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C16 Bride

Because of the excitement of meeting Simba, Eryna woke up early. She dressed up warmly as it was cold outside though the sky was clear.

She wore a red woolen turtle neck dress that reached her thighs and a pair of long boots that were knee-length.

She let down her bouncy black hair and wrapped a scarf around her neck. Her reflection in the mirror looked innocent as her clear eyes reflected the bright light coming in from the window.

She walked sneakily out of the room and into the elevator. The guy on the duty blushed at the sight of her. But then fixed his posture and asked.

“Which floor madam?”

“The first floor please.” She spoke lightly and gave him a warm smile with her tinted pink lips.


Within no time she was out of the elevator, she walked towards the exit door when suddenly someone called upon her.

“Miss Renya!”

Eryna felt her heart skip a beat, she thought she was caught sneaking out but she didn’t show it on her face. She boldly turned around to see who it was, and surprisingly it was the guy from yesterday.

“Oh, hey mister…?” Eryna stared at him for a few seconds as she hadn’t asked him his name.

“Levi Joseph... my name,”

“Levi Joseph, that’s a cool name,” she replied with a smile.

“Are you going somewhere?” He asked with a curious tone.

“Oh! Yes, I am going out for a bit...to watch the sea,” she grinned and tried to hide her lie.

“The first thing in the morning? And What about Master Micah? Is he not going with you?”His gaze had a weird feeling in them as if he was suspicious of Eryna.

“He doesn’t like going with me, So I didn’t bother asking,” Eryna replied

“Hmm…” He gave a nod.

“Should I accompany you,” He asked

‘What? Where did that come from? I wasn’t expecting that.’ she thought to herself before asking him.

“You? Don’t you have work to do?” Eryna asked

“I am free today,” His voice was confident.

‘This guy! Why do I feel like he is spying on me? Did that prick give him this job?’

In the end, Eryna wasn’t able to shake him off, and she reluctantly walked out with him, He opened the door for her like a gentleman, Eryna was impressed by his actions but right now she had Simba in her mind who was waiting for her. When Eryna thought that he would walk her to the beach, But he didn’t. He took her to his car. Eryna stopped a few steps away from the car and stared at Levi with a confused face.

He turned around and looked at her, His lip twitched and formed into a warm smile.

“What’s with that face? SIt I will drop you off to where you want to go,” He chuckled at the sight of Eryna’s pouting face.

“You knew I wasn’t going to the sea?” Eryna was surprised at the sight of his smiling face.

He didn’t answer her first but gazed at her from top to bottom.

“You don’t look like you have any plans on visiting the sea, Then it must be that you are sneaking out without telling Master.”

Eryna stood dumbfounded as she stared at the guy with a smiling face.

“So you are helping me sneak out?” She asked.

“Most probably, If you want I can pick you up when you are done,”

He walked to the other side of the car and opened up the door for her.

“So wanna hop in?”

“Pfft...You have some guts,” Eryna giggled and walked into the car.

Levi got into the car and turned on the heater, Eryna squeezed into the comfortable leather seat and stared at the windshield.

“So where do you want to go?” He asked.

“Flower Bouquet Garden,” Eryna replied.

He smiled sightly and started the engine to drive off. The flower garden wasn’t that far so they reached there within 10 minutes. Eryna got out of the car and thanked him for driving her.

“Are you sure this is the place? I have heard that the garden isn’t open for visitors,”

“Yes, it’s right here,” Eryna replied.

“When will you be done? I can pick you up from here,”

Eryna had no idea when she would be done with the family time so they exchanged phone numbers for convenience.

“That was an odd encounter,” When the luxurious car drove away Eryna stared at it with an amused gaze.



She tapped the door and waited, she heard small steps approaching the door, and the door clicked open. Eryna looked at the small child who was holding the door open for her. His round eyes stared at her with disbelief. Slowly tears formed into his eyes and he hugged Eryna’s legs.

“Mommy! I missed you! Where were you?” He snuggled his face into Eryna’s dress and cried out loud.

Renya came running to the door and glanced at Eryna with a longing gaze before she too hugged her tightly.

They went inside, Simba didn’t leave her, not even for a second. He had himself glued to her leg as she walked in.

Renya made her breakfast and they sat around the table to enjoy their family time.

“How have you been Simba?” Eryna spoke in a childish voice, “Did you miss Mama?” She deliberately asked him an obvious question.

“Yess… I missed Mommy,” He placed his head on her leg and pouted.

“Mommy!!” Suddenly Simba screamed as if he was in pain. Eryna glanced at him and noticed that he had seen her injured hand.

“Sniff “ Tears rolled down Simba’s eyes.

“Mommy got hurt? How did she get hurt? Does it hurt Mommy?” He placed his small hands over the bandaged hand and cried.

“No dear it doesn’t hurt at all, Now that Simba had touched it all the pain is gone,” Eryna smiled at him.


“Yeah really! Really!” Eryna replied in a childish tone.

“Is mommy gonna leave again?” Simba asked with sad eyes.

“Mommy has to leave, But I promise that I will come back. Until then you can stay with second Mommy,” Eryna pointed at Renya.

“...” He didn’t answer at first but then he slowly walked over to Renya and poked her cheek once.

“Okay! Simba will stay with Second mommy until Mommy free herself from the Dragon King,”

At his words, Eryna gleaned at Renya who looked away instantly.

“Dragon King? Who is that?”

Eryna asked Simba.

“Dragon King is a monster, Who Steals princesses and lock them up in a tower. He is ugly and has sharp teeth…”


Suddenly the face of Micah flashed before Eryna’s eyes and she laughed out.

“Yes! You are right mommy will free herself from the dragon King and come back to her Prince Simba and we will live happily ever after.”

Eryna laughed with him.

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