon Brown oh my I struggle to come out from his hands. he was holding me to prevent me from falling. He helps me to stand nicely, without saying a word he leaves me and my friends standing by the door and he enters the elevator with his men.

"Anna, that's your soon to be husband"

Liz, "did you notice how he was looking at her"

"What are you saying, Alice"

"Come on, ladies let's go inside."

"As we enter Bruno Lopez smiles at us, we go to him and greets him.

" you ladies, look gorgeous"

"Thank You, Bruno"

"Where is the host, Bruno"

"He will be here in few minutes"

"Let me fix my makeup"

Liz has got a crush on Gilbert and we all know about it.

"Shortly after Bruno leaves, I look up and see a man standing facing back to the audience. his back looks familiar like the one I keep seeing each time I close my eyes. I leave Alice and make my way upstairs I bump into Liz who is coming from fixing her makeup.

" what's wrong Anastasia"

"I saw someone I keep seeing each time I close my eyes,

" did you see his face"

"I only saw his back"

"Let's go and see"

We make our way upstairs and only see two men Gilbert Green and Mahlon Brown and they are all wearing the same grey suit, same height, same hair color. I can't tell who I just saw. but how can this subsist, did I give myself to one of these men. Gilbert Green walks to us greets us.

"Hi ladies please make yourselves, comfortable and it's nice seeing you"

It's the first time am seeing Mr. Green smile. Most businessmen have a powerful aura. I could see Mr. Greens' cold eyes. I don't understand why he is hosting his fathers' death celebration.

"We find Mr. Green concluding his speech as we stand next to Alice who was holding a glass of wine in her hand.

"Anna your soon to be fiance was looking for you"

"Are you drunk?"

Stop talking nonsense.

Mr. Green is looking over here..." he looks charming Liz brushes. " who is is that with Mahlon" Alice exclaim..i"s that not Eden Blue" Liz explains. I saw a picture of them together. "How were the comments "Liz. You know how the netizens behave. Mahlon is there like their god and for them, Eden Blue is a perfect example of their goddess. Eden Blue is coming over with that pigment friend of as what's her name pigtrice white hahaha.

Hi, Anna

Hi, Eden

Let me go straight to the point, you should stay away from my man. Yes, he told me about your childhood engagement. that useless adult talk" Eden chuckles how can your parents take small talks seriously. are you that pain in the ass that they are eager to marry you off, sorry for shutting down your dreams because very soon Mahlon brown and I will be having our engagement party am sure you are aware of it, we will send you an invitation card soon.

Let's go, Beatrice am sure the professor has got a lot of books for Mark.

Beatrice giggles." Don't you have a plan so that Mahlon may hate her more"

Shhh, Beatrice just waits for the show will start soon.

"I told you guys that she is a snake" didn't you hear how she was hissing"

"Forget about it Liz" Alice intervenes before she starts cursing.

"Am not feeling too good"

Anna, "what's wrong"

"I am feeling hot"Anna cries

Alice, I think her drink was spilled" who could do this to degrade her image.

Who else apart from Eden Blue this is her doing.

"Liz, help me take off my outfit its too hot in here.

Can you walk Anna, Liz

Yes, I can.

Alice let's rush to my car before people notices.

As soon as we leave the hotel Anna starts unzipping her dress. we rush her to the car.

Girl, you are heavy" Liz cried.

"We drive to the hospital which is a few minutes drive to the hospital.

She is given something to help her.

Alice, it's good we don't have to explain to her parents she is old enough to know what is right and wrong.

"shortly I wake up in the hospital and finds my three good friends looking tired with dark circles in their eyes.

"Did you guys sleep here,?

If we didn't who would.

Ladies have got a meeting in 30mins time" Bruno absolved himself.

I look at my girlfriend feeling embarrassed was drugged.

Yes," who do you think would have done this to you"

I don't know"

It's the shitty snake she is jealous not just jealous but she wants to steal your man " Liz exclaimed

There is no point in talking about all those things the good thing is that I am okay and no harm happened to me.

"Was released after the Doctor confirmed that I was okay and out of danger.

"I arrive home later in the evening and find my Mum and Dad chatting about something which I couldn't hear because of the distance from where I was standing, immediately Mum welcomes me with a smile.

"How was the party, Anastasia"

"It was good I guess"

Do you guess? Don't tell me you quarreled with someone, is it Mahlon

Mum!! I didn't quarrel with anyone.

"How was it" Dad inquires

It's was okay"

"Was Mahlon there"

Yes, Dad.

Did you talk about the engagement"

What engagement are you talking about Dad?

I talked to his grandfather in the morning and he said that the engagement is set for a few months forthwith.

Alright, father.

I make my way to my room I take a quick shower and get a book. reading is my hobby. It's the only thing that helps me from overthinking.

My brother August Angel comes into my room without knocking.

"What's wrong with you, have you sold your manners in the boulevard"

Are you okay August?

He maintains his position whilst touching his chin.

"If you don't want to talk it's fine, you know where the to exist"

"I have lost one of Dads guns"

I want to shout but August covers my mouth.

Anastasia, what's your problem?

You want mum to hear you.

I will remove the hand slowly don't scream okay.

I nod my head in the authorization.

How did you lose the gun?

I don't remember as well, I had it in my bag.

"Who did you tell about the gun"

Aiden blue, I wanted to show him the gun.

Are you nuts, August Angel..why are you Angel when you can't think like one?

Aiden Blue is the one who has stolen the gun.

Dad has hidden gold in those guns that gun is made of gold.

August this wealth you are seeing,t his huge house we stay in, that apartment in the hills it's because of those guns.

One gun is worth millions.

Look at it in this way, if Aiden Blue shows that gun to Eden Blue.

"It will be on the news tomorrow"

Not only news but evidence to prove that Dad stole a lot of money, during his tenure in office.

Don't tell me, you have not noticed how Dad behaves if any of those guns is misplaced.

"I know Anastasia, I don't know what I was thinking. he told me about his gun, he said that he uses his gun for hunting humans"

"He was just joking with you" August.

Shouting won't solve anything dear sister. the question here is..how do I get the gun back from him without him noticing.

"You are the best person who can find the solution "

What do you plan on doing, August Angel?

"Aiden Blue is the youngest brother of Eden Blue son of Aiden Blue Snr who is the current chief justice.his father as being looking for ways to have my father answer for his crimes.

Dad was not the best president of this country but he did his best. the only thing he failed to control is the virus.

"I will have to show Aiden Blue who is the boss nobody steals my things I am the son of the former president of this country. after I am done with him, I will make his girlfriend scream my name. she will be my girlfriend, I will make his girlfriend mine.

" August, what are you thinking about, this is not the right time to overthink."

"August leaves my room to go and finish his wild thought somewhere else, I continue reading my book.

I am awakened by a knock on the door and it's Ruth knocking. Ruth has been with us since I was a baby.

Young miss, "your father is requesting your presence.

"Okay am coming"

What can make Dad want to have a word with me at this hour, what has come up? is everything okay?

I make my way to the dining room and the first person I see is Mahlon Brown. what has he come to do?

Is he here to cancel the engagement

He has come with someone, they somehow resemble but the other man looks aged he must be the grandfather if am not mistaken, I greet the old man first then Mahlon and then Bruno who is always with Mahlon. if we weren't friends I would have thought he is his bodyguard or boyfriend I chuckle at the thought of it.

"Anastasia am sure you have met Mr. Brown and his grandfather."

I nod my head in approval.

"You have grown, you were only twelve years old the last time we met grandfather emphasizes the word grown.

he is not different from Dad.

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