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C4 Bride


The mirror shattered and fell on the white marble floor, The glassy surface of the marble showed the reflection of a man in formal attire. A few strands of his hair fell on his forehead, his eyebrows were knitted together in dissatisfaction and the beautiful eyes showed signs of immense anger.

Not long after the mirror had shattered drops of blood fell on the white surface, making it look like a horror scene.

“Micah!—“ a worried voice of a woman spoke from beside him.

She was a tall and dignified woman wearing a dress that reached her knees, She looked like she was in her late thirties.

“I know you are angry but just hear me out for once okay? It’s not a real marriage anyway, so just go with the flow,”

“Ha,” Micah gave out a cold laugh,

“Just a year, All I am asking of you is one year. Everyone will forget about the rumors and then you can divorce her.”

Micah is fist tightened as he heard her speak.

“You know how much I despise those gold diggers, I cannot even bear them for a second and you are asking me for a whole year?”

The guy spoke with his teeth tightly clenched together.

“Micah, Please understand the situation, your grandpa wants you to get married to that girl or he would donate all his assets to the charity. All your hard work for so many years will go to waste.”

She insisted,

“No! He can’t do that, I won’t let him,” Micah’s face darkened when he heard his mother’s words, He couldn’t just let his hard work go to such a waste. It was he who had worked tirelessly after his father’s death and rose the company to new heights of success.

“Let me talk to him once, I am sure I will be able to convince him,”

“What would you talk to him about? Do you think you can convince him?” She stepped closer to him and questioned.

“Once your grandpa has made his mind, no one can convince him. So listen to my advice and just marry that girl.”

His mother spoke in a serious tone, as she caressed her son’s cheek.


Micah felt defeated in front of his mother,

His anger boiled up even more at the thought of marriage.

“Those parasites! Wait till I get a chance to ruin you. I won’t forgive them for what they have done to me.” Micah clenched his fist in anger, as he muttered the death threat under his breath.


“I have heard from your mother that you agreed to the marriage,”

An old man in a neat suit sat on the office chair beside the grand table.

“Yes grandpa, “

Micah replied still looking at the ground.

“Hmm—It was a wise choice. You should take responsibility of your actions.”

He said in a deep voice.

“But, I haven’t done anything wrong. It is clear that it’s all fabricated.”

Micah spoke up for himself when he saw his own grandpa doubting him.

“But you have no proof that it’s a lie, do you?” The grandpa asked.

“ThaIf you could give me some time I,”

“No need, I have already announced the date of the marriage to the Scott’s. You should prepare yourself because it’s your wedding in three days.”

The words struck Micah and she abruptly rejected it,


“Silence! I don’t want to hear any other excuses. If you don’t want to get married then I will just donate half my assets to the charity, and the other half will be given to that girl. You Understand?”

He roared at Michal’s interruption.

“You can leave now,” On a serious tone the old man gave his last order to Micah.

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