You're Boss's Favorite/C11 Chapter 11 Chris, My Brother Is Here
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You're Boss's Favorite/C11 Chapter 11 Chris, My Brother Is Here
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C11 Chapter 11 Chris, My Brother Is Here

"Young man, the little girl just screamed in pain. You see that her body is covered in bruises everywhere and her legs are still bleeding. Don"t blame her!!"

The man was afraid to talk to Chris because of the cold look of him, while middle-aged woman sorry for the little girl and had the courage to say something to Chris.

At first, she didn"t know whether Chris would be angry if she talked so much, but she kept talking about how miserable Lavinia was. Fortunately, Chris didn"t continue to act like a dickhead.

He nodded to the middle-aged woman, then made a phone call and let Lavinia live in a superior single room.

The superior single room of the hospital was in another building, which was also the rich area of the hospital.

How many nurses were vying to serve in the rich area. Lavinia has heard a lot of things of it, but she just didn"t expect to be in the hospital bed in the rich area one day.

And it all depended on Chris—she's boss's favorite!

"Chris, I can actually leave the hospital after dressing up there. The doctor only said that he would observe me for two days, but did not say that he would be hospitalized."

Hospital beds were so tight, they were discharged directly without serious illness. Lavinia has given up the hospital bed over there. The doctor certainly said that there is no need to be hospitalized, but on this side of the rich area, the other party is Chris, Chris!!!!! Even if there was a small cut in the finger, it MUST be hospitalized.

That"s why doctors had to keep Lavinia in hospital for a few days after hearing that Lavinia has moved to the rich area.

"Lavinia, do you think the bed in the advanced ward of this hospital is big and soft?"

No matter what Lavinia said, Chris ignored it directly. His attention focused on the size of the bed and the surrounding environment.

"Chris, I"m a patient. You won"t do anything to a patient, w--will you?"

Chris really thought of himself as a stallion in such a pure place as a hospital? Thinking about how to get female horses pregnant at any time?

Lavinia looked at her patient clothes to see if they were inappropriate, but she was always on guard against Chris touching her.

"I"m just helping you see how the healing environment is. What"s on your mind?"

Even if Chris really thought about "playing" with Lavinia in this big bed, NOT NOW!!!

Lavinia realized that it was her self-love, so ashamed that she buried her head directly in the quilt.

The news of Lavinia"s injury spread among people around her. For Lavinia"s safety, Erik once added WeChat from her colleagues around Lavinia, and the news of Lavinia"s injury in hospital was also seen from her colleagues" circle of friends.

Just when Chris went out to call someone to deal with the car accident, Erik called and insisted on seeing Lavinia"s injury in person.

Lavinia couldn"t screw Erik, the elder brother, and she told Erik where she was after seeing that the paper could not be wrapped up over there.

But the most difficult thing is not to tell Erik where he is, but to find a way to make it clear that he is just a minor injury, and why he lives in the ward of the rich area.

And Chris.

If her brother sees that he has something to do with Chris, according to his brother"s character, he can definitely find out where the money he gave his mother came from.

She promised her brother that the money was totally clean, and she would never let Erik know about it.

Lavinia still had injuries on her ankles and knees, but because her brother would come soon and Chris was still outside, she had to go out to discuss with Chris and let him go first.

Fortunately, Chris came in before she could walk to the door.

Looking at Lavinia"s lack of care for her body, his eyebrows tightened.

"I just want to see when you can come over."

"My brother heard that I had an accident and wanted to come to the hospital to see me, Chris. Can you avoid him for a while--pleeeeease?"

Chris arranged the ward, and Chris handled the accident, and now Chris had to leave when his brother arrived. Lavinia knew that her request was a bit too much, but now the best way is like this. Even if she felt a little sorry for Chris, she could only choose to do so.

Chris loosened the collar of his shirt and tie, which was full of abstinence. His Adam"s apple moved up and down, which made Lavinia"s heart a little faster.

Just looking at this person, she could think of the charm of this man when he was naked in bed.

"Let me go? And look at me with this kind of eyes? Lavinia, you really know how to play hard to get?"

Chris should have driven away such a woman a long time ago, but Lavinia was the only one who got him surprised. Because it was Lavinia, Chris could try to accept it even if there were many plans and plays.

"I"m serious, Chris. My brother is very principled. He has his self-esteem. If I know this relationship between you and me, my brother will definitely be angry."

Even in a hurry, Lavinia"s eyes were still crystal clear.

The secularity of society didn"t make her mind dirty, but it was the contrast with other people that made Chris look at Lavinia differently.

"For the first time, I feel that I am so shameful. Since you want me to promise your terms, what can you promise me?"

As a successful businessman, Chris would not let himself suffer.

"I"ll make you happy one more time, okay?"

Her whole face, including her ears, turned red when she said it.

"That"s it?"

One more time? No, Chris wanted more than that.

"Then I"ll have a good talk with your brother about your ward expenses, Miss."

Chris can talk to Lavinia in a business-like tone. Helluva man!

"I don't have any money or any thing, so what do you want?"

Lavinia gave Chris the choice, but Chris stood beside Lavinia slowly, and her index finger provoked Lavinia"s chin, forcing her eyes to look at him. This time, she was satisfied: "After your brother left, ten times, I said within three days."

Lavinia thought Chris thought there were fewer times, so she simply added a number of times, but even time was added.

Ten times in three days? Wh…what a BEAST???!!!!!!!!

Chris believes in Lavinia"s ability, but every time Lavinia surrenders, Chris would always cheer with a flag saying "Atta girl" …Ten times in three days. How can she withstand Chris"s torture?

"Chris, the ward registration said that someone wanted to visit Lavinia."

Lavinia was still thinking about it, but someone announced it at the door.

This was the advantage of living in a rich area. Even if you visit a patient, you should ask for the patient"s consent first. Fortunately, Erik didn"t come in by himself. Otherwise how could she hide herself from her own brother????!

"Chris, my brother is here."

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