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C12 Bride

The atmosphere of the dining room was extremely cold, Eryna and Micah sat on the opposite side of the table with food before them,

The butler had given up on his serving to calm the battle between the two, Eryna dug into the pancake mercilessly and bit into it harshly as she stared at Micah, who was reading his files at the breakfast table.

It was quite a scene for the house maids who had just walked in through the main door, some had stopped breathing while the others were on the verge of collapsing at the sight of their Master eating breakfast in the mansion.

Eryna had cleaned up her plate and got up to walk away,

“Clean up the mess you have made,” he growled.

Eryna who had already made up her mind to clean up the kitchen got upset at him telling her what to do, she rolled her eyes back at him, she parted her lips.

“What if I don’t?”

Her face was painted with an arrogant look,

“What did you say?” Micah rose up from his chair with an angry expression.

Eryna’s expression suddenly changed from arrogant to a timed one and she parted her lips again, but this time a soft voice escaped her mouth.

“Oh, Grandpa you are here?”Eryna spoke in a soft voice as she gazed past Micah.

“Ha, You think you can fool me twice?” Micah spoke coldly.

“Micah! How dare you treat her like this?” A grave voice spoke from behind Micah that made him freeze, his face darkened as he stared at Eryna who had a victorious smile on her face.

“Grandpa? Why are you here?” Micah fixed her expressions and turned around swiftly.

“Why do you think I am here? I wanted to see how badly are you treating your wife,”

He spoke in a voice filled with anger.

“It’s a Misunderstanding , I was just…”

“Silence!...I know I have arranged this marriage for you two, but that does not mean that I will let you do whatever you please to that innocent child,”

He roared at Micha on which he hung his head low.

‘Did I get too overboard? Now I kind of feel bad for him,’

Eryna looked at Micah’s hanging head and thought to herself.

“You are going to take a break from work and spend time with your wife…”

He spoke again.

“No! grandpa I don’t want a break,”

Micah’s eyes trembled as he rejected his grandpa's words.

‘Why is he over reacting, he only told him to spend time with his wif—NO WAY!’

When Eryna realised that the wife grandpa was talking about was her, she was at loss of words,

“Yes, grandpa there is no need for that, it would waste a lot of his time. Let’s do that another time,”

Eryna sprinted over two grandpa’s side and hugged his arm.

“You don’t want to go on a vacation?” His eyes were surprised as he saw Eryna’s reluctant gaze.

“Well it’s just too hectic,Why don’t we just postpone it for a few months.” Eryna forced a smile.

“Yes Grandpa! I have some projects to take care of so I can’t travel abroad,”

Micah teamed up with Eryna and insisted.

“Hmm— okay-“

‘Sigh-I almost thought I was gonna die,’

Eryna gave out a sigh of relief before she even heard his complete sentence.

“-Micha didn’t you say that the construction of the northern resort has been completed?” His grandpa continued.

“Yes, what about that?”

“Okay! Then take Renya with you to the resorts, you can do your work and she will get to see the beauty of that place.”

In just a few seconds Grandpa had turned the tables, and there was nothing either of them could do.

“I suggest you to go there tomorrow,” He clapped his hand and turned around to walk out of the mansion,

It was a quick visit but it left everyone speechless.

Eryna stood in shock, while Micah glared at her with a loathing gaze.

“I should have expected this! First you tricked me into marrying you and now a honeymoon? What’s next? A child to inherit all this?”

He gestured at the mansion. His voice was cold and merciless.

“But do you think I will let your evil plans succeed ?” He stepped closer to her and clasped her chin.

“I will never let this happen! Mark my words!”

His black merciless eyes glared into her’s.

“After one year I Micah Luis will throw you out of this mansion, and even Grandpa wouldn’t be able to do anything about it,”

He spat the loathsome words and stormed upstairs.

Eryna stood speechless, she had no idea that Micah had these kinds of thoughts regarding her. When she replaced Renya all she had in mind was a marriage without love that would end when the news circulating will die off, but now she realised that in his eyes she was just a gold digger who schemed to become his wife and take away his wealth.

‘Ha, is this my new test? If I live through this will I be free?... Free for real?’

Eryna gave a cold laugh and thought about her life,

“Miss, are you alright?” A concerted voice spoke from her side, it was the butler.

“Yes, everything is fine. I am used to these things now…‘am I?’”

She smiled at the butler but in her mind she was in a deep battle with her own self. Her heart would repeatedly ask her questions of which she never knew the answer.

She walked away with heavy steps, while her ears rang with the question that the butler asked her,

~‘Are you Alright?’

Are you used to it and does it not hurt anymore?

Does it hurt? Are you happy? Why is it that you are still sad?

Do you not deserve the happiness?

~What are you punishing yourself for ?

~Have you sinned?

And then the question that her heart would ask her rang one after another, those questions of which she had no answer for. The voices rang until the world before her eyes vanished and the darkness took over her.

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