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C21 Bride

Just like the lovely grandpa had promised he brought Eryna back to the mansion the first thing in the morning, The truck stopped before the mansion’s gate and Eryna got off the front seat. She lightly waved her hand back at Grandpa...His name was Liam Oliver.

“Thank you for helping me out! I don’t know how I will repay you,” Eryna was seriously touched by their hospitality and spoke with her heartfelt emotions.

“You can repay me with one thing?” He replied with a blissful smile.

“What’s that?” Eryna wanted to return them their kindness so she asked as she placed her arms over the open window of the car.

“Visit us often...You can pay it off like that...So are you willing to pay us back?”

Lian had a serious look on his face, Eryna was surprised for why would he ask for such a thing, but she didn’t give it much thought and nodded her head cheerfully.

“Even if you hadn’t asked me, I would have come unannounced.” Eryna shamelessly grinned and waved her hand before walking into the mansion.

Just a step into the mansion, Eryna felt awkward. All the eyes of the maids were glued to her. She had no idea why this was happening until the butler rushed over to her side and scanned her from top to bottom.

“Miss where were you? I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about where you would possibly be?” The butler spoke with a worried look on his face.

“HAH!! That Prick! Did he not tell you where I was?” Eryna was surprised that the butler didn’t know the reason she wasn’t home. She gave out a tired laugh and stared in the direction of Micah’s room.

“Master knew where you were?” The butler was confused because yesterday Micah sounded very legit telling him that he didn’t know where she was.

“Sigh!! He left me alone on a deserted road! Do you know how scared I was?”

The butler’s eyes grew wider at her sad words, He stared at her with a sympathetic gaze.

‘Oh yes! This is the reaction I want, Now I will top it up with a tear, and then it will be oscar-winning acting,’

“My feet bleed so much that I fainted on the sidewalk…” Eryna’s eyes showed a shine that looked like a tear. The butler seems to have lost his soul at the sight of her sorry state.

“Miss please don’t cry...I will call for a doctor,” he swiftly left her and picked up the phone on the table in the corner of the room.

Micah wasn’t home and Eryna was planning on taking her revenge on him, The doctors had checked her feet and bandaged it all over again. Eryna lied peacefully in her bed and scrolled through her social media when suddenly her eyes were caught by a very interesting topic.

“The Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach.”

Eryna blinked a few times as if she was thinking deeply about something and then suddenly it struck her.

“You messed with the wrong person Mr.Prick,”

With an evil glint in Eryna’s eyes, she smirked and pulled herself out of the bed,

“Miss, why are you walking like that? Didn’t the doctor ask you to rest?”

One of the maids in the hallway spotted Eryna strolling, she spoke to her in a worried manner.

“Oh! That— I was thinking of making something for Micah, I thought I should apologize about my rude behavior—“ Eryna blinked innocently as she figured her finger. The maid looked at her with disbelief and shouldered her to the nearest chair.

“Miss you can tell me what you want to give to the master, I will ask the butler to order it from Master’s favorite place…”

“No! I want to make it for him by myself!!—I mean I want to put my heart into it…”

‘This lady! She is ruining my plan!...’ Eryna shouted inwardly.

The maid seemed like she was convinced by Eryna’s words.

“So what do you want to make?”

“Hmm...What does he hate to eat?...”

“What??” The maid was suddenly confused about why she was asking about something Micah would hate.

“OPS! I mean to say that what does he hate so I can avoid cooking that...Hehe.” She ended her words with an awkward laugh.

“Oh! I was worried for no reason,” The maid sighed in relief.

“Master hates it when his food had peas and broccoli in it, and he hates the smell of garlic…”

The maid started counting the things Micah hated on her fingertips, Eryna was amused to find out that Micah was just like a kid who hated vegetables in his food, and it made her feel very excited about the food the would make him.

“He doesn’t have any allergies right?” Eryna asked because she wanted to tease him, and not cause him serious harm.

“No, he doesn’t have any allergies.”

“That’s a relief...But could you write the things he hates down for me, it’s hard to remember them...They are so many,” She spoke in a convincing voice.

“Yes, miss I will do it right away…” She smiled and rushed away to grab a paper and pen.

“Hah! I will make you the most delicious food…” Eryna’s face formed into a smirk.


The sound of plates clanking together came from the kitchen. The maids were biting onto their fingers as they feared that Micah would be furious because Eryna was using the kitchen. They peeked from the small parting between the doors as Eryna had forbidden them from coming in.

“Will she be alright?” One of the maids looked at the butler with a worried expression, She was talking about Micah’s anger, And also her hurt hand.

“I would be worried if she was someone else...but this is Miss Renya…” He chuckled and stood by the wall with a contented expression.

“What do you mean?” The maid looked at him with a puzzled face.

“ (Low Chuckle) I think we will finally see new seasons int he mansion soon…” He spoke with surety.

“New seasons? I am afraid we won’t be able to able to see tomorrows morning if this keeps up…”

The maid was sure that it was her last day in the mansion.

New chapter is coming soon
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