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C3 Bride

The sun sank below the horizon and the sky was painted in many shades of red. The birds were flying back to their nests.

The night was approaching and the air was growing colder yet everything was calm.

The hushed scene was disrupted by the unexpected ringing of a cell phone.

Renya swiftly picked up the call before disturbing Simba’s sleep. He was lying on Eryna’s lap sleeping soundly without any worries of the world.

She walked away with her phone, she was not very amused while answering the person. Eryna stared at her delicate frame with discontent. It took her a few moments before putting the cell phone back in her pocket.

Renya walked back after she was done talking, and sat back where she was sitting before.

“Was it your father?”

Eryna asked sarcastically.

“Sigh, yeah. He asked me where I was and why I wasn’t back yet.”

Renya spoke with an irritated tone.

“What did you tell him?”

Eryna asked that because she didn’t want anybody to know that she was still alive.

“Don’t worry, I told him I was at mother’s grave. He doesn’t argue with me when i tell him that,”

Her eyes were empty yet her lips had a smile when she spoke.

“Why didn’t you tell him?”

“Ha, are you saying that because you don’t know?”

She had a mocking voice when she said it.

“If I told him, he would have found another puppet that would dance at his dictations and would make him money.”

“You must have suffered a lot,”

“Not that much, it's nothing as compared to your wounds,”

Eryna looked away, and hid her gaze, before changing the subject.

“My house is just by the ocean, You can spend the night there.”

“Father would be waiting, The city isn’t that far away, I will manage.”

Renya glanced at the childed and moved her fingers through his black hair,

“I will come visit you next time,”

She got up and walked away, her tiny figure disappeared into the distance.


Eryna sat in a cozy chair, with a notepad and a pencil in her hand, the window beside her allowed the bright sunlight to fall on her hand that was scribbling on a piece of paper. She looked delighted when she was drawing but got disturbed by the vibration of her phone that laid on the table before her. She placed the notepad on the table and picked up the cellphone.

It was Renya, she had called after a week of their last meeting at the flower farm.

Eryna picked up the call and took the phone close to her ear.

“Hello?” She spoke calmly.

“Where are you?” Without any greetings Renya replied. Her voice was trembling as she spoke.

“What happened? Is everything okay?”

Eryna asked.

“I-I, Something happened,I can't speak to you for long. Can i come to you?” She quivered as she spoke, her voice was as low as a whisper.

“Yes, You can,”


“This! What is this?”

Eryna frowned at the screen of the cell phone.

There was a picture of Renya sleeping beside a naked man, her neck was red with red marks, and her hair were dangling down the bed.

Under the pictures there was an article about Renya being a golddigger, It was stated that she had been sleeping around with rich men just to get money out of them.

Eryna glanced at Renya who spoke with a teary voice.

“Somebody is trying to slander me, I swear its not me,”

Renya’s eyes were swollen; she had cried all the way till here, Her eyes still were watery as she stared at Eryna with hopeful gaze.

“Are you sure it’s not you? Tell me the truth,”

Eryna asked for a statement on which a few tears rolled down Renya’s eyes.

“Trust me, I would never do such a thing, I too was surprised when I found out about the article.”

Renya’s claim sounded legit but the picture too looked quite real,

Eryna stared at Renya for a long time and then glanced at the phone screen.

“So what did father say about this? Was he mad?” Eryna lifted one of her eyebrows in a questioning manner.

“Father? He-he looked oddly calm at the news, I thought he would kill me but he listened to me.”

Renya spoke with confusion. While Eryna’s eyes sparked.

“Ha, that old fart, He never gets tired of playing those old school tricks of his,”

Eryna spoke in a way as if she understood the whole situation.

“What do you mean?” Renya was muddled at Eryna’s words.

“Have you sold your wits? How can you not see that it's a trap?”

“Trap? But who would do such a thing and why would he do that?” Renya a completely senseless girl looked at Eryna like a dumb sheep.

“Sigh, Take a guess,” She said with an obvious tone, and finally Renya understood.

“Father? You think he did this?”

“It's not the first time he has done this! Have you forgotten the time when mother was slandered like this?”

Eryna’s eyes were on fire when she remembered the time her father falsely accused her mother in front of the whole family and then divorced her.

“But-But why?”

“Let me guess, Is this guy rich?” Eryna pointed at the face of the guy that wasn’t visible clearly.

“You don’t know him?” Renya was shocked when she saw Eryna oblivious of the person in the photo.

“I just came back from abroad, do you expect me to know every single person in the country by now?” Eryna replied in an annoyed manner.

“Still! who wouldn't know Luis Family’s first son?”

Rena looked down at her tea cup in embarrassment

“Hmm, the way you speak of him makes me feel like he is rich, and that is the exact reason why this happened. Your Father must be looking for an investor and now he will use you as a pawn and make money.

” Eryna had seen the filthy side of her father from up close and she was aware of his every filthy act. And it was impossible for her to miss this trick.

“Then what will happen to me? What is he planning?” Renya’s hands that were holding the tea cup trembled as she asked Eryna.

“Why are you so scared? I mean if luck is by your side you will surely be Miss Luis in no time.” She stirred the spoon in the tea and said leisurely not knowing the weight of her words on Renya’s heart.


Renya rejected her words, Eryna who was not prepared for such a reaction jumped in fright.

“Tell me this is not gonna happen,” She grabbed Eryna’s hand and pressed it. Her eyes showed signs of horror and her face was pale as a paper , it was as if she had seen a ghost.

“Hmm? Why are you acting like that? Is he that hideous?”

Eryna lifted her eye brow and asked, she was sure that the side view of the guy’s face didn’t look that ugly.

“He-is not, Its just I don’t want to marry a guy like him, He is scary,”

“Pfft, Don’t look at me like that i was just kidding, How can someone not see through such badly presented news. I am sure everything will cool down in a few days. Nobody will remember a thing,”

Eryna chuckled at the sight of the horrified face of her sister.

‘Sigh, what is with these bad tempered men these days,’ Eryna thought to herself as she sipped her tea.

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